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  1. Wartimes - a daughter's tale LE (Alternate start scenario)

    Wartimes - a daughter's tale LE (Alternate Start Scenario)
    "Alternate start scenario with multiple endings. A sandbox base for various roleplays."
    2020 Reupload & Dev Restart
    Since I've got a bit more free time on my hands than before, I've got back to developing this mod. Updates should go in the way of "indentured servitude", with player motivation primarily being in the hope of saving the Mother.
    Two additional dependencies were added since I've started to build a second Alternate start scenario, but abandoned it. I may get back to it eventually, so it will remain there.
    Warning, story spoiler - I've added a "process map" of the possible scenarios and routes.
    Blocks marked in red text are not developped yet, but are planned to. Blocks in bright red background color are meant to be "bad endings" Blocks in bright green background oclor are meant to be "good endings" Orange blocks are possible dialogues, leading to different outcomes or variable adjustments  
    Introduction & Foreword
    The war has come. Your family is struggling to survive. How will your young, girly life develop? Will you become a servant of your "Father" in a pursuit to save your Mother from a terrible illness, or will you rather find your own luck outcasted? Decide yourself.
    Some parts of the mod/story will lead your hand while some other parts are actuall empty and assume certain level of roleplay involvement.
    Requirements & Credits
    Hard requirements
    SexLab by Ashal
    ZazAnimationPack by Zaz, Xaz and Tara
    Alternate Start - Live Another Lifeby Arhmoor
    Amputator Framework by Haeretic
    Sanguine Debauchery Enhanced: SD by DeepBlueFrog and jbezorg
    Sanguine’s Debauchery Cages by Inte
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus by Lozeak and jfraser and HexBolt8
    I'll Take The Display Model by darkconsole
    Soft requirements
    SkyUI by schlangster
    Devious Devices Expansion by Kimy (in order to get meshes and textures for heels, esm does not need to be enabled)
    Beeing Female by milzschnitte (enabled esm required for recognition of pregnancy)



  2. Wolfclub [20171120 Alpha]

    Wolfclub (in Cragslane Cavern)
    version 20171128 Alpha
    Clean save required!
    Alpha version intended to be tested by LL community. Relevant feedback appreciated.
    Introduction & Foreword
    Long: The world of Skyrim has taken a dark turn. The lasting civil war causes citizens of Tamriel to embrace their darkest fantasies and the chaos gives them the opportunity to do so. Victims are those who are weak - as in any war, mostly the poor and women. Violence and terror is upon Skyrim. The wealthy and powerful become even more wealthy and powerful, slavery, being illegal so far, has become a regular sight. There are places where one can buy a strong man to plow his fields or even a young girl to warm his bed. And there are establishments where even worse things are done.. such as the "club" in Cragslane cavern. Nowadays nobody cares about wolf fighting to death in a pit. Darker times bring darker deeds and as always, there are people who take the opportunity to exploit the weak and helpless. Another entertainment has taken place in the dark corners of the Cragslane's pits.. Will you fall into its depths?
    Short: This mod is another player-slavery questline, with about 1-2 game hours. Player can get enslaved, forced to work in the club on various taks, while all the time there are secret ways to escape.
    What is there to do?
    You can act as either a customer of the club, enjoying the entertainment...or, you can get yourself to trouble by mouthspeaking or letting someone else know you are without resources. In that case, you'll visit the club too, but in different position..
    The enslavement part of mod is intended to play from female perspective, the visitor part for both. No additional male support planned. If you are playing male, you probably should disable Wolfclub option in DAYMOYL.
    Requirements & Credits
    Hard requirements (mod dependencies):
    SexLab - Ashal
    Death Alternative - BralorMarr
    Zaz Animation Pack V7.0 - ZaZ & XaZ
    zdd.esp version D - nooblet123
    Namira's Goat - tengma
    Namira's Skyrim + Decorations
    Heretical Resources - Haeretic
    Immersive Plugs *MOD UPDATED!
    ZazExtensionPack - zaira
    TaraUltimateFurniturePack - t.ara
    Amputator Framework - Haeretic
    Beautiful Corpses - machompchomp for conversion to Skyrim, unknown chinese author for the original Oblivion mod
    I'll Take The Display Model - darkconsole
    Soft requirements - optional but strongly recommended mods
    you will still be able to play Wolfclub without these, but not having some of these mods may lead to Wolfclub not working as intended, so install them!
    Obscure Patches - Wolfclub - skyrimII
    Simple Slavery - jfraser (required for possibility of being sold out if too many punishments)
    SD+ - jbezorg & skyrimII (required for possibility of being enslaved by Darren after he gets you out)
    Skooma Whore - Guffel (Skooma is forced upon player on many events throughout the mod)
    Realistic Needs and Diseases - perseid9 (adds immersion and motivation for PC to serve the customers)
    Namira's Goat (Cosmetic Update) - KM100z (repairs and tweaks some of the original mod's features)
    Immersive Plugs HDT patch - jacques00 (adds HDT to carrot and lantern plugs)
    Deadly Traps and Curses - Delzaron (provides furo bath amputated limbs healing functionality)
    Wolfclub Bellystretcher CBBE HDT BodySlide - Gedion (available in this mods download; adds BodySlideable belly stretcher)
    Features & Functions
    To Do
    Known issues




