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  1. Thank you for all of your mods ❤️ I hope everything gets better for you soon

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for the Neko Project mod i enjoyed using it alot and i hope you are doing well!

  3. Thank You Minoumimi!


    You got me into converting and porting outfits for people!


    I hope things get better for you!

  4. Whether you see this or not... I just wanna say Thank You... I always found myself using your Mecha Queen outfit mod during my CBBE days... Now I use UUNP but still, Thank You for the fun anime as hell anime armor XD it was my absolute favorite

  5. The Neko Project is my FAVORITE Mod!  I want to say thanks and I really appreciate the work and effort.  You have talent, imagination, and good will.


    I hope that you have considered a Patreon so you can get donations.  Nobody wants to "pay" for mods, BUT we do like to give and all you need is more publicity and I know this project will take off.


    Don't forget that even Walt Disney got fired from his job for "not being good enough" and look at "Disney" now!


    2 Fingerz for Peace Bro.

    1. ORB00880088


      I would be willing to help with the project.  Let me know.  

    2. Minoumimi


      i have fully burned out on all form of modding since past year, and have been forcefully expelled without notice causing me to lose everything..
      so i am very sorry but i am most likely never to the least touching a Bethesda game
      i never was supported for my work and have given over 25000hours of my life which i got myself very sick over and still to this day pay hard for it.. like not having any teeth left or an apartment..
      and i never ever used my own work.. always was to give for free for no reason..
      and Bethesda... WOW... doubt i need to tell you how much you would feel after wasting 7 yrs of your life making their shitty games playable while they got rich and i lost it all..
      id be willing to slowly get back into more modest modding like for stuff like MHW which is purely extract & Hex editing
      i just cant...
      people make a 1 texture mod for someone else armor.. that requires a manual fkin copy paste..
      makes thousands a month on patreon..
      i run 7 websites for free and made over 25000 hours of mod
      streamed on twitch 20k hours+ too for 2 10$ donations
      ALL my work is still available for free except sadly.. my most popular mod..
      my Skyrim kitsu/neko race/summons
      i tried to do a wayyy too massive update when i cloned nekomods into kawaiimods
      and my 2 only patreon at that time dropped me like a b**ch on the 22th of december..
      so that was the last day o touched at 3ds or blender

      people unless to complain like little ungrateful f**n c**ts
      less then 0.1% of people who used my work even cared to say thanks 
      So knowing that you love it atleast is very comforting
      i could try to find you my really broken state skyrim race if you want to test it out
      i miiight of actually found the version before retouching
      it that was only missing a few armors on the Holy form and summon
      if i stumble upon it ill remember to hit you up ;3
      and Thanks for taking good care of my Neko's ;3

      Milanya Official.jpg

  6. Just want to drop by and say thanks for your work and effort.

    1. Jack of All Trades

      Jack of All Trades

      I don't speak for Minoumimi, but it is always nice to see people go out of their way to appreciate their fellow mod creators! Have a wonderful day!

    2. Minoumimi


      sorry for very late reply....
      but ya.... life...
      Like Jack stated and i just replied half a novel to the latest comment
      less then 0.01% of people ever cared to say thanks or that they did not hate something they got for free
      And i am way more satisfied knowing my waifu's and kawaiiness is still being spread around and loved ;3
      So Thank you ♥

  7. Merry Xmasu~

    1. CPU


      Happy holidays, Minoumimi

    2. Minoumimi


      you too ;3 and happy new year ! ARD6nkv.png

  8. Broke has hell once again cant even afford to pay for my webhostings, Whats new Hah...oh ya thats whats fkin new getting ALL my fkin Teeth pulled out because i destroyed my health making 3D for you fkin people for fkin 30 000+ hours of Free work for 6 years, Sleep on that a little bit before begging me to do more free work for you. fyi i will not do anything for anyone anymore so stop asking. My life is ruined because of it so pls leave me alone

  9. thanks to Someone Nice my websites are saved for a month ! But massive changes will be coming has i need to change everything upside down and try to fix all this or find a new way

  10. Due to some cunts spamming fake registrations on my ads i lost ALLLLLL Sources of revenue and will now die so see you guys around i am just done i lost everything in 3 months like EVERYTHING. all my websites will shut down in 1 months bybye

  11. will take a little bit to fix all my expired Url bear with mew ;3

  12. All Hail CPU for the Massive support i will keep going, Still getting rid of mediafire though so some link might be broken for a bit till i fix all of it

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