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This mod allows you to charm nearly any NPC in the game to lure back to your house to use as bondage decorations. Also contains a furniture building and placement system for all the animations exclusive to this mod.


Now Introducing... The Long Awaited...




I'll Take The Display Model II
~ Current Version: 206
~ See the Change Log at the bottom for important notes. Nothing you have to do just something I need you to know.
~ If you are just now joining us from a version 202 or older, check out the special section titled that.
~ No, this mod will not work on SSE any time soon. (SKSE, SexLab, NiOverride, FNIS)








Features of DM2


This is a 100% new codebase. ALL of the spells have been replaced with dialog. It contains all the under-the-hood advancements made during Soulgem Oven and Untamed, including persisting anonymous actors and the like.


119 Poses - 19 Exclusive Furniture
The ZaZ Animation pack is huge and awesome. Using his resources I was even able to cobble together some pose combos that did not currently exist already. There are still more that can be added, including a few I intentionally skipped because they are bugged, but Xaz seems to be on it. As of version 203 there is also furniture I made that is in no other mod.


Dialog Command
In order to engage the DM2 dialog options you need to craft an Amulet of Control for 1 leather strip and 1 ingot at any forge. You do not need to equip it, merely having it in your inventory will be good enough to allow you to use the DM2 dialog options. Afterwhich any NPC which you can engage dialog with normally (even if they didn't have dialog before) you will gain new dialog options to control them with. The only known NPCs so far that are out of bounds is the Courier and of course children. Simply leave the amulet at home when you no longer wish to have your dialog menu cluttered.


Getting an NPC under your control.
The first step is to charm an NPC to be under your control. You do this by walking up to them and saying "Come with me..." at which point they will be unable to resist your Amulet of Control and immediately begin following you anywhere you go. That will be your only dialog choice at this point. They will not fight. They will not do follower things. They will only go where you go. Once they are following you can talk with them again and many more dialog options will be available. To the opposite, telling them to go away will turn DM2 off for this actor and they will go back to whatever the crap they usually do.

  • Come with me... (Engage DM2 for this NPC)
  • Stay.
  • Lets get you rigged up... (Engage Pose Mode)
  • Move... (Engage Move Mode)
  • Remove Outfit / Replace Outfit.
  • I Want You To Wear These Things... (Open Inventory)
  • I Want You To Do Something... (Begin Vanilla Command/Favor Mode)
  • Go away. (Disengage DM2 for this NPC)

NPCs as Mannequins
There is a dialog choice now which will open a bound NPCs inventory and they will wear what you give them. They are not true mannequins in that they will wear the last thing given to them - they still attempt to wear what they think is the best thing for them, so if you want them to wear something specific take away things they should not have.


Pose Mode
After engaging pose mode you will be presented with a list of pose categories. Select one, and you will begin cycling through the poses. You will know you are in pose mode because the screen will tint blue. Tapping your SHOUT key will go to the next pose, while tapping your SPRINT key will go back a pose. Long Pressing SHOUT will cancel pose mode, where Long Pressing SPRINT will re-open the menu allowing you to choose a new category. You know when you have long pressed enough because the screen will flash.


Move Mode
After engaging move mode you can tap SHOUT and the NPC will walk over to that exact spot AND angle you were standing in. You will know you are in move mode because the screen will tint blue. So the trick here is you can stand exactly where you want them, align your self straight to whatever you want their bondage aligned to, hit SHOUT and then get the fuck out of the way so they can get in that spot. Long Pressing SHOUT will cancel move mode. You know when you have long pressed enough because the screen will flash.


Self Bondage
Crafting an Amulet of Repose at the forge and equipping it will engage Pose Mode on your player character. You can unequip it if you prefer for whatever reason like if you are screenshotting yourself. To release yourself, unequip and equip the Amulet of Repose again. This feature is currently a testing preview, doing nothing more than letting you see yourself in bondage.


Placeable Furniture
As of version 203 there is some craftable furniture. Currently only the furniture I have made for DM2 are placeable due to the tricks required to make it work, meaning, none of the ZAP stuff at this time. You can craft them at the forge they are prefixed with [DM2]. They will show up in the MISC section of your inventory. To place them, attempt to equip them (just like how you attempt to equip AddItemMenu to open the menu) and close the menus. The furniture will show up where you were standing and now you have kinky home decor. You can talk to the furniture to use it (self bondage), move it with the same DM2 move mode as you move NPCs, or pick it back up. You can also command NPCs to use it. I've left sandboxing enabled so there is a chance a follower could accidentally get themselves stuck on it! You can talk to them to release them... if you want.