  3. Immersive Plugs

    Immersive Plugs
    Now with sounds and facial expressions.
    In the harsh world of Tamriel, most people don't have time to build a complex plugs to satisfy themselves (or their slaves..). They use what they find around!
    What does this do?
    This mod finally brings the anal plugs we all want (heh):
    carrot horker tusk (2 variants - both sides in) ladle (2 variants - normal and deep) [aka lets cook something up] mead bottle (2 variants - both sides in) [aka drink to the bottom] spigot [aka pour a beer..] nord horn [aka fart shout] flute (2 variants - normal and deep) [aka american pie style] hook (3 variants - different angle/twist) skooma (2 variants - both sides in) [aka cos I got high] broom torch (lightsource) fork golden claw bloody bone (2 variants - normal and deep) lantern (lightsource) soulgems (petty, lesser, common) Scripted transformation from vanilla items to plugs
    Best shown on example: If you find a carrot lying on a ground, you'll get a prompt to pick it up, or use it as a plug. If you pick up the carrot from container (box, barrel, etc..), you'll get no prompt. Instead, you can drop the carrot on ground from your inventory and pick it up again, you'll get the prompt then.
    For now, this works for:
    carrot horker tusk ladle mead bottle flute skooma torch bucket soulgems (petty, lesser, common) Consumption of liquids
    If you plug in a bottle of some liquid (skooma, mead..) by the open end in (aka 'top-in'), the content is 'sucked in' by your ass! (LOL)
    That means, it's the same as if you drink the bottle the normal way.
    PS: Behaviour may depend on 'need mods' (eg. RND) you are using.
    Filling soulgems
    When picking up an empty soulgem (petty, lesser or common) from ground, you get a standard IP dialogue. Now you can choose to fill the gem up!
    "Cause Dragonborn's arse and poopoo are so powerful they can fill a soulgem!" So go and use the force Luke!
    Plugs use slot 48. I've done this by tying the existing vanilla meshes by NiStringExtraData "Prn" to bone NPC Pelvis [Pelv]. I don't know if this is a correct way or not, but it works for me. I use XPMS skeleton, so I suppose that is a requirement. I use customized UNP body, so I am unsure how well will these plugs be aligned with other bodies.. the method used for vanilla-item-to-plug transformation is a compromise; originally I wanted simply to activate the item and get the prompt, but for the food mainly, I'm unable to prevent it's consumption and other problems with duplication and so on.. so the drop and pick-or-plug prompt instead.. Changelog



  4. Namira's Skyrim + Decorations

    Namira's Skyrim
    What does it do?
    This mod swaps all human bones placed all over skyrim for some of the bodypart items from Namira's Goat mod. You won't see any more placed bones, but girly bodyparts instead. This mod is probably considered gore, so beware those who are not into it.
    Additionaly the Decorations plugin adds several wallmounts (the same as the wallmounted wolfs, goats, cats, etc.) but with various bodyparts (breasts, vaginas, penises, uterus). It also replaces vanilla placements of such wallmounts (i believe that mostly wolfs and bears) with some of the mentioned assets.
    Further development?
    I plan to do the same swap for food all over Skyrim - replace it with grilled girls.
    Want to help?
    Create more meshes of similar nature. It's not my area of expertise, but I can surely utilize them.
    Namira's Goat
    Schlongs of Skyrim (for Decorations - texture of a penis)
    Schlongs of Skyrim Leito Addon (for Decorations - textures)
    Namira's Goat by tengma for the precise meshes and overall idea
    b3elisario for SoS
    Leito86 for SoS addon



