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  1. Lol, JSON isn't so much a language as it is just a array structure, but yeah, it seems you have a entirely different version of Sexbound than i do? Not unlikely given i stopped updating some point before Lustbound and AlluringToys were annexed. Could it be you're using that old config change to make it so modded races use their alternative modded heads? Y'know, the "Cutebound" tweak? Because that method is outdated and is essentially available in base Sexbound now by default, implementing it the old way causes this exact issue on anything that isn't humanoid, last i checked. Plus, you're right, there'd need to be a .frames file either in a previous root folder (actor1/actor2 or just "monsters") for both malehead and femalehead for it to still not complain. Forgot to mention that part, my bad. Another side note, is that you seem to be running TeratoCustomDefeat, and that... last i checked wasn't compatible with latest Sexbound? But if it's working for you, honestly, i'd install it too.
  2. Well, you're using both Sexbound Futanari, and Sexbound Tweaker. Both are outdated and no longer work, and thus cause such issues. Try removing both of those mods and running the game again.
  3. Help/contribution is always welcome, but i don't have a team or a Discord. I have the same answer i gave recently to someone else who asked; Also as an addendum, the "official" Sexbound Discord still exists, and is pretty quiet, but i have been given rights to invite people there, and if anyone wants to join it for mod-talk, feel free to ask me for an invite.
  4. At some point the head files called for monsters specifically were changed inside Sexbound's code. I dunno why, as usual, one of those changes that isn't logged or explained why. Oh well, i'm going to have to release an update to fix the head issue again =V So, the problem is that the server for Starbound, specifically the dedicated one, absolutely will refuse to run if a image is missing, if a frame is wrongly named, etc. This isn't a thing in Singleplayer, or "Host and Play"/"Join via Steam/Discord" or whatever. Only on the dedicated server, does it stop at every little error. Like i mentioned earlier, this is because at some point, Sexbound changed the head-file names it looks for, specifically for monsters apparently. I added a place-holder head file (blank) a long time, using the same name used for humanoids. Here's a few spoilered examples if you care to take a look; So, it looks right, yeah? Thing is, monsters were changed to use, instead of "head_female"&"head_male", "malehead" and "femalehead". This is something i've already fixed, along with missing .frames files for larger monsters, in my development build, but it's not something i've changed or even heard of until people started having issues when hosting like this. So for now, if you REALLY want to solve this issue yourself, you can... Unpak the mod using the solution mentioned above your post. In the artwork folder, for every monster, for both actor1 and actor2, rename their "head_female" and "head_male" to "malehead" and "femalehead". Recompile if you desire, using the same utility/solution mentioned. It is not necessary, since a folder also is loaded by Starbound, but if you have issues, it may help. ... or honestly, just wait for the next update. It may take a bit longer since i'm dealing with class-work and several tasks, but i'll try to push an update so people can play the game on servers.
  5. While this one is a general interface crash, likely due to a broken/problematic recipe... THIS one sounds like a Sexbound issue. We're no strangers to crashing. Well then, you know the drill, and so do i. After you provide me with a little bit more than just inspiration to make a Rick Roll parody, like a log's worth of information, i can hopefully tell you why things that should work, aren't. Cya' until then!
  6. Ah, i see why it'd be spitting errors. Here; Separate entries with a comma in between them, like [ "apex", "avian" ] which the entries after Novakid are missing. The final one shouldn't have a comma as it's the last entry. The one after the bracket, at the end, stays. Plus, these entries shouldn't be necessary! The support mods themselves should be adding these entries with a patch.
  7. Sip... Okay, i'm already seeing i'm in for a battle and a half... You seem to have overcomplicated the issue a bit, your mods folder is a warzone right now; Any folder in your mods folder will get loaded as a mod. There are several mods that are either duplicates (Same mod, two files) or folders that seem like they contain mods, but no Metadata (The identifier inside of a mod, essentially. Game reads them as "Unidentified folders") You also have some mods that are known to essentially brick Sexbound, so i'll try to pick 'em all out real quick out of the long list: As for the issue you've mentioned, it seems your main Sexbound config file is borked; It's harder to read the log because it's a Linux OS log, each OS has it different and honestly, Windows is the easier to read one when it has a bad error, but i won't judge, Power to the Penguin-- anyway, here's the issue: Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Error parsing json: bad array, should be ',' or ']' at 59:7 Which, looking at my main Sexbound config... seems to be around here; This can be caused by a actual faulty edit to this file, either your own doing, or another support mod that is improperly patching it. Other than that, i can't parse anythig else until the game gets past that point. Just a FYI, you have a lot of mods. Local and otherwise. There are duplicates that aren't loaded by default (Same mod, different files), and there are some that seem to be slipping by; Namely, lots of VoreMod objects and projectiles are defined twice, which means they got loaded twice, in the same mod structure (Basically, if two different mods defined the same item, in slightly different folders inside themselves, game instantly crashes, but if they have the same structure, usually meaning the same mod, they are fine and instead the game just informs you).
  8. Yeah i've shown the issue to Zancuno and they've reviewed the code. It's a conflict in Sexbound with ArmorAdapt. Either Locuturus will come out of the woodwork some day and fix it, or i believe Zancuno may have a random solution cooked up and ready to distribute in the meanwhile.
  9. Hmm, i see mention of a issue with lots of lucario armors, and similarly, in the avian armor in particular. Lemme ask something, is this mod necessary? It's loading after the main Lucario race and maybe replacing some of it's values with older ones. I would recommend you try removing it before removing armor Adapt.
  10. Be aware that you are running a couple of outdated mods, with an updated framework. Some things break other things, and the removal of one problem mod may reveal more. Start by removing "Sexbound Futanari", as even though it's not currently in the "incompatible list", along with other similar-effect mods such as "Sexbound Auto-dildos", it is indeed outdated and does not operate well or at all with the latest version. Do respond if your issue persists, with another log and more info if available.
  11. You can either use the command-line method, which i do not recommend, a pre-made executable, or this; https://pakit.ibraheemrodrigues.com/ Install, configure the necessary files (just tell it where Starbound packer and unpacker executables are, if it does not find them by default) and should be simple enough to operate.
  12. Well, there is. You go into the mod's files and change the gender value inside of all monster patches to either 1 or 2. Just, y'know, not all monsters have support for all genders. Some only male, some only female, etc.
  13. So, this log tells me you've done the thing i tried to say in the previous post, about not uzipping the file into the mods folder. It spilled several loose files and does not count as Sexbound being installed as a result; And the next log; This mentions no error. Game seems to launch fine, no mention of Sexbound or it's sub-mods... Which leads me to ask, are you sure you're sending the proper log? I see log 1, and log 3 are the ones you've sent... But that's all. In sum, lemme try again to explain the installation process of Sexbound, even though the main download page should have this already: You download the ZIP You unzip it into it's own folder (mods/Sexbound version something preferably) You make sure that folder is not inside another folder (mods/Sexbound version something/Sexbound again) ZIP files are not loaded by the game.
  14. ... wait... ... y... ... are you... editing the .PAK files? I mentioned there are files loose in your mods folder that should not be there, and i asked you revise if the mod is installed correctly, but you mention a "folder", but also "any mod". I confused and uncertain. Please tell me you aren't editing the PAK file...
  15. Something is definitely broken in your install; try to follow this guide: Since i can already tell you have a "player.config.patch" file inside of your mods folder, it seems your install is faulty, and it also mentions some file being defective.
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