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  1. It's because of how the gender is a stat, something that i came up as a solution to the monster-gender problem of back in the day, and something that someone could probably easily improve on. This is part of the API development however, not Terato. There's not really a easy solution on this one...
  2. .... wait... <Points gun> Now y'see Jimmy, that's not how we do things around here... i ain't got no modpack, and you got more words than you need... <Shoots confetti> Alright, joke done, pointer tossed, moving on; ... well, yeah, Venus includes the main file that dictates the entirety of all Sexbound animations; The two-actor.animation file. You touch that file, as much as changing the name of a single particle in there, and the game will become kill. Obviously, since it's inside the /artwork folder you probably did indeed, touch it. VenusBM is outdated for that reason... You can still take the PNG's that go INSIDE the artwork folder, but the animation file itself is basically rolling back all the way to when VenusBM was last updated, which was around 2.8? So yeah. Teratophilia doesn't touch the animation file, but still, you are still running a older file for it. Yours is 0.1 while latest is 0.18. Haven't checked if they're actually available in V4, but their ID's are "sexbound_gnomeinajar" and "sexbound_fairyinajar"
  3. If you used a pet healing station, then yes. The gender is a stat like HP or energy, so when they are healed up, their gender resets to 0 and thus re-rolls. You can repeat this indefinitely, however, so as to retain their gender, or simply reacquire it. I never had a monster that was in it's capture pod already not retain it's gender, however.
  4. I'm... not sure what i expected, but not this... Detected asset source named 'lox_sexbound' at '..\mods\sexbound source w custom anims' --- Notices your custom version --- (Long excerpt of the game dying above) [Error] [string "/scripts/sexbound/plugins/climax/climax.lua"]:311: (MapException) Key 'climaxstandingfemale1' not found in OrderedMap::get() So, lemme put it like this: If you modify the API files in a non-intended way (Configs, for instance), then we can't possibly help you out. This doesn't say which version you're running, it vomits a extensive errors for every single part of the animation, and to top things off, particles aren't in the animation file, which is likely what you've changed... Only mod that i can refer to in this would be Naturally Horny, as it changes some scripts relating to the way NPC's interact with sex nodes, but it really just looks like the game has no clue what to do with all this. Plus, you also have the game's assets twice, packed, and unpacked. I don't know what files you were messing with in there too, but same statement below also would apply in that case... Reporting on a error with a log like this is like coming to your local general store and complaining that the leaf-blower you've attempted to modify into a chainsaw isn't working as intended and you have warranty... So, what can i say.... Uh... Can you try... a normal version...? Also, a impossible to recreate issue, and nothing about that issue in specific in the logs. Unless, you mean this very specific series of events after you've crashed the planet with a exception inside the animator. [23:34:46.696] [Error] UniverseServer: World CelestialWorld:-657008698:427164457:-186308993:6:3 has stopped due to an error [23:34:46.696] [Info] UniverseServer: World CelestialWorld:-657008698:427164457:-186308993:6:3 shutdown, kicking 1 players to their own ships [23:34:46.797] [Info] UniverseServer: Loading client ship world ClientShipWorld:8d66ce132ea730e83b94e70ca97e57d2 [23:34:46.905] [Info] Protected dungeonIds for world set to (65524) [23:34:47.110] [Info] UniverseServer: Warping player 1 to ClientShipWorld:8d66ce132ea730e83b94e70ca97e57d2 [23:34:47.115] [Info] Client received world stop packet, leaving: Removed [23:34:57.904] [Info] UniverseServer: Warping player 1 to ClientShipWorld:8d66ce132ea730e83b94e70ca97e57d2 [23:34:57.916] [Info] Client received world stop packet, leaving: Removed It lists you crashing the planet, getting kicked back to your ship, which sometimes causes the player to load in before the ship does (If at all), and thus you fall through the world and hit the death-barrier at the bottom (Which is what i assume happened, given you've left your shipworld twice and never loaded another Celestial World). All of this, in no way solves your issues or helps you, but that's all i can say, sorry.
  5. Well, if you removed Sexbound and leave other mods that require Sexbound then yeah it might, and probably will, refuse to start because it wants a Sexbound version. Still, error you say? No log, no certainty there. You can follow the instructions in the messages above, to find and share said log. Crash your game by that means then send the log, and i can tell you 99% sure why it does that.
  6. I would say "Update your API", but something else is overwriting it. There are two API versions installed, the one being loaded is 3.14, which did not have this feature, thus no effect. [Warn] Root: Overriding duplicate asset source '..\mods\sexbound' named 'lox_sexbound' with higher or equal priority source '..\mods\starbound-sexbound-3.14.0.pak Dunno which version you have in that folder, that is being overwritten, but if it's above ~3.19 you should be good.
  7. You just kinda do. There's nothing stopping you from uninstalling the mod. You'll lose any Sexbound items, and Sexbound crewmembers, but otherwise nothing bad should happen. The first crash is inevitable. That said, wow. I cannot possibly believe that's normal or even possible really... There are so many different instances where that shouldn't be possible, so many "fail-safes" if you that it's really hard to believe such thing could even happen. BUT, fire away the log.
  8. ... okay, so some information was lost; 1) You've sent the wrong log. Logs are listed like this: "Is the game running, or was running?" If so the log containing the information of last time/current play session is starbound.log, often seen as a text file by Windows. Next up is log.1, log.2, and so on, which are all previous instances of when you've run your game, even if it just straight up crashed between start-ups. 2) This log really only has you spawning into the game, using the Sexbound Customizer, then an error about there not being a Statue of Dibella, and another Customizer use. Nothing else logged. I HOPE the issue you've mentioned shows up in the log, but this is a awfully short run between you loading into a character, and closing the game (~3 minutes) so i can't be sure if you've tried to do exactly that, then closed the game... So, please confirm if you did just that, if not, please send the latest log, as explained above, after having your issue happen in-game. Sorry to ask you to have to do this over again, but this is the process that has the best chance of producing relevant and useful information, since it only looks like you have 3 mods, none of which should cause this sort of issue.
  9. I tried to grasp this message a few times but i can't quite say i understand your issue. You're saying using Sexbound objects with enabled animations causes NPC's and Players involved to take damage, and eventually/right away die, and that Aphrodite's Bow scenes cause them to instantly die? I need you to elaborate on that, but also, mainly, provide a log of the issue so we can take a look.
  10. 1) Nothing stands out. Clothing that isn't supported just isn't visible during sex animations. Body details just don't show up at all, entirely different set of assets there. Nothing else stands out as possibly an issue. 2) Closest to this you'll see is the "Sexbound Aphrodite's Bow Mod", and their "tutorial" quest-line that teaches you about position-switching, and some other mechanics, but generally, if you don't just go to every mod page and read their descriptions, you won't get to know much.
  11. ... all THREE mods? Which are...?
  12. Refer to the message directly above yours.
  13. Check your sexbound.config and you'll find: Add: , "player" ... in there and you should be good. Players will use dialogue species-appropriate dialogue during animations. This is off by default for obvious reasons. Players can just type it into local, and most don't like having words coming out of their character without consent.
  14. Nope. If anything, it's a case of "It might break something or another" (EG: Frackin' Races sub-mod was integrated into FU a while back, and it causes several issues with Defeat not killing the NPC's ever, or always killing them regardless of defeat) or "If it has a working interaction, don't mention it". Lemme put it this way, for you to understand, if Frackin' Universe even thinks that Sexbound has a special interaction with FU, they'll cause us trouble again, and might even come up with more counter-measures to disable the mod for FU users.
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