  5. It Grows! (simulated staged pubic growth / SlaveTats)

    It Grows!
    20160412 Beta - Initial Release
    simulated staged pubic growth using SlaveTats
    I'd welcome help from a skilled texturer who is willing to create more realistic pubes in higher quality than I was able to do.
    What does this do?
    Using SlaveTats, this mod simulates growth of pubic hair in several stages. It allows you to 'shave' the hair via customizable button.
    How to use this?
    Install it using Mod Organizer or directly extract to your game folder. After loading your game MCM menu will appear (you may need to wait a while) and then you can customize the mod parameters.
    Days to full growth = how long does it take to fully grow your pubes (that means to stage 5).
    Full shave key = keystroke assignment to use for full (clean) shave
    Custom shave = keystroke assignment to use for custom shave (default = landingstrip)
    I don't like the pubes / I want to use such to my own taste
    It's possible and easy.
    Navigate to "textures\actors\character\slavetats\ItGrows" Replace .dds files by your own Each file is named according to stage when it is used (stage1-5.dds) File "custom1.dds" is currently a custom pube that you can use in game to shave your bush to specific style. (default is something like landingstrip).

    SlaveTats Events Bridge
    Credits & Thanks
    Pubic Hair Alternatives CBBE by Mambo - I have used some if his/her pubes, modified it and used it as a default look
    SlaveTats by Murfk - obviously
    SlaveTats Events Bridge by weird - for enabling me to overcome my incompetence to use SlaveTats API directly



  6. Loansharks of Skyrim

    Loansharks of Skyrim
    20160407 Beta
    Please test it, if no further bugs will be confirmed, I will release it from beta and upload final version. Report bugs only if you have started from a clean save (otherwise some globals might not be upadated and dialogue/values could be wrong/empty).
    Why this?
    I've always wondered why there's no way to borrow money in vanilla Skyrim. There are nice mods around the internets that do much more than this, but.. Let's say they lack the proper consequences!
    What does this do?
    This small mod enables all inkeepers (no DLC inkeepers, though) to lend you 500 or 1000 gold for a week any amount of gold for any period for any price (interest) you set up in the MCM menu. They will charge you twice the appropriate interest and if you don't pay back the debt in due time, you will be sold as a slave.
    SexLab - for (partially) paying the debt with sex services to the creditor
    Simple Slavery - actually if you don't have it installed, the mod will work, except nothing will happen if you miss the time to pay the debt
    jfraser for Simple Slavery and his very easy way to connect with other mods!
    Ashal for the awesome SexLab!
    Future development
    I don't have much ambitions to develop this mod further. I intend to fix major bugs and move on. postponed as long as this mod's development is bringing me fun
    Change Log




  7. Horrified Female Prisons

    Have you ever been too lonely while imprisoned in one of the Skyrim prisons? Now you won't.. You'll share the cell and surroundings with fellow (female) prisoners put on various poses and devices. Have you ever wondered why there are now tortured souls inside the prisons? Now there are.. Have you never feared the insides of medieval dungeons? Now you will..
    What does this do?
    This mod uses several other mods to bring horrifying atmosphere to most of Skyrim's prisons with strong emphasis to female slavery/abuse. It uses the resources from mods 'Diabloesque decorations' and 'ZaZ Animation Pack' and should serve as complement to great mods such as Prison Overhaul by XaZ, or to complement my idea of 'twisted, female unfriendly, slaveryfied Skyrim'.
    Generally this mod shouldn't use people that do not like gore stuff. This mod also utilizes some of the cool new features in v 6.00 of ZaZ Animation Pack.
    Requirements & Credits
    Diabloesque decorations (zdd.esp) (version c or higher) - by nooblet123
    ZaZ Animation Pack (version 6.00 or higher) - by ZaZ and XaZ
    SexLab - by Ashal
    and of course requirements of these requirements (see their download pages..)
    Special thanks
    I am grateful to nooblet123 to create such horrifying decorations which bring dread to our hearts (and prisons).
    Amazing stuff is continuously being done by both ZaZ and XaZ, such as working bdsm furniture and stuff!
    Modified prisons
    Solitude (Castle Dour dungeon) - done
    Winterhold (The Chill) - not planned
    Markarth (Cidhna Mine) - unclear ideas how yet (feel free to post some - probably should be compatible with fine 'Devious Cidhna' mod)
    Dawnstar - done
    Whiterun (Dragonsreach dungeon) - not planned (won't be done - use my other mod Slaverun which adds similar feature and more..)
    Morthal - done
    Windhelm (Palace of the Kings Bloodworks) - done
    Riften - done
    Q: Is there any SexLab content yet?
    A: Not yet, but I plan to expand this mod somehow.
    Q: Some decorations are too harsh/brutal/gore for me. Can you create a light version?
    A: Have you ever seen a light version of true medieval dungeon?
    Q: My Skyrim crashes on startup.
    A: Have you downloaded all required mods? Have you installed them? Have you installed them correctly. Reinstall them. Run FNIS.
    Q: I have a grey face bug on one of the NPC.
    A: Report which one in support thread.



