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About This File

I made this mod adding yet another girl to have sex with in Starbound, :classic_biggrin:


This time the girl you get to have sex with is a pink cat lady named Miss.Kitty.


I've done testing to make sure this mod is compatible with BootyRockinNuru & Fuchsia the Floran Slut,


You can have Nuru Fuchsia & Miss.Kitty all together.



I changed the colors for Miss.Kitty's sex toys just as I did for Fuchsia.


Also just like Fuchsia you can have anal sex with Miss.Kitty. :classic_tongue:






This mod requires You to be using any SexboundAPI from v1.0.0 to v1.16.1, Any API past v1.16.1 wont work with this mod.



Partial credit goes to Loxodon for original scripting & texture work.....Please support him. :classic_happy:

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