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  1. Although the fellow above was a bit blunt, they are right. No full log, no full answer =V Though from what you describe, it is one of the other mods you've downloaded, likely Cindry from what was recently posted. Try either providing a full log or removing that mod and reading their thread.
  2. Well, it's been a while since i commented on updating Lustbound... I have poked around a few scripts, removed unnecessary bits, and contacted a few people if they minded me sharing this; A small set of trims and crops to existing scripts to work with Sexbound 5.5.1. In theory it should also be fine with Sexbound 5.6.1, but Locuturus always surprises with changing more files than they are aware of, per update, so little heads up. I tested the objects (Dildos, fleshlights, etc) and generally only problems i've ran into is that the climax particles are misaligned in some of them, and the patches (Contraceptive/Hormones) should both work. Warning though: This is still just a small set of fixes to Lustbound Base, it won't fix issues people have with Lustia if other mods interfere with it. I can't wizard that up. SxB - Lustbound Base (Updated).zip Lustbound_Base_Updooted.pak
  3. It's a known problem revived by using Lustbound. Sadly, without an oficial update, i'd have to guide everyone who wants to use it with v5.5+ on how to update it manually, or share a ZIP... which i'm thinkin' about.
  4. Isn't that exactly the thing linked and mentioned above your message...? Like, two messages above...? Generally, you just gotta know, there is likely a command that returns that but it but i just learn what a NPC is from experience. I don't really know what to tell you other than "Ask what it is with a show/tell manner", or find the command to use with "/entityeval" that returns the NPC's type.
  5. Sexbound.config, is configured by default to disallow player dialogue, but if enabled, they'd have the same dialogue as NPC's of their race. Player-specific dialogue maybe a bit difficult to get working.
  6. Ooohoho, real nice. I've been banging my head trying to think how to draw these and you just straight up slapped it onto the sheet! Nice work.
  7. Well, i feel like this mod was made with Lustbound in mind, also, Cindry probably does not have alt-animations, EG: Female Cindry can only be submissive/taking and Futa Cindry can only be Dominant/fucking. I don't know if that's intentional, but the dildo most likely needs Lustbound.
  8. I can't say yes, but i don't know, i may try to get some Beta PoV files going just in case, along with some mod to improve the code/artwork for PoV at some point in the near future (Somewhat fascinated by that feature i guess, have been working on it for a couple days and then got it all bricked by the latest update =V) but as for new monsters? I don't have anything cooked up at the moment. Though, i might aswell work on something lately, i might put my pencil back down and return to this soon. Sorry to all users who expected frequent updates from me, and my general lack of will to work on stuff lately.
  9. I believe that bug is still around, yeah. There is also a fix for that, like the person above, which i commend for looking back and reading! The pregnancy bug was affecting a few users who managed to either get pregnant twice? without the setting to do so, or just generally some hiccup in the code ordered the pregnancies wrong. At any rate, the fix client-sided and available for download somewhere in my previous posts, shouldn't cause any problems with 5.6.1. Up to Locuturus to implement it... Edit: Here's the post with the fix;
  10. red3dred


    I believe there isn't one, no. They probably planned to just use the human lewdgun for the same purpose. (They being SBG)
  11. Here's the code with comments, the script is inside Sexbound's folders: > scripts/sexbound/override/npc/subgender.lua There is already a script there by default but it checks a value in a manner that doesn't seem to work, and just stops before making a change. And i believe the incompatibility, from what i can tell, seems to be that Project Redemption replaces the code for NPC's, which prevent Sexbound if not more mods from working on them. I don't know why they would do that, or if they recently undid this change, but hopefully they did! Users in Discord however mentioned it still exists and now affects merchants too. Not really, they are only combat followers, similar to "red shirts" or how the game titles them, "Security officer". By default, at least, they'll always give birth to that NPC type. Sadly, there isn't a good way to change this, because if the NPC spawns with the right job, they'll instantly put on a uniform, and giving birth to kids in uniform is quite the futuristic advancement. I believe the current reason they instantly are recruitable is mostly just so you don't "leave them behind" somewhere else, and they get the option to join you and follow you right away.
  12. It's already a feature that should have been working. I have code in my end that allows it to work, and if the futanari module is disabled to begin with, then it's not gonna do anything. If you wish i can share it, but the code for it is somewhat already available within the API, just not working.
  13. Ah, then i'm out of the loop, i'm sure that function worked at one point. Oh well. Then currently the only sure-fire way is to just transform them into a sexnode and see if they have a belly (If that option is enabled in the settings/configs)
  14. "Find them"? As in, hire them? Only if they give you quests and become recruitable. Either their status (The floating text above their head, under their name) will say "Pregnant", which will appear if you hold left-alt, or you use the pregnancy test item and right click on a NPC, i believe.
  15. Well, FFS has a endless sea of "Duplicate projectiles" in the logs, and that's what i meant. This, to be specific: As for the Spookit, i think so? You should be able to capture friendly creatures too, just gotta damage it down to 50% or lower health, between molotovs and grenade-launchers, you should be able to do it.
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