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Absolute Necro


A mod that bring love in the afterlife ... sort of


New in Release 1.93 : Tokens  & Shake

 - Ernst’s skull is no more. If you still have one, well keep it, it can be a good paperweight. Tokens replace it. Once dead, you must use a Token to call a Necroist. Every call consumes one token, so be careful with them. You'll start with 5 and to get some, you need to earn them by having sex with a dead body. You have a spell for that in the healing tab. Every necro gives you one Token. If you don't have enough Token .... too bad for you: better never be in this situation.

 - When your body is necroed, a special link is made with it, and you may fell something. (If you play with a pad, it may shake during necro on your body)
 - A workaround HDT hairs problem is added: your dead body may have a vanilla haircut. This option is selected in the MCM menu. Use it only if you have this issue.

Now, your underground prison full of slaves may be of a great utility. Attacking a Forsworn camp can have a purpose now.  Someone may ask if the dragonborn is still a savior ;)



What is it?

This is the rework of my mod. The original one was too cinematic oriented, and probably not fun to play.
The work is in progress, but I have something I want to share. The resurrection thru necro is now generic, and can be used outside the mod. This is the first thing I have worked on for the V2. So, I decide to share it.
Disclaimer: this is just the power part, you can test it easily, just die in fight, and it’ll pop up, there is no explanation of how and why ... everything’ll be revealed in the mod to come.


How to use:


easy die in fight. You may have tokens in your inventory, use it, and you’ll be noticed if someone hear your call, or if nobody is coming.  The NPC which answer your call will follow you. Lead him to your body. You must repeat this a given number of time to revive (set in the MCM Setup panel). After using the Token, if you don’t want to be helped by the NPC that come, just say him “Booo”, it’ll flee. You need to perform some necros while alive to gains Tokens.


There is a spell to earn Tokens. Select a dead body and cast it. It may behave differently if your character is a man or woman:
-    Man: standard Necro scene
-    Woman: your target will be resurrected, and it’ll have sex with your character.





  -    as a ghost, you may not be able to pass a door, or use anything.
  -    Necro power only come if you die from a fight. Upon not honorable death (falling ,  drowning) you'll die
  -    There is no marker for your body (it’s wanted) so be very careful to find it back: if you die in the wilderness, you may need to go to the nearest town to seek help.


Bugs and other:


  -    There is a trigger area for your body, if your body move after your death, you may have to lead your savior to the original position of your body
  -    It’s highly not compatible with Mods that use combat bleed out (DAYMOL, Defeat …) so better disactivate them before activating the power. Make sure you are flagged as "Essential" in the MCM. If not, just disactivate the power, close the menu, and activate it again.
  -    Currently the Token selects the closest NPC, so if you want a specific NPC, move close to him





  -    Don’t die attacking guards, even if you die in the process, they may still try to send you to jails
  -    As a ghost, NPC may try to attack you anyway if you directly go to them. Instead try to use the skull far from them.
  -    If you are about to die, try to move out from the place where your aggressors stay, it’ll be easier for you to revive
  -    If you say “booo” he may try to attack you, even if you are a ghost. He may also try to attack your savior
  -    to manage your follower, and his/her essential flag (if he/she’s essential, he/she won’t die), it’s recommended to use a Mod like UFO to manage follower’s flags.
  -    There is no Token protection or warning, if you die while not having enough Token, you'll be screwed. No token will be given except for the 5 on a new game: you must earn them







Strong Requirement:

  - SexLab V 1.62 (and all his requirements, including SKSE)
  - Enable creature framework to have the creature option working
  - Fuz Ro Dho



Must have / Highly recommended

  - SLAL
  - FunyBizznes SLAL package since there is a lot of Neco anims
  - More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition
  - UFO to manage essential flag on follower



Mods that are not compatible
- HDT hairs are not compatible, there is a workaround in the MCM menu, but better not use a HDT haircut with this mod

What's New in Version V1.93.1


  • V1.93.1 :
     - Bug correction ; Make token fail with a Man actor
     - Typos
  • V1.93: MCM, Creatures & follower
     - Tokens that need to be earned replace the skull
     - workaround HDT hairs: they can be replaced by vanilla hairs on the player body


  • V1.92: MCM, Creatures & follower
     - add a MCM menu to activate/disactivate the mod
     - add a creature option
     - special power to rez a follower
  • V1.90 : rework
  • - Evrything is new
  • - Necro power in a generic way
  • V1.03 : fixes
  • - Fix the falling Viren if SLAL FB Necro package is not installed (a default animation)
  • - Fix the control problem at the end of Episode 2. There is also a button in the Liroc Room near the enchanting workbench to fix the problem if you have it.
  • V1.01 : There is a button near the temple door to make Ernst appears
  • V1.01 : Fix Ernst won't appear bug
  • V1.00 : Initial release
  • -Episode 1
  • -Episode 2