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  1. CGi

    AAF Violate

    Update AAF and test again.
  2. Shout like a Virgin uses it as well.
  3. @t.ara Mind to put pics inside a spoiler? Browsing the thread on mobile drains battery like nothing and scrolling in general becomes quite the chore. Thanks.
  4. The message says it all: install and activate AAF beforehand.
  5. No need to create the XML then. You might want to contact the mod author of iCurie about that.
  6. i guess some of her body parts are actual equipment. Try to exlude them. To do that create a unique keyword, put it in armors that should not be removed and create an XML that looks like this and put it in Data\AAF: <meta title="AAF_protectedEquipmentData_iCurie.xml" version="1.0" dataSet="protectedEquipment"/> <defaults /> <condition> <protectKeyword form="{FORMiD}" source="{PLUGiNFiLENAME}"/> </condition> Just replace {FORMiD} and {PLUGiNFiLENAME} with the correct data.
  7. That's rather arbitrary. Many people doing it wrong doesn't make it right and i wrote it "contributes" to instability not by how much as this depends on the mod loadout. it's commonly agreed upon that it has to do with how the engine merges the data from all loaded plugins and that to many identical records contribute to instability in a similar way. i did what?
  8. Wait... you got an error message about a missing master and instead of activating the master you wrote a post? And how does restarting the mod manager activate a disabled master? Sounds like you're using NMM.
  9. This adds one additional step to the existing procedure and while you might have no problem doing that every time, others might not. Btw: You insisting on this step makes it sound less like a suggestion and more like you're trying to tell a modder how to do what they do. Plugins with an ESP as a master contribute to lowered stability. if you know want to know why this is, ask Beth for the source code or try google.
  10. And it's still not a good idea hence why i don't use DCL's LAL ESP. Aside from that everytime Kimy opens the LAL addon in the CK and saves it, the ESP master will be removed forcing her to go through the plugin in xEdit to re-add it and reslove any errors. So i ultimatly merged the LAL addons into DCL on my end and changed a few things, making LAL a softdep in DCL itself. Maybe Kimy will do this for the next version?
  11. DCL is a ESP and having an ESP as a master is a bad idea and complicates things for the author.
  12. Let's not talk about Fisto either, please.
  13. Did you install the needed RaceData from AAF's installer?
  14. RSE interates through the slots and undresses everything while AAF is selective. AAF mods can deliver their own unequip XML or partially rely on the new equipment manager, which is interactive. But none of this has anything to do with the AAFCP.