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About This File

Sexbound compatible mod that enables player and NPCs to have sex with a clone of themselves.



This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2 & up.

1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory. (Overwrite the previous version.)
3) Finished.


Note: The mods folder is located here for Steam users on Windows:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods



This mod requires the latest version of the Sexbound.





Optionally, download the latest version of Alluring Toys Co.




This mod requires the latest version of Sexbound. It enables players to craft or purchase an interactive platform and controller. Players or NPCs can use the platform to have sex with a clone of their character model.




Players can craft this object in the Basic Crafting window ( Press the 'C' key ). Search for the following two crafting recipes: GFY Platform and GFY Controller. 


1) Ensure that you have admin privileges. Type /admin into the chat.

2) Open the Basic Crafting window. ('C' key).

3) Select 'GFY Platform' - Supply x500 pixels.

4) Select 'GFY Controller' - Supply x100 pixels.

5) Find it in the Furniture Items tab of your inventory.




Players can purchase this item from the Alluring Toys Co. vending machine which is another Sexbound compatible mod for purchasing sex toys.


Use It


1) Drag the GFY Platform from your inventory to a clear surface on the ground. 

2) Next, place the GFY Controller on the a nearby to sync it with the platform.

3) Interact with the controller to change between the different modes. (Male vs. Male, Male vs. Female, and Female vs. Female).

4) Interact with the platform to use it!



What's New in Version 3.2.0




- Add support for the new variant positions.
- Add support for worn nipplewear apparel items.
- Change to require Sexbound v5 to be installed.



- Bump just in case version number release was missed.

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