  8. Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps

    Ever wondered what those nasty looking bandits do all those long nordic nights? I've taken care of their amusement - now they have their own captured females to keep them nice and warm..
    I present you..
    Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps
    20140829 Initial Release
    What does this mod do?
    It adds one or more female slaves to each bandit camp listed bellow. It requires original mod also listed bellow.
    You can talk to such slave while given two options - to use her (...), or free her (sort of - gets removed from the banditfriendfaction and flee AI package gets set - for now).
    Mod requirements & Credits
    SexLab - by Ashal
    ZaZ Animation Pack - by xaz, ZaZ Chris
    Modified camps
    Other features
    MCM menu - for now contains only check if the quest for dialogue is started
    None reported yet - though I expect NPC placing issues (like slaves outside cages or tents).
    Grey face bug - shouldn't occur as I supply the mod with facegen generated data.
    Future development
    - explore scripting options for bandits to actually have sex with slaves (if not too script heavy or complicated? - I want this to be rather light mod, for my PC is already almost blowing up)
    - add Cragslane Cavern - Kennel Club (slaves forced to be used as kennel/wolf sluts - optional addon for this mod)
    Change log



  9. Sex Slaves for More Bandit Camps

    Ever wondered what those nasty looking bandits do all those long nordic nights? I've taken care of their amusement - now they have their own captured females to keep them nice and warm..
    I present you..
    Sex Slaves for More Bandit Camps
    20140827 initial release
    What does this mod do?
    It adds one or more female slaves to each bandit camp listed bellow. It requires original mod also listed bellow.
    You can talk to such slave while given two options - to use her (...), or free her (sort of - gets removed from the banditfriendfaction and flee AI package gets set - for now).
    Mode requirements & Credits
    SexLab - by Ashal
    ZaZ Animation Pack - by xaz, ZaZ Chris
    More Bandit Camps - by skillest
    Modified camps
    CampArcius01 (1 slave)
    CampBronin01 (1 slave)
    CampCloverhedge01 (2 slaves, 1 cage)
    CampDeaddrop01(2 slave, 2 cages, bed)
    CampFrostcliff01 (1 slave)
    CampHrjoldarr01 (1 slave)
    CampJolfingand01 (1 slave)
    CampMossfall01 (1 slave)
    CampOverwatch01 (1 slave)
    CampPercius01 (1 slave, 1 slave yoked, 1 cage)
    CampRedfox01 (1 slave)
    CampSnowfall01 (none)
    CampSteadwatch01 (1 slave, 1 slave yoked, 1 cage)
    CampVallus01 (1 slave)
    Other features
    MCM menu - for now contains only check if the quest for dialogue is started
    None reported yet - though I expect NPC placing issues (like slaves outside cages or tents).
    Grey face bug - shouldn't occur as I supply the mod with facegen generated data.
    Future development
    - include vanilla bandit locations
    - explore scripting options for bandits to actually have sex with slaves (if not too script heavy or complicated? - I want this to be rather light mod, for my PC is already almost blowing up)
    Change log