INTERESTING NOTE ABOUT PLACEABLE FURNITURE - because of the way the game handles occlusion planes, if you place something in one room, then move it to another, it is possible that the object will be invisible in that new room, unless you are standing in the old room looking into the new room. It's weird, I know. If you intend to move the device more than a few meters or to a different room, I highly suggest you pick it up and redrop it in the new room rather than use the move mode.


Updating from DM1




If you do not want to lose your decorations then install DM2 and run it at the same time as DM1. Go in, release a decoration (cast "Release Will" on them until they start walking away), then charm them back via DM2 dialog. If you do not do this they will likely all walk away before you can get home. Once you have converted all your decorations save, uninstall DM1.



Updating DM2 from 202 OR OLDER




I identified an issue with the Bethesda function PathToReference which could cause it to get stuck. If you had ever told an NPC to move, and then they stopped half way and nothing ever happened, probably after yelling at you, then you have been a victim of this problem. Even if you have not noticed this happen, you need to check your save because the glitch will prevent the scripts from updating properly. It is easy, I promise.


1. Get SaveTool.
2. Open your save with it. The .ESS file.
3. Type dcc_dm_ into the filter box in the top left.
4. Expand the ACTIVE SCRIPTS section.




5. If you see DCC_DM_QUESTCONTROLLER under ACTIVE SCRIPTS then you are a victim of this problem. If you scroll the details view down you will see, admist a lot of nerd gibberish, the cause of it being that god damn PathToReference function. Other scripts are OK, they are properly doing their job. DCC_DM_QUESTCONTROLLER should never be listed as an ACTIVE SCRIPT.


If you have no DCC_DM_QUESTCONTROLLER under ACTIVE SCRIPTS then grats you are done. Go install the latest update and play.




6. So under ACTIVE SCRIPTS AND ONLY UNDER ACTIVE SCRIPTS, click each DCC_DM_QUESTCONTROLLER and then click the DELETE SELECTED button. Once you have removed all DCC_DM_QUESTCONTROLLER from ACTIVE SCRIPTS AND ONLY UNDER ACTIVE SCRIPTS then you can save your save, and install the newest DM2. SaveTool will automatically create a backup of your save, as well.


Note in the first screenshot that save would have had 0 things listed under ACTIVE SCRIPTS after cleaning. In the second screenshot there would still have been 3 things listed after cleaning.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • None of my poses are posing?
  • Stop failing at FNIS.
  • Some of my poses are not posing?
  • Stop failing at updating ZAP and likely FNIS at the same time.
  • None of the dialog choices are there?
  • Stop failing at having an Amulet of Control in your inventory.
  • The clothes do not get re-equipped when I say.
  • The re-equipper currently only works on Outfit sets. So like Lydia will remove her Steel armor and keep it off until you tell her to put it back on. It doesn't currently magically work with whatever random items you gave them.






Packaged Assets - Meshes (nif), Animations (hkx), Textures (png, jpg, dds)

  • All assets which are exclusive to Display Model are to remain as such. You may require DM2 be installed as a dependency and then reference the assets in your own mods, but I ask you do not copy the files into your own mods.

Packaged Code - Papyrus (psc)


The source code is released under the MIT licence with the following provisions:

  • I ask you do not fork it while I am still an active member of the community. Some sort of reasonable attempt to contact me should be made before you even consider it.
  • It will be hard for you to find parts of code that are really copy-paste-win. The spirit of open sourcing it is so you can look and learn from it, and hopefully avoid any pitfalls that took me a long time to engineer around.

Other Permissions

  • This mod is not to be re-uploaded to any other sites without permission. It is exclusive to LoversLab.



  • 2017-02-16 - v206
  • Interaction Mode - when an NPC is in the chair bondage they now offer an Interaction Menu in the dialog, which will allow you to do various things like sit on them, fist them, etc. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS FEATURE EXPERIMENTAL. I suggest hitting QUICKSAVE before you try it so you can QUICKLOAD if something fucks up. I am confident it is fine but the amount of foolery that has to happen for this mod to work is staggering it would take me an entire day without bathroom breaks to explain all the things that it has to do. THE CHAIR IN THE MISC CATEGORY IS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS INTERACTION RIGHT NOW.
  • Added 4 new poses - suspended tear drop (free and secured), directional post stylized after the captured dreams logo (crisp and relaxed) to the dm2 misc category.
  • Fix for move command with NPCs refusing to change the direction they are facing.
  • Fix for when NPCs would walk away when you told them to stay here.
  • The inventory menu will now automatically close when dropping DM2 furniture instead of showing the message to close the menu.
  • When telling NPCs to do something, and that thing you told them was to mount DM2 furniture, they will now automatically end command/favor mode. Before you'd have to manually hit ( B) to cancel it.
  • You can test if an actor has interaction ability by seeing if they are in my interaction faction. I repeat, currently, only that one chair pose has interactions.



