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  1. red3dred

    Sexbound compatibility patch requests?

    The latter doesn't really need a patch... It just works. Only gotta complain to the dev that the colors in the genital areas don't make too much sense. First one though, i stated in another thread-- Once i don't have to worry about updating race supports and other mods of mine, i'll look into EBS, EEBS and JMBE. Last one might have to wait a long time though.
  2. red3dred

    [Starbound] Maid for Sex

    Sexbound (Legacy) 1.16.0 if i remember correctly, is the one for such mods. It should still be available on the same place where you download the current sexbound. The download button gives you 3 options. But this also means mods for the current version will not work unless you use their legacy counter-parts.
  3. My mod technically does that... although, not the intended effect. It just removes impregnation restrictions.
  4. red3dred

    clothes for the children

    "family_member.npctype"; when a player gives birth to a NPC, that npc is a kid. Not visually, they look and act like normal villagers.
  5. red3dred

    Go F*** Yourself

    If you mean "Impregnate yourself" then yes. From what i can tell, there isn't a difference between the actual player and the clone in the code, so once you impregnate the clone, you also impregnate yourself. The clone is just a temporary thing, but the pregnancy sticks with you.
  6. Well, a couple things apply here; First off, the creator of the Avali mod recently (a couple months ago by now) came back from the dead and stated they would continue development. Since the Avali were considered "dead", there wasn't the need to ask permission, but now there is. Second, in the case of "mods of mods" we ask permission for both creators, since they both technically own the target mod. However, its also assumed that if the creator couldn't care less and hasn't stated its answer for a good while, you're good to go. So yes, even if the creator was a hermit living on a lost Island using satellite internet, i'd have to at least try contacting them. Just so we avoid unnecessary DMCA's as other drama. We already had a mod owner be mad that their race support was made...
  7. I'm avoiding doing new patch requests for a while, both because of the necessity of asking permission (Which you can actually get for the artist, if you want) and the incoming update that will require remaking all animations.
  8. red3dred

    [Starbound] Aphrodite's Bow

    Is the target a crew-member? Or is the target a NPC spawned in by a Colony Deed that you then removed, and kept the NPC? Both of those are known issues. If neither, then you could share your log to see if something isn't working as intended. Mainly if there is a lagspike every time you hit a NPC with the bow.
  9. Good to hear that Lox wasn't mobbed by a swarm of Angry parents by putting pixel boobs in their child's games. And hey, good luck to Lox with the tests, i know what that's like... As for the custom builds, other than me being lazy, destroying my sleep schedule without mercy, and not having too much freedom to work on the custom build, i am still trying to cover my part of the bargain, if you will. Anyhow, we almost have a sub-team of non-official Sexbound edits in here, among Rentrit, me and doctorLuv's dialogues. As for the update... well, its good to hear that its still coming eventually. Its going to have me almost completely redraw almost all my race supports and such so far, but still. Inovation of 7+ positions and multi-actor positions possibly, requires some sacrifice, which is fine by me. Hopefully we get some more conditionals to allow for special code... Anyhow, thanks for the info Polygore.
  10. red3dred

    [Starbound] Alluring Toys Co

    Given the little-to-no communication we currently have with the dev, who knows. I'd say give it another month, at least. That's a good enough time-span to make sure everything's alright. Otherwise... Well, i don't know.
  11. red3dred

    [Starbound] Aphrodite's Bow

    Wow, appreciated sir! I've been thinking about a way to get it that would preferably involve a quest, but actually having a recipe is already a good start. Assuming you just have the same problems as users in the club used to have, just press the left bar, once its past half-full, and you should have a chance. Chance is configurable in the script files. Caution with what you type in there though.
  12. Well, time for a quick QA. I've poked around the Sexbound code and haven't found any differences other than the ones i enforced; so i gotta ask a few questions: Have you folks been clicking the left-side curved bar after its half-full to cause Actor1 to climax? --If you're male, interacting with a female will automatically put you as Actor1 (Left bar) while as a female interacting with a male, you'll automatically be put as Actor2 (Right bar; The only that should get pregnant from interactions). NPC's automatically climax at any point past the minimum to do so. If yes to the previous question, is there a small freeze, or a stutter when that happens? Have you tried both with the AphroditesBow and using any enabled Bed? What about the specifics; NPC species, type and zone. These aren't too important, but might help.
  13. That sounds to me like something's not working as it should in the code... albeit, my version, as i said, is much different, broken af custom, and out of curiosity, i'll have to download the current Sexbound code and look at it. There have been too many users reporting problems unlike before the re-uploads.
  14. So, in the Compatible-mates: on, did it just crash there...? I don't seem to have found any Sexbound related errors, only one error without proper source, and it would direct to this line... And another one that would direct to the line above... Which wouldn't make sense for it to be the cause of a crash. As far as i know, Compatible mates WAS working. Never turned it on though. So, yeah, it seems to me that, if Compatiblemates being on is breaking it, then its best to leave it off. On another note, tons of TF2 related errors there. Nothing game-breaking apparently. This line was a good one though. Anyway, everything seems to be working, at least for you. Usual "nil" on "sb_npc" from using the bow, but that's "normal" if it still works. Gotta get TheAscendant to send a log, see what came of his crash.
  15. Planning, yes. I plan to keep going until 3.0/2.7 hits. Took a break because the creator had seemingly returned, but we haven't had a update in over a month, and i've personally managed to add 1 position-- so why stop there? Would really like some more conditional structure in the API to allow for some more neat things, but for now, i guess i can make do with what we have. Have been having to make the Position 4 sprites for all races, and trouble-shoot them to make sure all variants are showing up, and properly. Remaking the sprites takes longer than i thought, i must admit. But hey, this is not the topic to keep blabbering about that. If the pregnancy code isn't working for you guys, share the logs, give pointers, etc.