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  1. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    Ive been trying to do such thing for a while now, it seems that sadly, its hard-coded into NPC behavior for the vanilla game (If you could access NPC type files, they have a set time-zone in which they prioritize sleep objects, then sitting down, then aimlessly wandering), thus you can make new NPC's that behave differently, but you cannot make them use a bed during the day regardless, it seems. I'd recommend just removing the beds or not hanging around most villages... Or you can remove the thud noise. That's also a thing. Weird, i did just that, and managed to implement Sexbound functionality onto the "Outpost Bed" that shows up on many pre-generated structures... Sure, it didn't work the first couple of times, had to fix some things, but it wasn't particularly hard.
  2. red3dred

    Starbound Floran Dancer

    /admin and /spawnitem Florandancer -- capital F. It works, the object that is.
  3. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    Yes? Although at this point I've messed with almost all variables and i don't see how you did that right away... It looks like a error in the "pregnant.lua" script, which crashes the sexnode. Apparently something at line 57, if that's the whole error log, so that should be the issue. I'll take a look later, see what's going on with that line, since mine works. for i=1,trimesterCount do dayCount = dayCount + util.randomIntInRange(trimesterLength) end Apparently that line in the middle is line 57... so, you messed with the trimesterCount or length or something...?
  4. Darn, mine didn't get on the list... oh well. Still, good to see there's people out there enjoying the SB API! Hopefully we get more of it in the future.
  5. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    No, i meant literally changing it to "return true", that's all. Your females aren't becoming invisible, Sexbound is failing to load the script properly so it just freezes or stops working. But since Sexbound files are actively loaded when you use them, that means you just have to press Ctrl+S on your editor, close it (Some programs take hold of files and make them unable to be loaded by other programs while they're open) and just press E on the bed. Might have to take the bed and put it back down again, but it works. Also, if you wouldn't mind, may you share the files in question? If you're using gimp then there shouldn't be a problem, but you never know... Could be layers, slight offsets, Alpha channels, all sorts of Derp. Sadly, there is no mod capable of "moving" NPC's so far, would be neat to have a NPC capture ball... or just a NPC relocator... But no, as far as i know, NPC's can't be moved at all unless they're crew-members following you.
  6. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    First, you can just change the line... (In pregnant.lua) -- Otherwise make sure gender does not match return self:getParent():getGender() ~= otherActor:getGender() end in the middle, to "return true"; it makes males able to impregnate males (Which basically enables my "Pregnant Males" mod) and allows females to do the same as well. It seems females naturally can impregnate males... Don't ask me how the code says that's ok... Anyhow, just that line makes impregnations on all genders possible as long as they're actor 2. Also, i've heard of this issue with the coloring... weirdly enough, i always used GIMP for editing and it never happened to me. Try... that...? I guess? Also, watch out, some things may overlap due to arms and head sprites. To comment on this, the mod-author of the race can get mad at us for using their sprites, but all sprites in the mod support are usually custom, since most species don't actually have nude sprites, and to make things worse, noone of the mods here are blatantly approved by the original mod authors. Its not how the world works-- otherwise, i'm pretty sure Starbound Devs could just ask Lox to take down the mod because it uses vanilla assets in some way. Mods are mostly made without consent from the original author. Sure, they can get mad, but its not like the can force people to take down the species supports they have made. On another note, why would they get mad...? Too dirty for them? lol-- Look at this community, this website, if the fact that these exist got there, it means they have people in here, and thus they can't really complain. We also sign a ToS upon joining here. If people just wanna make drama, hell, let 'em rag on. It honestly doesn't matter to me. Albeit it, i have not created species supports for anything other than Avali.... and that mod has been dead for a very long time as far as i know.
  7. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    First, its simple, its just a piece of the code that states "Sextalk" requires "actor-type NPC" or something along those lines, if you remove the requirement, it should show up normally. Second, i've been just using pitch altered female moans like they used to be... definitely going to check your files though. Sharing your starbound.log can easily help solve that issue, but looks like its having trouble with the impregnation or climax modules, or maybe something else... still, without a log, we don't know what the game is saying.
  8. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    Lox hasn't been active in a while, otherwise i'm pretty certain they would already have updated all the animations and put in all the 7 positions... Hell, Lox even had files that he was working on a 3-actor position, family member NPC (probably something with extra functionality?) along with generally fixing up the API. He really had his hands full on this one.
  9. red3dred

    Avali patch for sexbound api!

    I honestly cannot tell what i'm looking at... Taking a look at the files, it looks... fine? I checked the .zip file, if you're using the .pak, might want to tell DarkWolf.
  10. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    Well, i seem to have gotten the hang of this? If only i had those darn Aseprite sprites... So, most people have been including the missionary sprites for Act1-Male and Act2-Female by default, makes it really useful for testing, although the Aseprite sprites are probably going to be the "final version", or at least that's the goal. The amount of custom stuff in the picture is rather neat isn't it? Its surprisingly easy to add Sexbound functionality to most beds, adding in a new UI element is almost copy and paste, only the position itself really takes a lot of work, as shown here... Welp, now all i gotta do is download the Aseprite trial and hopefully i can get the sprites out without too much trouble. Edit: To my displeasure, i cannot export the ASE files into files usable for other programs and put them in the game... Oh well.
  11. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    Well, that's a lot of stuff hidden away in the files... well, all we can really do is wait and hope Lox returns from... the void... and makes those into the actual animations. Otherwise, all i can do is attempt to fiddle with the files a bit more. You wouldn't happen to know how many of those animations are ready for all vanilla species right, Kawa...? Edit: Looking at all the work needed to implement all positions, no wonder Lox wanted to work on a companion app first, that would make editing such large and repetitive chunks of code easier, and without errors... Oh well, all i have for now is Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Edit 2: I was able to get the animation file to load, which means i can use any animation and add any position now... proper setup however, might take a while, as you can see by this image... I was using position 3's head positions (Cowgirl) just to test and see if it would accept, and it did... So i guess now i just gotta figure out how to either translate Aseprite files into the game (Which i doubt i'll get to work...) or just find a way to put them as PNG's.... and also figure where the heads go...
  12. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    Ah, i wish. Didn't get the files to work on my hands, the scripts are too picky about periods and commas... And without a good parser program, it just takes a ton of crashing and reloading, something i'm not up to, with Frackin' Universe installed, and the 5x load times. I didn't open the aseprite files however, interesting... I wonder what program Kawa used, because GIMP sure as heck has no idea how to open those files, neither does Irfanview... Oh well.
  13. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    More accurately, the main creator/modder is on hiatus/break/vacation/MIA. Lox is off doing his stuff... Not to blame him. But he left a good framework here, i fiddled around with the files, and adding more positions, more sprites, more everything pretty much, is possible. Takes a lot of boring work to setup, but doable. So if any corageous person decides to do that... well, its possible. On other terms, support for it is going crazy. Species supports are popping up almost each day. If you come here and say "Can anyone do support for X" and it'll be done.
  14. red3dred

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    I've actually taken a look at that, there is a partial missionary sprite sheet, currently unused, that i could look into activating, since Lox did make the mod super modular, but i'm not 100% positive it would work. If i have any success, might start looking if adding new sets to the current sprites is possible. I mean, it sure sounds simple enough to just add in more positions and extending the animation sets, but the custom species is where the bottleneck would lie... I can't even begin to imagine how to draw a Avali in missionary...
  15. red3dred

    Sexbound Everis Race Support

    You can still get it without steam, just gotta get someone that has it to share. Steam downloads Paks or folders for the mods, so you can just take the mods and move them to the actual mods folder instead of the workshop number-hell and they will still work.