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  1. Not helping. Please be more specific, detail the steps you already took to troubleshoot whatever problem there is and don't quote OP's.
  2. Possible. Check AAF's Wiki for more informations.
  3. Well... you are watching porn. Since AAF uses vanilla mechanics incl. what you ask for would mean a major change with many con's and only 1 pro. A clone is how AAF works. You can try lowering the walk_timeout in AAF's settings.
  4. Improper port. Needs edits to the NavMesh which is f'ed up in vanilla in Dawnstar so whoever ported it must pay special attention to the vertices used by guards. The NavMesh in the LE version can NOT be ported as-is. The edits must instead be replicated in the CK.
  5. @walkin i'm not Egoballistic but: The plugin should only hold the race data which is unique to the Vulpine Race so it shouldn't matter. if there are edits touching other race records then it's a dirty edit and should be removed.
  6. Did you already choose the Vulpine race in this picture? Games don't use bitmaps for textures (anymore). To big, so a compressed format is used and one specifically made for games: Direct Draw Surface aka DDS which can include mipmaps as well in a single file and that can be "streamed" in. Let others judge if the answer is unacceptable. Your pictures clearly show AAF found all files installed for it, so this statement is plain wrong. AAF's concept is clearly not what you expect and it's not an adult focused animation framework either. it's modular and multi-purpose what has some downsides towards initial useablility, meaning there's a bit of a learing curve. Understand it's modularity and you'll understand what those errors mean. Aside from that it is still a beta so almost everything can change, breaking older content hence the patches. As you can see i gave another answer so yours can't be the only one. There are many people for who AAF works - maybe after initial trouble - but it worked in the end. it's about not only asking for help but following up on the help given instead of fragmenting the given help with what one thinks is better, making the help request redundant in the process. P.s.: Your problems with AAF have nothing to do with anything in this thread. it's about errornous character meshes. Worst recommendation ever. Since you stated you know how to mod i highly suggest to look at how the tutorial is constructed. What you wrote is taking chances what can work - or not. Not worth the risk.
  7. Mind to share your script or a snippet of it so we can see the properties, variables and call?
  8. @Akor How do you start the animations? AAF's wizard or any other means?
  9. Not really a bad idea for immersion purposes as this follows a simple logic but there are timers going on in the background that can get out of sync, depending if a function is latent or not.
  10. @D_ManXX2 Alternativly join AAF's Discord and @ me there so we can go a bit faster about it.
  11. @D_ManXX2 Mind to post a list of your installed mods since some don't contain plugins?
  12. Which "screen" never ends? The list on the left? if it stays without showing a direct cause of problems, then there's something else off it can't trace.
  13. You mean aside from all the people that had help provided to them incl. VonHelton? Please get on the AAF Discord and we'll see what can be done about that.
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