  • 2016-11-24 - v205 - Happy Thanksgiving Gobble Me
  • 1 new mannequin man - inversion man.
  • new form list containing all the dm2 exclusive furniture activators: dcc_dm_ListDeviceActivators. if you don't know what that is or what it could be used for don't worry about it its for other modders.
  • mcm menu reorganised a bit. new self bondage tab for those options, new stats tab for those.
  • sexlab stripping support when entering bondage. can strip either the sexlab via the sexlab config or all the things.
  • time stat counting fixes.
  • time stat reset option on debug tab cause there is a 100% chance they are totally wrong before now.
  • newer compacter nicer time stat display "# D # M # H"
  • fix alignment when telling an npc to use a piece of dm furniture. sometimes, the npc would lazily turn around to face you before the animation kicked in, so they would be at a different angle than the furniture originally was. they still will lazily turn sometimes, but we force the alignment again afterwards so they will always be facing the right way.
  • failure to escape self bondage (by pressing jump) will cause arousal to go up, and for the player to moan. assuming those options are enabled.
  • changed default settings (new games): arousal mod 4x (was 2x), escape stamina 75 (was 50),
  • 2016-11-13 - v204 - Mannequin Man, Mannequin Man...
  • 14 New Poses and Furniture.
  • 9 Mannequin Poses, 1 Chair, 2 new Doll Stands, 2 Rocking Horses (still and rocking)
  • All actors track how much time they spend bound. Player stats are displayed in the MCM. "Waiting" while bound does not increase your stats, cheater.
  • Self-bondage enforcement timer - you can set a time frame which you are unable to escape bondage. "Waiting" while in self bondage will not let you break free, its based on real world time ha ha sucker.
  • Self-bondage escape chance - you can set a chance of breaking free before the time allows while mashing jump and consuming your stamina. Both of these options are immutable while bound.
  • Hid some dialog choices that would mess up NPCs using furniture while they are on the furniture.
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes being able to move while sleep/waiting in the same room (again).
  • 2016-09-21 - v203
  • SEE THE "UPDATING DM2 FROM 202 OR OLDER" SECTION ABOVE. READ IT BEFORE INSTALLING. Yes, At the top of this page I told you to check the bottom of this page. Now I am telling you to check the middle of this page. I split it out of this because there is a chance someone won't see this until 3 versions from now because they hadn't played in months.
  • This version requires rerunning FNIS.
  • new dialog choice to open inventory AKA mannequin mode. NPCs will still try to equip what they think is the best, so if you want them to wear something specific take away what they should not have.
  • new dialog choice to do normal vanilla follower command/favor mode.
  • 6 new poses added - 2 doll stand, 2 rope pony, 2 wood pony
  • placeable usable furniture feature - 4 doll stands, 1 rope pony, 1 wood pony, craftable at the forge. craft them, place them, move them, use them.
  • NPCs will no longer walk to the place you tell them to move to because of a bug with Bethesda's PathToReference. Instead, 1 second after giving the command they will just snap to that spot. The delay is to give you time to get the fuck out of the way.
  • added tutorial popups to self bondage to tell you how to get out of it. they will honor the show tutorial option in MCM.
  • option to disable niohh when bound. mcm option to disable.
  • sexlab aroused redux support. actors who are bound will slowly have their arousal lowered the longer they are bound. unless they are flagged exhibitionist in aroused, then their arousal will actually go up slowly. mcm option to disable.
  • sexlab sound/expression support. characters will randomly make faces and moan while bound. mcm option to disable.
  • blush when aroused support. actors will blush when they make faces and moan while bound, if blush when aroused is installed. mcm option to disable.
  • 2016-09-04 - v202
  • this version adds another dependency, Racemenu -OR- NiOverride.
  • this version requires re-running FNIS.
  • new pose device: The Doll Stand - a Display Model exclusive that i made from scratch. its a pose by zaz, but i made the device myself. there are two variants, one with a rough hard wood base, and one with a padded leather base if you are feeling kind.
  • version 1 of self bondage - Amulet of Repose - craft at the forge for 1 leather strip, 1 iron, 1 deathbell. equip it once to engage pose mode on yourself. unequip it if you want for whatever screenshots. to release yourself unequip and equip it again. consider this feature a test/preview, at the moment it does nothing but allow you to screenshot your pretty pc in bondage.
  • 2016-04-02 - v201
  • contains a fix for EFF. regardless of if you use EFF or not, you will need to tell your decorations to "come with me" again before the other options will unlock. they will not leave or unbondage just by installing this, but you will have to talk to them to unlock the other options again. sorry, EFF broke my token system so now its a faction system.
  • contains a fix where sometimes when you say "come with me" they would get stuck in the submission waiting pose, yet still follow you, so they'd slide around like on an invisible magic carpet.
  • 2016-04-01 - v200
  • - initial release of v2



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