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Wolfclub (in Cragslane Cavern)


version 20171128 Alpha


Clean save required!


Alpha version intended to be tested by LL community. Relevant feedback appreciated.


Introduction & Foreword

Long: The world of Skyrim has taken a dark turn. The lasting civil war causes citizens of Tamriel to embrace their darkest fantasies and the chaos gives them the opportunity to do so. Victims are those who are weak - as in any war, mostly the poor and women. Violence and terror is upon Skyrim. The wealthy and powerful become even more wealthy and powerful, slavery, being illegal so far, has become a regular sight. There are places where one can buy a strong man to plow his fields or even a young girl to warm his bed. And there are establishments where even worse things are done.. such as the "club" in Cragslane cavern. Nowadays nobody cares about wolf fighting to death in a pit. Darker times bring darker deeds and as always, there are people who take the opportunity to exploit the weak and helpless. Another entertainment has taken place in the dark corners of the Cragslane's pits.. Will you fall into its depths?


Short: This mod is another player-slavery questline, with about 1-2 game hours. Player can get enslaved, forced to work in the club on various taks, while all the time there are secret ways to escape.


What is there to do?
You can act as either a customer of the club, enjoying the entertainment...or, you can get yourself to trouble by mouthspeaking or letting someone else know you are without resources. In that case, you'll visit the club too, but in different position..
The enslavement part of mod is intended to play from female perspective, the visitor part for both. No additional male support planned. If you are playing male, you probably should disable Wolfclub option in DAYMOYL.


Requirements & Credits

Hard requirements (mod dependencies):
SexLab - Ashal
Death Alternative - BralorMarr
Zaz Animation Pack V7.0 - ZaZ & XaZ
zdd.esp version D - nooblet123
Namira's Goat - tengma
Namira's Skyrim + Decorations
Heretical Resources - Haeretic
Immersive Plugs *MOD UPDATED!
ZazExtensionPack - zaira
TaraUltimateFurniturePack - t.ara
Amputator Framework - Haeretic
Beautiful Corpses - machompchomp for conversion to Skyrim, unknown chinese author for the original Oblivion mod

I'll Take The Display Model - darkconsole


Soft requirements - optional but strongly recommended mods

you will still be able to play Wolfclub without these, but not having some of these mods may lead to Wolfclub not working as intended, so install them!

Obscure Patches - Wolfclub - skyrimII
Simple Slavery - jfraser (required for possibility of being sold out if too many punishments)
SD+ - jbezorg & skyrimII (required for possibility of being enslaved by Darren after he gets you out)
Skooma Whore - Guffel (Skooma is forced upon player on many events throughout the mod)
Realistic Needs and Diseases - perseid9 (adds immersion and motivation for PC to serve the customers)
Namira's Goat (Cosmetic Update) - KM100z (repairs and tweaks some of the original mod's features)
Immersive Plugs HDT patch - jacques00 (adds HDT to carrot and lantern plugs)

Deadly Traps and Curses - Delzaron (provides furo bath amputated limbs healing functionality)
Wolfclub Bellystretcher CBBE HDT BodySlide - Gedion (available in this mods download; adds BodySlideable belly stretcher)


Features & Functions


- Trading system with (optional Realistic needs and diseases support) - While the player is enslaved, there is a trading system which serves both as a user motivator to do jobs, and to keep player fed in RND.


* unique piece of equipment, the Bellystretcher, bodyslidable CBBE version made by Gedion (file: Bellystretcher CBBE HDT BodySlide.7z)


* Escape prevention - player is intercepted (by script) even if he tries to evade the guard's forcegreet dialogue. Escape from the enslavement is possible via the questline.


* 3 ways of getting out of the club


1) Darren - look for a note in your cell

2) Get punished 3 times (2x amputation, 3rd time you get sold to Simple Slavery)

3) Escape tunnel, Yoren has the key though.. or pick the lock if you can


* MCM menu with customizable notifictaion key


* DAYMOYL integration - player will be put to slavery if defeated by bandits


Skooma Whore 'friendly' - player is forced to use Skooma in various situations, leading to an addiction, afterwards player can claim skooma as a reward for jobs


* SD+ integration - at the end of this short story, there is a surprise..


