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  1. Sexout Tryout

    Don't talk to Ringo (or anyone else just to be sure). Go straight to Cobb and do what he asks you to do. And sometimes the optional tasks for chloroforming Trudy and Sunny don't show up (for me usually when i don't have the Sunny Follower mod installed) but it's still possible. Just talk to Trudy and Sunny before going to Cobb to start the take-over and the dialogue options will be there.
  2. The PCB command always works. But if there's nothing to purge then nothing will be purged. Rather straight foward. And are you sure you installed all pre-requisites of Sexout like the NVSE Extender? P.s.: if you did manual edits to the games iNi files - except for DarnUi fonts - then roll those back.
  3. i just checked what this is about and i hope you didn't install CleanMem or other such programs like RAMRush. if you have so little RAM that the games maxes it out then let Windows handle paging out data (paging out = writing RAM content into the pagefile on the hard disk to free up memory). The mentioned program forces Windows to do it what can result in paging out data that's still used and reallocating the data can make the game crash. None of those tools actually remove obsolete data from memory. Won't solve your problem (i think) but not using such tools in combination with games should at least prevent further problems. Edit: if you need to free up memory the game uses then execute the PCB command in the console. By this you tell the game to unload buffered cell data like when you change into an interiors the exterior stays in memory. Purging this data frees up this memory but increases loadtime when leaving the interior again as everything needs to be reloaded from the HD.
  4. How did you determine JiP is not working? The D3D9 perf fix is completly outdated & obsolete and can cause quiet a few of prolems when used and at best it does absolutly diddly-dick.
  5. Maybe just "download & save" and not "download & open"? And even tho it was opened right after download, the file is still in the default download folder.
  6. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    i would be incredibly lazy and use the RAD Video Tools.
  7. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    That's how i check the animations atm. Not very handy. i was hoping you know of a program that can play them like NiFSkope somehow or Blender or w/e a noob might be able to use after some fiddling around.
  8. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Do you know a way how to play back an animation? if yes then i'll make it a program with previews so modders have an easier time choosing an animation and filtering for wanted animations.
  9. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Found an example just yet so i can give you a number. #1006 is supposed to be a fuck by a dog but it's cunnlingus meaning it should be in the 1011 to 1020 range. So i'm compiling my own list atm and if i don't get tired testing all animations - mainly because i already found what i'm looking for - then i'll post it here. Not as big of a deal as i might make it sound like but i'll still crawl thru as many animations as i can to ensure i don't miss anything i might need. There are just some animations i really don't want to use.
  10. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    i checked those lists but they seem to be outdated as some number had a different result. One blowjob animation is actually a doggy style. But thanks for the help. i'll just go thru all animations until i find the ones i want to use.
  11. Or use FNVEdit to create a merged patch to be used together with the Bashed Patch. For FormLists FNVEdit works similar but a tad smarter in my opinion. And FNVEdit's merged function has the benefit of merging other changes too like NPC edits and it's recognized by LOOT which suggests the NoMerge bashed tag. So unless user add the LOOT suggested Bash Tags to the plugins so Wrye Flash can work as intended this is the best solution if you ask me.
  12. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    is there a list i can use to read up to know which animation number is which animation (having the numbers pulled from the idle Animations)?
  13. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    i'm trying to get those few lines to compile in a dialogue result script but it already fails compiling declaring the array: Anyone a clue what i'm doing wrong? Because it works just fine outside of dialogue scripts. Edit: Nevermind. Solved it.
  14. Okay... i'm blind. Thanks.
  15. i would edit the scripts again to export all strings into an SKSE translation file to alllow full localization. But then again: That's what i always do to avoid baking to much string data into save games. Not a good thing, you know? Anyhow: i'll try to commit an updated german translation including SKSE translation & string table support support somewhere in the second week of January and send you the version in advance so you can update your translation. We'll then bundle it all together for the final release by inte.