  10. Slaverun 20140824 + Enforcer V5

    Slaverun 20140824 + Enforcer V5
    Planned features for Autumn:
    - ultra light mode MCM toggle (for weak rigs to handle limited amount of added furniture/npc)
    - MCM slider for 'Zaid's freedom' timer
    - adjust tags for slaveslut shackles for SexLab striping compatibility
    - adjust slaveslut shackles to equip different slots than calypsys toys (no idea how, for now)
    - try to reconstruct or repair or anything to fix the navmesh NPC pathing issues (I see little hope in this matter, though)
    - adjust stuff confiscation quest part for any amount of repeats for multiple visits to Whiterun while not being enslaved
    - add Zaid's death quest end scenario
    Green = done
    I do not plan any adjustment or advancement of the story/questline. I have other mod in my mind that I want to work on when mentioned stuff gets fixed.
    The idea
    Civil war has turned Skyrim bad. As men fight, women become victims of their rage and lust. Whiterun, now commonly called rather Slaverun, became a center of female slave trade. Every unwealthy female without resources to keep herself safe may become a victim of enslavement.
    Punishment square - punished and crucified slaves near the marketplace and path leading to it.
    Working slaves - some slaves were put to work.
    Enslaved Whiterun citizens - most young female citizens were 'enslaved'.
    Slave market - slave trading place near the Talos shrine.
    Entertainment square - slave locked in fence with wolf (no interaction yet though!) with chairs for men to watch
    Sexprison - Dragonsreach basement has been turned to prison where females are interrogated, broken and worse.
    Jarl's servants - Jarl has few new servants.
    Punished twins locked in public use pillories.
    Slave buyer with cages and office - immersion only.
    Slave gear trader - buy ZaZ and Calypsys items!
    Immersive dialogue - get to know slaves, slavers and their little stories!
    Enslavement quest - take part in the slave business more than you'd actually like to! (female characters only)
    Brutus now has more dialogue options and some of them are checking the main quest stage and responding accordingly.
    Wolfpit is now interactive! Pay for show..
    Dragonsreach now has some slaves to be used.
    Extended player enslavement questline, including punishment and 'training'!
    Dragonsreach dungeon is bigger with additional slavery gear.
    MCM for Lite version setting.
    SlaverunEnforcer by WaxenFigure - the nudity law is now enforced for both player and NPC! (plugin already included in Slaverun package)
    Quest storyline finished! Player can now regain freedom once again. Or sort of..
    Scripted enforcement of player shackles.
    Just adding warning: mod contains multiple PC vs. beast SexLab events! (bestiality)
    Green = recently new
    Alternate versions
    With v 20140624 only single version will be released. Lite mode can be set up using MCM!
    Requirements & Credits
    SexLab - by Ashal
    Zaz Animation Pack [2014-04-21] - by xaz (this mod is based mostly on his work!)
    Adult Toys Merchant - mod by Calyps, uploaded by Foaman
    SexLab Aroused - mod redneck2x
    Diablo-esque Decorations - by nooblet123 NEW REQUIREMENT
    Strongly recommended mods
    Prison Overhaul
    SexLab Nude Creatures
    Other recommended mods
    Devious Devices
    Radiantprostitution Tweaked
    ..many more!
    Recommended Prison Overhaul settings
    1) Turn off 'Crowd Gathering'
    2) Set pillory punishments to 'Male Only'
    (thanks jfraser for pointing out these settings!)
    Conflicting mods
    Spectator Crowds and Guards - I am not able to prevent slaves playing their idles to 'attend the spectating'. Does not really break the game, but will cause issues.
    Dawn of Whiterun - custom furniture conflict [clipping through] (thanks Derk for reporting)
    Known bugs
    AFAIK the lighting inside new rooms in Dragonsreach dungeon is not ideal and might create bad looking results. No effect on playthrough, though.
    Next stage
    Quest tuning. Bugfixing.
    Q: Do you plan to add male slaves?
    A: No.
    Q: The slaver (guard) at Whiterun inner gate keeps harassing me, even though I have already gone through his dialogue.
    A: This happens prior to version 20140603. Update the mod.
    Q: I've enjoyed the mod, but now I want to move on. Can I recover my gear?
    A: Yes. Your gear was confiscated by the slavers. They are in its possession.. (chests, keys, stealing, got it?)
    Q: Can I check the time I have to return to Zaid?
    A: Yes, read the note he left for you.
    Q: Can I remove the shackles manually?
    A: Use the proper MCM toggle.
    Q: The way some slaves are treated makes me sick. Can I make them disappear?
    A: Yes, use the proper MCM toggle (gore).
    This mod is free to modify, use in parts or as a whole in other mods, etc. unless it's meant for any kind of financial profit. Just please mention my nick if you use the mod in any way.
    Full Change Log:



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