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Sorry for my poor English.


Warning: Extreme content, Cannibalism content








This is a standalone mod around the theme of canniablism. you will be able to cutoff human flesh and cook them into food.
This is an completion of the old mod made by Chinese modder 黑暗武士, who was half way into making a cannibal quest mod but abandoned his mod due real life issues. We made it into a standalone mod and modder resource, also added scripts, with additional meshes and textures.


How to use:
there is a merchant in Dragonsreach, who sells 3 knife and a spell book.


Knife:there are 3 of those, for slim, normal and plump body. When using it to attack people alive, you will decap them. When using on dead people, you will cut meat off their body. Meat dropped depends on the knife you used and the race of target. So far it only work on humans, elves and Orc.(Argonian and Khajiit are not supported)


Spellbook: summon a spit for you to cook human flesh. To de-summon, use the spit while weapon drawn


XPMS skeleton:


Realistic Needs and Diseases(now optional):
If you don't want RND, download the RND dependency removed esp.
Future plans:
MCM menus
More cooked food
Bug fix and improvement.


Restaurant and quest mods based on it.


script: Tengma 黑暗武士
meshes: zakuran
support: Bee9999 乱影 西区杰克 hardyhardy


All are welcome to make mods base on it. Just please credit us and put a link of this mod if you publish any mod based on this one.
You are not allowed to post this mod into other sites without my permission.


If you like to help me with this mod, please contact me via forum message. We are new to scripting and meshing and we need your support. Thank you!


Chinese link:

What's New in Version 1.0Beta


  • 1.0beta added missing texture on some meshes.
  • 7/30 RND is now optional

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