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    I make mods sometimes.

    Lustbound - Sexbound expansion mods that is steadily growing

    KawaiiStuff+ Supports - Adds SxB support to plenty of lingerie

    Shoggoth Race Patch - Adds SxB support to the Shoggoth race, which I also made

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  1. On my client, the areas load just fine. Please send your Starbound log files to help me investigate.
  2. You have three different versions of Sexbound.
  3. All songs featured in Lustbound belong to the HuniePop OST
  4. Your image isn't working.
  5. Look very carefully at the Slut2Go user interface.
  6. Do you have the Omnibrowser addon installed as well as the dependencies?
  7. @VergilSteele @AISynthia I found the Slut2go issue and resolved it. @AISynthia @Abyss_Xil The secret area is really well hidden. You will need to play around with your orb form in order to find it. @AISynthia Cards may be found anywhere in loot. Get a binder to be able to tidy them in properly and insert them by right clicking with the card on the binder.
  8. @VergilSteele Send me your Starbound log files and I'll probably be able to find out why it doesn't work.
  9. @warrior19Edd Send me your Starbound log files and I'll investigate the issue.
  10. @warrior19Edd did the server you were playing on had the same mods?
  11. @Dieselhear Random number generator baby
  12. @MrDoesNothingAlot that's due to the fact that the cards are augments, and the binder itself an activeitem. I'll check what I can do but there's a chance it might just not work. Edit: Use a chest to put the binder and the cards together.
  13. @Glass Blast USA Multiple things are going wrong, but the main issue I've noticed is that you currently have two versions of the Sexbound API. Delete both, and download the latest one from the forums.
  14. The update is taking longer than expected to deliver.
  15. @Beaten Crabmeat I'll need a proper log file to be able to do anything.
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