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  1. Vow, Monoman1, I'come back to check after a while and the amount of work you've put to WT patches is astounding!
  2. @CorruptGenie awesome mod & idea. Honestly, I am quite surprised something like this didn't come earlier. You probably could've a look on my mod and its assets. I always give out free use (limited to non-commercial use): It is based on Namira's Goat which states Loverslab-limited free use (credit & link). The assets from that mod along with my "decorations" would be great polishing to the Meat Farm. As for the mod itself and some feedback (I play the LE version incl. patch): bug: breeding on the pillory didn't start, instead, both PC and bull fell through floor and were teleported back to the cell, no SL animation; might be an issue/conflict on my side though harvesting of fluids maybe? Milk was already mentioned, what about female PC harvesting sperm from bulls for "manual insemination"? Or maybe squirt harvest from female PC (could be a favourite Altmer beverage lol!) meat-free PC being paid by Elves for convincing NPC / delivering meat-slaves to the farm? I'd love a non-consentual route, but I understand if that is out of your interest Anyway, I wish you strong will in continuing the development. pchs
  3. You are probably looking for zdd.esp by @nooblet123
  4. Would you maybe so kind and consider converting the outfits from Zara's ZaZ animation pack V8? Before I switched to CosioHD I just loved all the rope variants which bind the waist and/or breast. I'll entirely understand if this is outside of your scope of interest!
  5. I am taking a bit of pause but I want to get back to it some point. Mostly need to restore my taste for skyrim in general.
  6. I think it is Caffeine ENB from Nexus, combined with custom setup of enbeffectprepass.ini Basically if you search for "black outline" in ENB it should lead you to it.
  7. Yes it is. Complete stage 100 and set stage 150. Writing it out of memory so I hope it is not 50 and 100 instead. Should be fairly easy as long as FM provides a hook to detect impregnation and actual birth without a hard dependency. Does it? (I've never used it) Figured this one out yesterday. Will be fixed in the next version.
  8. I've read this suggestion days ago and must say it lingers in my mind untill then. I'll probably go this way in some form. Thank you! I don't know why my posts get removed all the time. Happened to me not for the first time. This is a bug. I'll investigate. Soulgem factory was an Alternate Start option which I've started to develop before I started with continuation of Daughter's Tale. It was supposed to be a start where female PC founds herself imprisoned in a bandit hideout because of her talent to "breed filled soulgems". Using this PC would build up her position, eventually turning to a "Factory Master" where instead of being the "Oven" she would get her own slaves to use as Ovens. It was meant as a perfect start for a mage or enchanter character for the leveling up using Soulgem Oven. I may get back to it. No promises..
  9. Thank you for your kind words! - if i buy out my mother and she returns to tell me to flee, the guy she sends me to has no dialogue I'll check that out. - when mother comes back de-limbed, she actually has arms and legs. i used amputator's settings to remove them This may be issue with your version of Amputator Framework. You need to use the patch provided by Monoman. - when it says the guard at the watchtower needs food again, he does not actually acknowledge it when i get there. starting that chore via father does work. These notifications are from early stage of development where I need to know if my timing scripts actually work. They do not make much sense nowadays, I'll remove them. The correct option to run a task is to ask Father either to give you a random one, or to ask his permission to run a specific one. - I'll be happy to help with your english if you want. let me know. Is it so bad? :-) (I've tried to give it more attention this time) I do not want to mess up with the courrier stuff. Basically you can start the mod at any point in game, just get to the House at run the manual start of mod in debug menu.
  10. Actually I did not thought about what the scenario should be if she is kept inside the cage at home. I need to think up something. The story is now quite complicated and interconnected, that I sometimes loose myself in it.. Good catch. No, there is not. I thought about this, but as the mod story stands right now, it would be quite unimmersive. It would be needed to somehow strip away the whole "Father/Mother" point. Or maybe make the "Father" a lunetic that buys a slave so she could pretend to be his "daughter"? UIextensions are great. So far I did not find time to have a look on how to use them, so this is indeed helpful. I will make it part of the mod. Thank you!
  11. Slave wife option does setup prerequisities for PC to be able to marry Father (relations). I am not sure to what extent is possible to setup a marriage using CK - I've found very little info about this specific stuff on internets. At the moment I can include a popup box with information that player needs to take over the initiative and finish up marriage manualy.
  12. Oh yes I am. Update will come out soon I hope, just now I'm spending a lot of time running through the mod and catching out bugs.
  13. I think you are mistaking SE version with LE version. AFAIK SE was not ported from the latest version of LE, which contains pregnancy hooks to Beeing Female. That is where SE version currently ends with no further content. That is where SD+ is supposed to take over - the Wartimes basically ends at this point.
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