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  1. You kept it hidden from us! How selfish...
  2. Some mod armors use trickery to populate specific slots or hold armor in place. Undressing those correctly is kind of impossible w/o adding direct support for those armors what - due to the amount of armors - is not a viable solution.
  3. Both BodySlide versions are included. Just build the CBBE ones. Without building the outfits, it defaults to UUNP.
  4. CGi

    Four Play Sex Em Up

    @dagobaking is the author of AAF and the 4Play Proxy so he's very likely not mistaken but lacks more detailed proof like logs or detailed descriptions of the circumstances so the error can be reproduced.
  5. Devious Followers V1.706 - Cleaned, USLEEP Patched and Localized This is an FOMOD for easy installation using NMM, Vortex or MO. The folder structure follows the Bain standard for easy manual installation or with Wrye Bash. Full German translation included. All vanilla languages have most of their vanilla entries translated but only in the localized plugin. USLEEP is NOT a dependencie of any of the contained plugins. Content: - Localized and Unlocalized plugin, - EFF patch, - Optional Source Scripts, - Optional MO support, Download: See OP.
  6. And we need mods that make use if them in a contextual way.
  7. But that's exactly what the FNiS generator file V1.703 ships with does. it replaces vanilla animations like run, walk, sneak & idle: AAset _mtidle 1 AAset _mt 1 AAset _mtx 1 AAset _sneakidle 1 AAset _sneakmt 1
  8. Answer to what? You asked a question only Lozeak can answer reliably.
  9. CGi

    Four Play Sex Em Up

    Don't install SEU then. it's impossible to keep compatibility to old and by now abandoned mods if we want to progress. instead wait for someone to create a replacement mod that runs on AAF.
  10. You may be using a mod that reacts to the players toon being naked and/or bound, like DCL.
  11. i have the same with the vanilla game sometimes caused by the engine taking it's time loading in the assets.
  12. That's not really how it works. Aside from being able to adress more memory, the main benefit is that one can execute longer instructions with a length of ... well ... 64bit. But an application has to be written to make full use of this and the other technical differences. So while SSE has a slightly better memory manager and a few optimizations done to it, it's not flawless because new bugs were introduced as well. Aside from that SSE uses a slightly different mesh format and a different texture format, switching from ATi's FourCC to intel's FourCC As a result not every mod can be ported easily. Some even need to be redone to a degree that starting from scratch takes only slightly longer. Some might even depend on SKSE plugins that are not available for SSE (yet), like NiOverride which is needed for quite alot of things.