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    After the Android Crusades, the man-tittening and several other RJW fiascos, i don't go there anymore. Tis' a silly place. Instead i am now working solely on Sexbound, and taking care while Loc is off getting his IRL Game a upgrade to the platinum pass version.

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  1. There is one, but invites aren't public, and it's been mostly quiet, don't expect daily modding chatters lol Users that want in can always message/ PM/ DM me (However it is called here), that of course has it's requirements, because the last thing we want is more raiders.
  2. Pardon i've not answered this before; Defeat nodes on players are automatically 3-actor last i checked, unless that's been changed since, but if you wanna change the main node that'll take some fiddling with the code, though i assume you've found it by now. We don't have any sort of list like that at the moment. Up-keeping one is a hard task, so nobody's been keeping up with it, but the incompatible mods are listed in the front page, the mods that are neither Legacy nor Up to date. Legacy mods can still be used with the Legacy versions, if compatibilized. That is a issue with the NPC type that was supposed to be fixed already... peculiar. So that was a while ago... However, Zancuno already discussed the issue and said that; To have it not do that, the support needs to patch the sexbound crewmember (Or family-member as it was called) NPC type to have guns and clothings as a default, as opposed to not. It's not a easy fix if you're not modding your game yourself, but otherwise it's just a simple patch to the NPC type with a species entry. This however will only affect new crewmembers of this kind after fixed. Or you can try the admin commands upon them and see if that helps.
  3. None yet, 019 isn't out yet, but it's almost there. In theory? Yes. In practice...? EEeeeeehh.... A hard maybe. Not only do you have the size to worry about (Consider the adult poptop for instance) but also the fact that i have no clue how their AI is going to handle being noded, even if done correctly. Or anyone's AI for that matter, Ixoling for instance, will likely have Nuru still attacking it and probably break the node even if it all works out. Nuru is very much hitting you and the Ixodoom while shouting "NO HORNY".
  4. Sounds like the download maybe fuddled then, yes. I'd recommend re-downloading the src.zip file and putting it in the folder again. May have been an issue on Lover'sLabs side when providing the download, maybe have been your internet connection, a issue with your unzipping program (7-ZIP, WinRAR, etc) but anyhow, if the files cannot be read, that's no good.
  5. The log doesn't mention anything out of the ordinary. The mod by itself doesn't change the game too much right off the bat. You'd need other mods to make the API "shine". Though if the game is launching, that's a good start.
  6. ... but... uh... Did you... did you forget to install Starbound inside of your Starbound? "packed.pak", the file containing all of the game's assets, is just... not there? You know, it says here you're trying to launch the game, without the game files. I am unsure of how, why or even... I am just confused. From the very short log you've sent; The folder "assets" is supposed to contain said file, and it's supposed to be detected and listed here. Instead it only seems to detect whatever is under "assets/user" which is usually just harmless .abc files (The song files for using instruments). It's crashing because it cannot find basic game files, EG: "interface.config". Sexbound cannot function, without Starbound...
  7. That is a legacy mod, they don't work with the latest version of the API. (Another way to put it is that it's so outdated you need a oldschool Sexbound API version to even run it.)
  8. Try removing the Sexbound support for the FFS encounters. It seems to not be finding that mod, or at least the thing it's supposed to patch into.
  9. If it's still the case, they shouldn't moan (Or use default male moans if you have those) if they are male, but you can always put them in a healing station to re-roll their gender.
  10. Well, good to see my bashing has not massacred yet another user who suggested something a bit out there. My apologies for the harshness too. Don't be sorry, you didn't know how it all went down to begin with, you weren't making a terrible suggestion that assumes we just didn't make them because we didn't want to. Your idea has it's legs, i'll give it that, depending on how you read it. Sadly we're just short on people to do stuff really. And 2020 is indeed 2020 so i can understand if anyone doesn't have the time or patience to put into working for free, for a adult mod.
  11. You want my credit card number and the keys to my house too? Good grief. Right now the API doesn't even use species as a table for what positions it can use, a feature i find would be necessary moving on, as monsters won't have all animations available to them, and much less the more complex races that to this day boggle our minds, EG: Arachne, Deerfolk, Taurikin, among others. What you are describing however, is beyond insane, you're describing that making additional artwork and custom implementation is going to make it easier to make animations in the future as we "wouldn't be constrained to the base animations", that is like saying if you add 4 more tires to a car, it'll make it easier to change tires. That ain't how that works. Adding more artwork is adding more artwork, and the keyword work. Adding more for modders to do, if they so wish, is cool, but it will in no way make it easier for users to create whatever they want. Plus if anything i'm probably the one that'll have to write down the tutorials AFTER i learn how to do it myself. And, to be fair, after fiddling with the API well enough, you can do a lot more than the constraints initially suggested, things that usually were supposed to be well beyond what the Framework was imagined to be capable of. For examples, the whole of Lustbound's mechanics and their objects have tons of code that allows for fancy new tricks, like objects that change color during animation, custom animated object scenes to go along with the Faux-NPC inside, etc. The API CAN do a lot of fancy things, but we don't lack the means, we lack the manpower and time to do these things. There are only a handful of modders in the scene at the moment, and even fewer that do actively communicate with the community and make content, much less collaborate. And most idle fingers that hope to help are quick to lose interest, sadly, due to either difficulties with the coding aspect, the sheer amount of artwork necessary, or worse, clashes with other users.
  12. You just download the UNPAK version, install the mod properly and you can open it, and see the "sxb_plugin.futanari.config" file. By opening that file in any available basic text editor you can change it's values, so long as you stick to the syntaxes and formatting of the file. If you want to just remove that for instance, just scroll down to where it says; ... and remove the entries. The API, by itself? You really don't do much of anything with the API by itself. You could always get two players onto a bed with a Sexbound loungeable addon that you can buy from the Infinity-Mart, and put it on a variety of supported beds, mostly the basic craftable ones from the construction bench, and then place the addon over the bed, and interact with the hearts icon. There's not a single weapon that causes NPC's/monsters to go into nodes, at most you could use the jars with gnomes/fairies to have a go at the tiny NPC's, but otherwise, nothing you could really do. The API is a framework for functionality, that is mostly used by other mods or combination of mods. Without Defeat, Aphrodite's Bow, Lewdbound, or even Lustbound and even Naturally Horny, there would be basically no ways to induce NPC's to be horny and join beds, nor cause them to become sex-nodes themselves. ... or you can read lmao. The main topic and the download page both have very much plenty to read about the mod and how to use it, as showcased by @ixtheinterloper. You use Sexbux to craft the special Sexbound-only objects, and probably more uses later on.
  13. Both somewhat intended, though not the interaction. Lustbound enables cuntboys under the Futanari module, so whenever a male gets tagged as futanari, they are a cuntboy instead. That said, the futanari module's default settings is that both of those mentioned NPC types are always futanari (Thus always the sub-gender of whatever their normal gender was). You can easily disable this in the futanari module's config, it was probably done as an example by Locuturus, but those are some of the most common hostile NPC types.
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