* much more


To Do


* Add screams (sounds) to amputate scene
* set proestethics to not unequip upon Sexlab animations
* Furo Cage starts unlocked and is too small, PC gets stuck upon exiting the furo bath
* add NPC reactions to amputated/punished PC


Known issues


* escape tunnel has "seethroughs" however PC should still be able to walk through (no fix yet)

* scenes sometime do not start or stuck (fix: disable/enable stuck actors OR reload and try again)





If you want to trigger Wolfclub enslavement, there is a function to use:

bool function pchsWolfClubMakePlayerSlave() global	int handle = ModEvent.Create("WolfClubEnslavePlayer")	if handle		return ModEvent.Send(handle)	endif	return falseendfunction

This method is similar to that originally made by zaira for his great mod Maria Eden. Thank you, sir!








* hotfix for scenes not playing


20171122 Alpha

* hotfix for mod not starting (switched to Start Enabled; added SEQ file; added MCM manual start)
* sounds to amputation scene
* reaction of NPC to PC being amputated
* enlarge cages so PC doesn't get stuck in the furo tub
* this version is loose - it's mess I know, I'll have to do some cleaning


20171120 Alpha
* serving customers dialogue should be now less confusing, one option at a time
* food/drink is no longer spawned at the barrel but should be requested from the bartender (solves conflicts with mods restricting access to containers when being bound f/e in Yoke)
* MCM modifier of serve-fail chance leading to punishment scene
* reworked punishment scene (broken broom pun. is gone), now using higher limbs amputation as a form of punishment
* too many punishments lead to Yoren getting rid off the PC (currently back to Simple Slavery; another way to get out)
* PC can earn healing of the amputations (trading with Yoren)
* Yoren now provides HP healing service
* customers now indeed "reward" the PC when being late with delivery (random chance)
* customers now have masks, aliases and backstory dialogues
* Darren has backstory dialogue fitting his role
* slaves now have backstory dialogues
* lot of cosmetic changes utilizing those various dependencies, mod is now considered to be Gore & Cannibalic (Namira stuff, zdd, beautiful corpses)
* lighting tweaks in the pit
* NPCs are now leveled up according to PC level

* any player sex scenes in Cragslane cavern (technically speaking in mod stage between 0 and 600) are registered as serving a customer
* MCM configurable status key (reports number of served customers)


20150924 Alpha
- added Bellystretcher replacer (Bellystretcher CBBE HDT BodySlide.7z by Gedion)
20150226 Alpha
- fix for player control issues after Wolf/Falmer/Troll/Punishment scenes
20150220 Alpha
- new: you can now decide to save or let die Darren (with proper consequences..)
- added function for external triggering of enslavement (for modders - see description)
- few minor tweaks


20141208 Alpha Repack
- attempted bugfix (different CK packing method / unpacked version) for animal scenes and other bugs


20141208 Alpha
- switched from quest stages to variable for repeating options
- new jobs: fetching food/drink; falmer; troll
- punishment for disobeying orders/customers, also for a random (25%) chance to customer being unsatisfied with food/drink
- reworked escape attempt leash scene
- adjusted dialogue when enslaved via DA
- tuned whipping animations so whipper starts in front
- added new customers (clones of existing NPCs)
- reworked shackles with SL nostrip tag
- reworked whip with damage adjustment (deals much less damage now..at least for me)
- forced use of skooma on various occasions
- skooma added to trading options with Yoren (5 cust.)
- various other fixes and adjustments..
- update should fix issues No.: 6, 7, 10, 18


20141122b Alpha
- fixed packed version


20141122 Alpha
- many bug fixes (see the list in the 2nd post in support thread: (1,2,3,5,9,11,12,13,14,16,17)
- fix attempts: 8,15
- added Siddgeir and Nazeem as customers (testing their beaviour)
- Bellystretcher temporary fix (no weight slider, should prevent the 'origami' or CTD bug)


20141120 Alpha
- initial release for testing purposes


What's New in Version 20171128 Alpha


* hotfix for scenes not playing

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