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[SxB] Alluring Toys Co. [Deprecated] 1.12.0

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About This File

Deprecated. Sexbound v5.11+ includes Alluring Toys Co. If you have installed the latest version of Sexbound, then please do not install this mod as it is already included. Remove this mod at the earliest convenience from your mods folder.


Alluring Toys Co. aims to supply Starbound with a wide variety of kinky and interesting sex toys.



This mod requires the latest version of the Sexbound.





*This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2 & up.

1) Extract the contents from .zip file.

2) Move the extracted .pak file into your Starbound mods directory.

3) Finished.



This mod adds a craftable sex toy vending machine, changes the Output Bathroom to include a condom dispenser, and a spawnable sex toy merchant NPC to your game. The vending machine enables a player to use pixels to purchase a variety of different sex toys.


Bonus: NPCs have a chance to discard used condoms into trash cans.


Sex Toys and Items

The vending machine and sex toy merchant comes fully stocked with many different wearable sex toys to purchase. All sex toys come in at least 12 different colors + compatible with custom dyes.

01. Abortion Pill
02. Condom
03. Fox Tail (Anal Plug)
04. Gag Ball
05. Heart Jewel (Anal Plug)
06. Horse Cock Strap-on (S)
07. Horse Cock Strap-on
08. Horse Tail (Anal Plug)
09. Silicone Strap-on (S)
10. Silicone Strap-on
11. Pregnancy Test



You can craft the furniture objects with the Furniture Crafting table. Change to the storage objects tab, then look for the recipe: [ATC] Vending Machine or [ATC] Condom Dispenser. After you craft it, you will find it in the Furniture Items tab of your inventory.


[ATC] Vending Machine

1) Open the Furniture Crafting Table.

2) Select '[ATC] Vending Machine' - Supply x10 iron bars and x5 glass.

3) Find it in the Furniture Items tab of your inventory.


[ATC] Condom Dispenser

1) Open the Furniture Crafting Table.

2) Select '[ATC] Condom Dispenser' - Supply x3 iron bars and x1 glass.

3) Find it in the Furniture Items tab of your inventory.


Use It

Drag the object from your inventory to an open surface. Open the merchant window pane with the 'e' key.



Lead Artist - ChesterPiece

Vending Machine Sprites.


Artist - Eixxxo

Fixed color palettes of sex items to be compatible with custom dyes.



Edited by Locuturus

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