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About This File

Have you ever been too lonely while imprisoned in one of the Skyrim prisons? Now you won't.. You'll share the cell and surroundings with fellow (female) prisoners put on various poses and devices. Have you ever wondered why there are now tortured souls inside the prisons? Now there are.. Have you never feared the insides of medieval dungeons? Now you will..


What does this do?

This mod uses several other mods to bring horrifying atmosphere to most of Skyrim's prisons with strong emphasis to female slavery/abuse. It uses the resources from mods 'Diabloesque decorations' and 'ZaZ Animation Pack' and should serve as complement to great mods such as Prison Overhaul by XaZ, or to complement my idea of 'twisted, female unfriendly, slaveryfied Skyrim'.

Generally this mod shouldn't use people that do not like gore stuff. This mod also utilizes some of the cool new features in v 6.00 of ZaZ Animation Pack.


Requirements & Credits

Diabloesque decorations (zdd.esp) (version c or higher) - by nooblet123

ZaZ Animation Pack (version 6.00 or higher) - by ZaZ and XaZ

SexLab - by Ashal

and of course requirements of these requirements (see their download pages..)


Special thanks

I am grateful to nooblet123 to create such horrifying decorations which bring dread to our hearts (and prisons).

Amazing stuff is continuously being done by both ZaZ and XaZ, such as working bdsm furniture and stuff!


Modified prisons

Solitude (Castle Dour dungeon) - done

Winterhold (The Chill) - not planned

Markarth (Cidhna Mine) - unclear ideas how yet (feel free to post some - probably should be compatible with fine 'Devious Cidhna' mod)

Dawnstar - done

Whiterun (Dragonsreach dungeon) - not planned (won't be done - use my other mod Slaverun which adds similar feature and more..)

Morthal - done

Windhelm (Palace of the Kings Bloodworks) - done

Riften - done



Q: Is there any SexLab content yet?

A: Not yet, but I plan to expand this mod somehow.


Q: Some decorations are too harsh/brutal/gore for me. Can you create a light version?

A: Have you ever seen a light version of true medieval dungeon?


Q: My Skyrim crashes on startup.

A: Have you downloaded all required mods? Have you installed them? Have you installed them correctly. Reinstall them. Run FNIS.


Q: I have a grey face bug on one of the NPC.

A: Report which one in support thread.

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