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About This File

These are simple and personal changes I made to the sound files for the Sexbound mod. (Version 3.14.0)


I made these changes for myself mainly, but if they work out for anyone else, then that is great!

These changes are not meant to imply that SxB is in need of sound improvements, it is merely preference.




1. Avian Females have new human voice acting.  

2. Avian Males no longer moan.

3. Hylotl Females now share the same voice files as Human Females.

4. Some Male Apex orgasms and one Female Human orgasm was removed because I thought they were annoying.

5. The success ding and bed thud sounds were replaced with less jarring noises. 

6. Cum and Thrusting noises were replaced to sound "Sexier"


No changes effect any custom race voices.




Simply drag the pak file into your mod file folder and have it Replace/Overwrite the existing sexbound mod.

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