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Version 0.2 - Hylotl Update is now live!


This mod edits the bodies of females in the actor2 position, making them quite a bit more ladylike.


Currently, the mod supports human, apex, floran, and hylotl races. Next on my list is Glitch.

Note: The current version only supports females in the actor2 position - so no improvements if the female is topping. I hope to fix this in a future update.





Note: I am almost positive there's an easier way to do this, but I'm an artist, not a modder. If you know how I can make it install automatically, please let me know and I'll make an update.

1. Download the UNPAK version of Sexbound.

2. Download the "Sexbound_VenusBM" file.

3. Unzip both files.

4. In your mods folder, replace the PAK version of Sexbound (if you have it) with the UNPAK folder.

4. Place the "artwork" folder from the Venus mod into the Sexbound folder and overwrite existing files.


Please feel free to use the assets in this mod to create your own edits of it, or as a basis for custom races. If you do so, however, please credit and link back to the original mod in your upload. I hope you have fun with it, and I look forward to helping out this little community with some artwork.


Yours truly,


What's New in Version 0.2


- Updated body for Hylotl race; all positions

- Updated body for Glitch race; idle and standing positions

- Made several minor cosmetic updates, removing large amounts of clipping between body parts


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