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  1. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    Although wearables can inherit the skin color of the species wearing it, its awfully specific and picky, making to so anyone using a mod to add a color, or a different method, like a character customization tool, would be unable to use this "item", not to mention, it would override any chest armor for NPC's and Players. We can't simply add a status effect that draws a body-color specific belly overlay on them, when they're wearing armor, and making it so they automatically get a vanity belly would be more bothersome to users than convenient. But we'll get there eventually, and figure out the best approach... Meanwhile, feel free to join the Starbound community in LL, and post there, along with sending suggestions to the Sexbound suggestion box! I'm not quite sure what to tell you, other than the obvious "Share a log so we can help you figure it out" deal, also, you tried sharing a image there... Or something, not sure what happened with your post, all i see are a couple tiny clickable squares. Anyhow, crashing post-chucklefish can be a myriad of things.
  2. red3dred

    Sexbound API Futa Edit

    Nope. Speaking of, Blockbite, if you wish to make a patch for 2.6 that enables this without any new graphics, its actually possible. Please contact me if you plan to update it.
  3. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    It is an option that was disabled by default. Loc doesn't remember why he disabled it... probably because of NPC overpopulation in villages. At any rate, if you wish to enable it, within the unpak version, go to "Scripts", and within "Plugins" there should be "climax.config".
  4. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    ... Try /admin ...
  5. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    Have you tried clicking them? If you did, and left the bed/act with a copy of you behind then please post your starbound.log file from the storage folder.
  6. red3dred

    Pregnant Males 2: Parenting Boogaloo

    Same as set in the Sexbound settings. (Configurable, if you wish) That being 3 "trimesters", each one being 2-3 in-game days (Of the planet) long. If you're on your ship, then time gets funky, otherwise its normal.
  7. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    I don't think Starbound is much into "Libs" and "Cores" for modding, at most, we have Sexbound API, Stardust Lib, and now Ztarbound. Only the first is really necessary imo Only mod i'd recommend is "Get rid of that underwear", but i'm not certain if its available outside of the workshop. Couple things to note: The way Space-ships are handled makes it so teleporting to them greatly advances time for pregnancies, and a few other time-related issues for mods, but most notably just pregnancies. Also, if you have over-population issues, you can always use Lava. Or Poison. Or Sulphuric Acid, if you have "Feck u" installed. As for visible pregnancies, its a known suggestion, and its not priority over new features, so its planned to be looked into.
  8. red3dred

    RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.8.9

    Yeah, it seems that the record-based traits for some pawns just isn't working, at least when it comes to zoo and such, but as for rapist... oof-- A single comfort prisoner/pawn and the entire colony gets the rapist trait. Sometimes as soon as the second time they do it. I don't like how that just throws traits on your pawns at random, but oh well. The other ones make sense and i can appreciate, just the rapist thing that bothers me. Also, rape-loops seem to be a thing, i've had both mechanoids and insects get stuck, raping the same pawn forever until interrupted by something else. Speaking of, wasn't there a limit for the egg count? had a colonist 500 scarab and nearly 100 spider eggs, without incubator trait, even after 150 birthed bugs. Also wondering if Mechanoid "pregnancies" are at all implemented right now, same girl was constantly raped by mechanoids and nothing happened.
  9. red3dred

    Sexbound Neko Race Support

    Oh you mean the Alternate Neko Version that has a updated version available? Jokes on your sir, its been out for a while. As for this version, give it some time. Alastor is a busy person.
  10. red3dred

    Updated Race Patches

    Also updated for 2.6; Not to mention a Everis support, albeit not perfect, is made.
  11. Too bad the OP isn't being updated anymore, would be a great place to track Starbound/Sexbound mods!
  12. red3dred

    Pregnant Males 2: Parenting Boogaloo

    Text file within starbound's files, inside the folder named "storage".
  13. red3dred

    Race Support Requests

    I've actually already done Deerfolk support, for 2.5. Gotta get off my lazy ass and update it to 2.6+... Along with a few others. Kitsune Race already has support, someone posted it on the adult gaming/adult mods section a while back.
  14. red3dred

    Pregnant Males 2: Parenting Boogaloo

    Simply "extract here", should do it, when extracted on the mods folder, whereas "extract to <mod's file name>" would cause issues. I don't know what to tell, can't offer any more help than what i've done without a log.
  15. red3dred

    [Starbound] Fuchsia the floran slut

    So, i've been waiting for the creator of Fuchsia to contact me so i could work out how to re-release this; Its not as simple as a handy fix, its a whole new mod basically. I had to make all new assets for almost everything, only managed to reuse the hair, really, and even then, it was edited. If Dibz doesn't answer, i won't be able to share it with them, and thus help update other mods... Other legacy mods are being planned to be updated directly (NPC special to that) or indirectly with new upcoming features (Like the devblog shows, maid-dresses for Sexbound). Might see about getting some artists interested on making custom Sexbound NPC's to submit theirs/ share the template.