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  1. A somewhat comprehensible Changelog used to be under the main download page, but i've noticed it's gone. The closest second, albeit much less comprehensible, is going to the Sexbound github and seeing the commits there.
  2. Yo, what happened to Locuturus? her twitter and patreon is just... gone.

    1. red3dred


      You know more than i do, last i checked their Patreon, it was still up, as i've been getting updates since. Twitter, i didn't even use.

  3. Both, but base Sexbound doesn't have inheritance from the male, so females just give birth to their own species, thus only female monsters give birth to eggs (Or whoever gets pregnant really). I heard Sexbound got a parent species polling feature, but i don't know if it'll work the same as i made it back then, so we'll see. It probably won't lay eggs.
  4. That looks like you forgot the "mask", the "genital_mask" file that is a black layer supposed to cover the whole image, except the bits where it removes the head pixels of the other partner for things like Fellatio. And hey, i don't take all credit, people managing to read AND comprehend the guides is two-sided effort. Glad to hear someone managed to get through all of that! And good luck with the progress going forward!
  5. I am pretty sure auto-climax is a option in the climax module.
  6. I mean, i keep reposting this in the last 3 days and i feel like i'm tooting my own horn whenever i do it, but; Is the closest you're gonna get to a full-on Sexbound modding tutorial, it does not however teach you basics of Starbound modding (metadata file, folder structure, etc), those are assumed to get started.
  7. So, it's something i always wanted to get done, but sadly, it's a limitation of both Starbound and Sexbound, and the reason why mobs like randomly-generated mobs and the Erchius Moontants are likely never going to be supported properly. Because the alt-colors of mobs in Pandora's Box (And now, by extension, in FU, since they also ate it) is defined in the monster as just "another alternate body" that is pieced together like randomly generated monsters, except with only a single part. What this entails, is that the game sees them as just the basic monster. We can't get the body data
  8. There's a thing called a Log, that is made whenever you run the game, even if it crashes, and it tells us what the problem may be. You can find the file within your starbound's Storage folder.
  9. The bare minimum is artwork, and assigning the values properly for the race. That's all really. After that, all the remainder is optional stuff. Dialogues, if not present, will default to the basic default dialogues, same for sounds for moan and climax.
  10. Good grief, i didn't expect it'd be that bad... Well, i guess that's to be sadly expected though. Hopefully someone else in their Discord also is taking notice and making fixes while this is going on.
  11. Well well, seems like your previous Thread didn't receive a answer so you moved onto releasing the creature itself? Huh. If you have any questions i can help answer them, and i also have a topic up for guidance on the basics of Sexbound and monsters supports, if you wish to see. Of course you had to start with a more difficult one, larger monsters.
  12. ... huh. Just endless errors about the lactate module... well, i guess that feature was broken by updates? At any rate, if that module is enabled, try disabling it, and if it's not disabled, i'd recommend posting a bug-report in the Sexbound main thread so Locuturus can see it.
  13. You got the Merrkin support? If so, that explains it. On another note, do provide a log for such case. Start game, recreate issue, then share the Log.
  14. I present to you... Ahem, The Terato-plethora of answers;
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