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  1. This works too but only per actor. Better to edit the plugin, add the gender flag and make it to use the female skeleton.
  2. it would be the female flag of the NPC record.
  3. My bad. it's not in the XML. You need to edit the ESP of the mod.
  4. it's how Minc3Meat made it to be but feel free to change it in the XML.
  5. if no XML refernces an animation inside the plugin, then you can safely remove it.
  6. The ESP was never split up into option because having those records does no harm unless you reference them and installing only the AAF XML's you want and using only AAF to call them, no assetless animation will be called.
  7. A dependecie//requirement wasn't met. install the listed requirements first and make sure their plugins are activated.
  8. AAFCP Version 2.9 Changes: - added support for Servitron (patch made by Minc3Meat) Download: AAF - Compatibility Patches V2.9 (23.4 MB)
  9. Don't even go there. You would clash with follower frameworks (except for EFF), highly custom followers wouldn't work so well and need direct support and Serana is another beast. Just don't handle them at all except for equipping stuff. Value your sanity and trust me on this.
  10. You don't really have to manage the follower and you can only support 1 - which is the first hired - with multi follower frameworks w/o dependency. Just equip them with restraints via DD's APi and the devices do the rest.
  11. @Laura 'Lokomootje' i send you a message in CDS thread.
  12. Did you mean in-game or in front of the PC to no longer see the mismatching art style? Just asking.
  13. CGi

    Maria Eden

    The plugins are localized using Beths own localization standard but the CK doesn't support it, messing up the plugin upon saving. So you'll have to delocalize the plugin first.
  14. We're looking for help in translating AAF and need people who speak the following languages: - Chinese (simplified), - italian, - Japanese, - Polish. if you're interessted please join AAF's Discord.
  15. it would technically be possible to create a system that makes sure that alignment is always close to correct even with wildly different actor sizes but it would be complex and prone to errors hence why most animation frameworks usually even the actor height by defaulting it to 1.00 and revert this afterwards. in my opinion it's better to have animations just work instead of adding methods to fix/reallign things.