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WARNING: Do not install this mod if you don't want to participate in having forced sex.

Sexbound Defeat enables characters to have sex with defeated opponents.


⁉️ Download and install only one file from the Downloads: Pak or Src. The Pak version has better compression and loads faster, whereas the Src version is already unpacked for players who want a jumpstart to customize their gameplay experience by modifying configuration files.




Download and install the latest version of Sexbound.







This modding framework was created for Starbound v1.4.4. & up.


Installing the PAK version

1. Backup + delete any previously installed version of the API.
2. Extract the contents of the .zip file.
3. Move the *.pak file directly into your Starbound mods directory.
4. Finished.


Installing the SRC version

1. Backup + delete any previously installed version of the API.

2. Extract the contents of the .zip file.

3. Move the single extracted folder into your mods directory.

4. Finished.





Sexbound Defeat enables monsters, NPCs, and players to fight one another with damaging weapons and effects. Upon delivering a killing blow, a defeated monster, NPC, or player will transform into a SexNode - when it is possible. Otherwise, the entity will die because there are still some edge cases where Sexbound cannot always place SexNodes successfully. Players can customize their experience with this mod by editing the included sexbound-defeat.config file in the root directory of the mod.


Monsters / NPCs

  • A player who is defeated by a monster or an NPC will be fully healed while being fucked.
  • Monsters / NPCs who defeat a Monster / NPC or player will automatically move to the their defeated opponent to begin having sex.
  • Monsters / NPCs can have sex with a defeated player for up to 30 seconds.
  • Monsters / NPCs automatically beam out after they re-spawn from being a SexNode.
  • Choose to begin having sex in a random position.



  • Players who defeat a monster / NPC or another player can choose between having sex with an opponent or not.
  • Players can have sex with a defeated opponent for up to 60 after defeating it.
  • Players can press the <ESC> key to break out of the interaction.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Please read the below frequently asked questions before asking your question in our support forum.



1. Why does my Player Character die seem to die randomly as opposed to being fucked?
This is most likely because the Player Character was unable to place a sex node object on the ground, so it opts to die as a fallback.

2. Why is this mod so buggy?
The previous versions of this mod were not handling all possible failed to transform cases which lead to a commonly reported invincibility bug. Please give it another chance since v2.6.0 the mod has become much more stable.


3. Why does my Player Character always die in a dungeon?

For what ever reason, the Player Character is the only entity which does not have access to the world.setTileProtection function, so it cannot negate dungeon tile protection in order to place a sex node object on the ground. Therefore, the Player Character will always opt to die.


4. Why can't the monsters defeat and have sex with Players and NPCs?
You must install other support mods to enable sex with monsters. Only some monsters are supported because each monster must have custom artwork:




Edited by Locuturus

What's New in Version 2.7.0


Add ability to break out of the interaction with the <esc> key.

Fix bug that allowed player character to interact and have sex with itself.

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