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    Hello, i exist. And i've been existing for a while now. Stuff happened, now i'm here, working on mods, helping people unfuck their games, the standard.

    After the Android Crusades, the man-tittening and several other RJW fiascos, i don't go there anymore. Tis' a silly place. Instead i am now working solely on Sexbound, and taking care while Loc is off getting his IRL Game a upgrade to the platinum pass version.

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  1. Would you mind adding more information, elaborating and sharing your logs so that we may see your mods and what went wrong?
  2. Nope, should be able to be both male and female.
  3. Well, crikey... So, first things first, from my modding experience, status effects and player-related modifications are some of the most "dangerous" to meddle with, as in, the chance that a small change will brick your character is very high. Defeat is not quite there but close. While you're supposed to be in the node, you're supposed to be invincible, yes, so you can't take damage from the NPC's aggro'd around you. If you break the sequence of the node, you should still remain invincible for that length, until the status effect expires. Breaking the node should've expired the effect but alas, i can't guarantee all of the facets of Defeat are stable. Second, your edits of the config were "dirty", as in, you either forgot or added extra special characters, symbols. Each two entries within a table are supposed to have a comma in-between them, for instance. Your problem is the extra dialogue in the bottom section as shown by the error when reading the config file: Also, i presume you've already tried this, but returning to your ship or just using /suicide often can help you clear status effects.
  4. 10 days late but hey. Anyhow; Defeat is buggy and i'm sorry about that. It's a miracle it even works sometimes all things considered, Loc did a miracle there, but currently, players cannot activate Defeat inside protected areas or when defeated by unsupported monsters. This causes them, NPC's and even monsters to become invincible should they be defeated by unsupported monsters, or have HP regen mishaps like with Frackin' Races. Thanks for the suggestions, but so far, no more than 1 NPC would join in on a Defeated player, unless they were horny from let's say, "Naturally horny". Wouldn't make sense to duplicate the enemy that killed you. Also, the helmet thing isn't a bad idea. Bug fixes are planned but the API is getting a bit of work right now, and next this, it'll take a long time sadly as i am in no way a good coder. Sexbound-API questions would be better in the Sexbound API Thread, but alas... None. No beds currently support 4-actors because there are no 4-somes. Remainder of answers are up above for all that. Sadly, mentioned above... I thought FR had fixed this? Unless you don't mean "NPC's are not dying when defeated and timer runs out/ node gets broken", and instead mean "player is invincible". Last one is a known big problem with Defeat right now regarding unsupported monsters.
  5. Alright, now i got some real errors to work with lol Firstly, running "Sexbound VisualFuta" is deprecated/outdated, it doesn't do anything with the current version other than cause issues since the futanari functionality is now in the base API. Recommend removing that. Second, the error is odd. It is using new functions but causing a "Null value exception", maybe related to using the above mod, but since i haven't manually verified if GFY works for Sexbound 3.14, i can't tell you if it's something outdated in the mod or just the above causing problems. Will double-check and return to you. And Third, don't be ashamed of your drawing skills lmao, they're not bad for a rushed little example. Heck, have you seen my avatar on the left there?
  6. ...? I don't see anything... Like, no error, no anything, just a ton of errors about previous characters not being able to load. To be clear, you're talking about using the aphrodite's bow, using; /spawnitem imbuedaphroditesbow Then you shoot an NPC, and they turn into a node, yes? Then you interact with it using E, and then interacting with the UI? Run me through what doesn't work.
  7. Well, we maybe able to help, and you already know about log files so that makes life easier. If you can toss one here i can take a look, just beware it's not easy to tell what mods are up-to-date and which aren't at times, and it maybe easy to install a bad one. The error and mod-list being in the log however make things pretty clear.
  8. Alright, so, i'll run through the 3.14 script with you. It's pretty simple once you read into it. Line indicator/counter on the left, special words highlighted. Function, at 50, tells the mod "Is it possible to even impregnate in this position". That should be pretty straight forward and doesn't matter here, moving on: Function starting at 58 tells us how it decides if you can impregnate. 59: "Is the setting 'compatible mates' on?" If so, then it checks the relevant list. If it's off then it's ignored. This doesn't matter in your case. 69 and 70 allocate the gender data into the script, storing it for comparisons. 73 checks if both are futas. If true then yes, they can impregnate. Lastly, at 78, it checks for the last option. If the one trying to become pregnant (Receiving end) is of a different gender than the impregnating one. This here is the problem: It says there: "If my Relevant Gender is different than the partner's Absolute Gender..." Probably a oversight of the code at that point, i'll note it down to fix. This basically means Futas can't impregnate females that aren't futas, because they think they're both females (One on the receiving end makes the check, see the other as "female" and not "futanari"). If anything, this probably causes a bug where plain females can impregnate futas. So yes, the API has an issue here and thanks for noting it.
  9. I'm surprised your game runs fine as is, since this mod is very old and causes issues: But it does seem to be the cause for the issue.
  10. I'm around, whether needed or not, not much else i can do with these Quarantimes, but alas, thanks for the appreciation.
  11. Loc has taken it down so it doesn't weigh on his pocket over time, as we now have the Starbound section in LoversLab.
  12. It's not the latest, it is in fact the oldest, and has both PM2PB (Outdated) but also Sexbound Tweaker (Which is the same mod), and the Sexbound API 3.14 is being replaced by 3.4.1.
  13. It's not so much a hidden Discord, it's the official one, and nope, it doesn't have all listed supports, it's just a place where the modders we've managed to gather are around, posting their stuff, if they never were around or never joined, then we don't have it listed. You'd have better luck using the search function here, there is not really any exclusive content to that Discord (Yet?).
  14. Shouldn't be, but as usual, i need that which is the main support structure of trees. Logs. Jokes off, here;
  15. I do hope that's not a fellatio sprite, because GOOD GRIEF THAT THING HAS TEETH BIGGER THAN YOUR FINGERS.
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