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[Sims 3] Suzanna Sinister - Sim 2.2.0

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About This File

Suzanna Sinister is an original female character created by myself for Sims 3. I set out to create Suzanna as the ultimate goth girl, and I've designed an outfit for every occasion. Needless to say that she is a vampire, but you can edit her to be whatever you want.








This is the first mod that I've released for Sims 3, so please feel free to inform me of any problem.


UPDATE #1 - Apparently, the standard practice is to offer only .sim file for download, so my apologies to the authors of the custom content.

UPDATE #2 - Okay, I'm tired of seeing her eyes looking so bad. I changed them back to "Watercolor" eyes after fixing the issue to make them compatible with vampires. 


Sims 3 Supernatural


Oniki's Kinky World

Ministra Sinister - Sim


Custom Content
You are required to download the below custom content unless it is stated otherwise (optional).


Included in ZIP

The customized eyes package is included in the download for Suzanna. Only download the below original CC eyes when you plan on changing Suzanna to no longer be a vampire.


Note: Ministra & Suzanna both use the same eyes, so you don't have to install the eyes more than once.


Eyes (Non-Vampires Only) - "Watercolour" - Ultra Small Realistic Contacts by Elexis



Hair - LeahLillith Miyah by Leah Lillith

Eyebrows - "Innocent" - Thin Shaped Eyebrows for Females by Elexis

Eyelashes - Ethereal Eyeliner by Pralinesims


Clothing - Everyday

Accessories - Horns - LeahLilith Sundown Horns by Leah Lillith

Accessories - Stockings - Fishnet Stockings by JoshQ

Boots - SIMc Gothic Boots by SIMcredible!


Clothing - Sleepwear (Optional)

Corset - "Hell Bunny" - 3D Laced Corset Set for Females by Elexis

Bottom - Nude Clothing Mod by CmarNYC


Clothing - Formal (Optional)

Dress - Mephisto Dress by Lavoieri

Heels - "Lola" - Sexy 3D Heels for Females v1 by Elexis


Clothing - Athletic (Optional)

Shirt - Top - 441 - Athletic set by sims2fanbg

Pants - Bottom - 447 - Athletic pants by sims2fanbg


Clothing - Outerwear (Optional)

Boots - Knee Combat Boots by Lavoieri



Edited by Locuturus

What's New in Version 2.2.0


v2.2.0 - Changed eyes to use custom vampire friendly version of "Watercolour" - Ultra Small Realistic Contacts.


v2.1.0 - Changed eyelashes to use new cc eyelashes.
- Removed custom eyes because they didn't fit within the eye's light emission area.


v2.0.0 - Changed to only include the .sim file without custom content.


v1.1.0 - Changed sleep wear to have Suzanna wear a Corset as her top.
- Removed cat shoes from sleep wear.
- Changed outerwear gloves to be long black gloves.
- Adjusted the colors of tops and bottoms to match.

v1.0.0 - Initial.

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