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  1. @DKnight13 German: Hab das FOMOD-Skript ersetzt und folgendes geändert: - Bain kompatible Verzeichnisstruktur. - Aussortierung redundanter Dateien (z.B. Wearable Lanterns). - Optionen für die redundanten Dateien. - Entfernung von Dateiduplikaten. - Auftrennung von UUNP und CBBE, damit Nutzer nicht beides in BodySlide sehen. - Korrigiertes Verhalten beim Überschreiben von Dateien. - Noch einiges anderes, das ich vergessen habe. English: i added a new FOMOD script and changed the following: - Bain compatible folder structure. - Seperation of redundant files
  2. Translators needed We're looking for translators for the following languages: Polish Chinese (simplified) Japanese if you're interessted, please join the AAF Discord and ping me.
  3. We would need to know what the compiler errors are. Could be missing F4SE source scripts, other dependencies and many other things.
  4. AAF is not handling base body textures at all. The mesh and the possible plugin of the body mod you're using does. While AAF is able to apply additional textures via overlay, it does NOT touch any base textures. Not asking for them and neither looking for them.
  5. The best guess is to install the conflicting mods first and then this fix last. in case of Vortex establish correct rules and in MO2 place this mod after any other conflicting mod. if this doesn't work then there's another file associated to the files in this fix that causes problem hance the recommendation to completly remove any conflicting mods and not just the files.
  6. Basically: Make sure nothing overwrites files from this patch.
  7. Ulfberths patch was a mandatory workaround and not a full fix. You must completly remove it to use this fix which fixes the problem at its base.
  8. Probably xEdit not acting the way you expect it too. Aside from that: Using every single animation pack i could find on LL i merely breached 1200 human animations and not even 1000 for creatures. How did you manage to breach the 1250 limit? Can i have the source of your animation packs?
  9. i was wondering bacause it's in the list of not installed mods.
  10. Anytime again. Want one for SE too? Edit: Troubles of Heroine isn't detected as installed.
  11. @Swe-DivX The latest ESM LE version for 1250 animations "only" unlocks 1000 animation slots for humans and creatures. The beta for 1250 animation slots works fine. Edit: The ESP versions in general work fine.
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