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OmniBrowser is an API / Framework that aims to enable modders to create interactive objects that pop open a browser window for displaying animated media. Currently, it is possible to configure both interactive furniture objects and handheld active items to pop open a browser window. Modders are encouraged to change the title, subtitle, and image icon of their browser window to fit the theme of their mod.



• <A> or <Left Arrow> : Go to next image.

• <D> or <Right Arrow> : Go to previous image.

• <W> or <Up Arrow> : Go to next gallery.

• <S> or <Down Arrow> : Go to previous gallery.

• <=> : Zoom in on current image.

• <-> : Zoom out on current image.

• <,> : Slow down the animation rate.

• <.> : Speed up the animation rate.

• <m> : Mute / unmute the gallery music.


Compatible Mods

Lewd Felin TV by Fluff the Felin & Artus

Lewd Felin Fun TV by Fluff the Felin & Artus

What's New in Version 1.6.0


v1.6.0 - Changed spawned NPCs to beam-in by default.


v1.5.0 - Changed to enable users to setup multiple callable actions per button click.
- Refactor code.


v1.4.0 - Added callable action to give items.
- Added callable action to play sound effect.
- Added experimental callable actions.
- Fix bugs.


v1.3.0 - Added ability to define clickable areas within the viewport.
- Added callable action to change to new image.
- Added ability to disable panning, zooming, speed, and music controls.
- Added interface button to toggle gallery music on/off.
- Added interface button to return to the beginning of a gallery. 
- Refactored code.


v1.2.0 - Added example object and example item to help modders get started.
- Added epic sax guy music.
- Added Gandalf sprite sheet.


v1.1.0 - Added ability to pan image.
- Changed <W, A, S, D> keys to be used for panning.
- Added panning controls to the browser window.
- Added ability to zoom out with <Q> Key.
- Added ability to zoom in with <E> Key.
- Added ability to press <space> key to go to the next image.


v1.0.0 - Initial release.

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