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Namira's Skyrim + Decorations 20170710

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About This File

Namira's Skyrim


What does it do?
This mod swaps all human bones placed all over skyrim for some of the bodypart items from Namira's Goat mod. You won't see any more placed bones, but girly bodyparts instead. This mod is probably considered gore, so beware those who are not into it.
Additionaly the Decorations plugin adds several wallmounts (the same as the wallmounted wolfs, goats, cats, etc.) but with various bodyparts (breasts, vaginas, penises, uterus). It also replaces vanilla placements of such wallmounts (i believe that mostly wolfs and bears) with some of the mentioned assets.


Further development?
I plan to do the same swap for food all over Skyrim - replace it with grilled girls.


Want to help?
Create more meshes of similar nature. It's not my area of expertise, but I can surely utilize them.


Namira's Goat
Schlongs of Skyrim (for Decorations - texture of a penis)
Schlongs of Skyrim Leito Addon (for Decorations - textures)


Namira's Goat by tengma for the precise meshes and overall idea
b3elisario for SoS
Leito86 for SoS addon

What's New in Version 20170710


  • 20170710
  • Added "Decorations" - wallmounted bodyparts. Check requirements!
  • 20170418
  • Initial release.

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