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    I make mods sometimes.

    Lustbound - Sexbound expansion mods that is steadily growing

    KawaiiStuff+ Supports - Adds SxB support to plenty of lingerie

    Shoggoth Race Patch - Adds SxB support to the Shoggoth race, which I also made

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  1. @warrior19Edd did the server you were playing on had the same mods?
  2. @Dieselhear Random number generator baby
  3. @MrDoesNothingAlot that's due to the fact that the cards are augments, and the binder itself an activeitem. I'll check what I can do but there's a chance it might just not work. Edit: Use a chest to put the binder and the cards together.
  4. @Glass Blast USA Multiple things are going wrong, but the main issue I've noticed is that you currently have two versions of the Sexbound API. Delete both, and download the latest one from the forums.
  5. The update is taking longer than expected to deliver.
  6. @Beaten Crabmeat I'll need a proper log file to be able to do anything.
  7. Hello, I am inquiring about teleporting to lustia. I am currently using 1.3.4 starbound (I have obtained it using something called steam depot downloader, its pretty cool) in order to have maximum comparability with various workshop mods which didnt update to 1.4. when tinkering around to make sure everything worked, I discovered that for mods designed for 1.4, teleportation is broken (I have discovered this for fracken universe and have obtained a pre 1.4 version form their github).  Is there a pre 1.4 version of lustbound that can be downloaded, or can you release a 1.3 compatible version thats up to date with the 1.4 version? I dont know how hard this would be, I assume its just a matter of porting over the outpost generation/teleportation files bit im no modder

  8. @AlphaDargon Hello! Could you please send me your Starbound log so I can investigate the issue?
  9. @VoidK1tsun3 Could you send me your Starbound log? Also, tell me which Lustbound mods you installed, please.
  10. @Neb1 I believe this is not a Lustbound error, but a KawaiiStuff+ error. I'll fix it nonetheless.
  11. @SmarmySmite @Failiks1 I am sorry to say that, despite my investigation, I have no clue as to what the issue could be. My guess is that one of your mods probably tampers with Lustbound by overwriting specific files in Starbound.
  12. @SmarmySmite @Failiks1 I cannot help you if you do not send me the log files. On my side, everything works properly, and the mods I have uploaded are the exact same as the current ones. As shown in the screenshots, I have succesfully obtained a Runic Cube from the golems and obtained the keystone from the temple. I cannot get hints as to what went wrong if you don't send me your full log files. Not just a partial snip. If you don't know how to access your log, right click the game on steam, click properties, click local files, click browse local files... , go in the st
  13. @Zombie2000 Seems like you have two different versions of Lustbound. Delete the old version, and keep Lustbound Base.
  14. @Failiks1 The runic cube is a guaranteed drop from the vault guardians. Are you sure you have to Aphrodite's Bow Addon installed?
  15. @SmarmySmite There is alot of forest surface dungeons, but only so much space, so it's not that common. You could send me your starbound log so I could check whether or not everything is running fine.
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