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About This File

This adds a set of collectible sexy lady stickers to your game.




Starbound is capable of rendering much higher quality graphics when using a script to adjust the scale of an animation's transformation group. So, I created this little experiment to bring some unpixelated goodies into Starbound. Currently, there are 8 different stickers to collect with each having different level of rarity. Stickers can be placed on backgrounds, and you can interact with them to adjust their scale.


These stickers are a part of the Common treasure pool, so you can find them in containers and receive them as rewards.


Note: Admins can use /debug to show the bounding box when having trouble using the matter manipulator to break a sticker after placing it.





/sexystickers - Use this debug command to spawn every sticker.




Attribution may not be required but the artwork used has been sourced from https://www.hiclipart.com/

What's New in Version 1.1.0


v1.1.0 - Fix scaling issue.
- Change to have own treasure pool.


v1.0.0 - Initial commit.

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