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  1. Heckler and Koch 1999 MP7

    How did you put a Khajiit into FO4? O_o
  2. 1. install AAF and install the animations from here. 2. Press the [Home] key in-game to bring up AAF's control panel or use an FP mod (like Sex Em Up) and hope those animations are chosen for the scene.
  3. in case no1 noticed: @rufgt gave us another animation - kissing.
  4. Four-Play

    The ESM has no refernce to any assets so if there's a mod that uses the factions, keywords, formlists or w/e from it, then it's enough to put the ESM in place.
  5. it replaces a plugin and some scripts of Four-Play so mods that ask Four-Play to play an animation have those questions fowarded to AAF instead which then plays the animation. A very simplistic answer but i hope it works.
  6. Four-Play

    Erm... if you install AFF's FP Proxy then it replaces Four_Play.ESP with an almost barebone version that only has the bare neccessities. it replaces the core scripts that are used to fire FP's animations too so they instead forward those calls to AAF. All other files become completly obsolete in the process, including Four_Play_Resources.ESM. And AAF has just been updated and from the reports i've seen, it works almost compeltly flawless with SEU, SH and RSE.
  7. Four-Play

    Better practice is to uninstall FP instead of installing AAF's patch over it. No need in obsolete files cluttering up the data folder.
  8. Four-Play

    AAF has a Proxy that lets you use FP mods with it. Don't forget to download rufgt's Animation tho because it's the only native F/F animation that's available for AAF atm. More infos are in the installer driven archives you download, so if you use NMM, Vortex or Mod Organizer then you'll be guided through the installation. Else just download Leito's Animations, install and AFF picks them right up and puts them to use.
  9. Four-Play

    All of his M/F animation are already supporting AAF and the support for them is part of the download. Just install and AAF loads them automaticly. Animal animations are not fully supported by AAF yet.
  10. Wrong thread. Please post this in the Thread of AAF.
  11. Yep. Most of what you descibed has nothing to do with the animation itself and is controlled by AAF. Please post it there together with your load order and a possible Papyrus log of this situation.
  12. Four-Play

    Four-Play can only reload and use animations it knows by the name of the idle animation record.