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A club for everyone interested in telling or reading tales, stories and other fan-fictions. Find us on Discord: https://discord.gg/PKKn4jf

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  2. Thank you for your response. I am really busy on a paying project right now, but soon I will start posting. A chapter at a time is fine. And I think this crossover might surprise some people. You would be surprised how many creators on Youtube post playthroughs of both, and pretty much have the same audience. Not for everyone, and I learned the hard way that there are some very particular fans out there, such as those who love scifi and won't touch fantasy, and the opposite as well. I grew up reading the Roberts, Heinlein and Howard, so have a love for both genres. As far as checking me out on Amazon, I really don't care about being anonymous on here, but I can understand the policy and will abide by it.
  3. Well, while for the sake of anonymity, that can't really be ascertained ; it certainly sounds impressive. Some of us are considering to go professional, and might be inspired by that. Not gonna lie, combining universes that much apart from each other seems like at delicate bet at best. Fallout lore and TES' one have nothing but their current editor in common, their writers are originally completely different, and they do not belong to the same category of fantasy. Yet, proof of the pudding is in the eating, and so it would be ill inspired to make a judgment without a least a bit of reading. Loverslab is indeed a suitable place for that, as it does not limits you in terms of content (with the notable exception of underage content), and naturally applies for fanfictions ; which of course can't really be officially licensed. Yet the club is only a place to make those easy to find, and to allow the authors do exchange over storytelling. The place you'll want to publish in is the blogs section (or in the fictions subforum, but it may get less exposure) Keep in mind that due to the competition with subtitled and comic stories, and pure screens blogs, pure text stories aren't the most popular media on LL. Yet we have some notable, quite well written ones, which do benefit from the exposure of LL, and from the ease of navigation of its blogs interface (some of us have made really evolved blogs in terms of ergonomics). I would also advice to publish them little by little (1-2/week) on a regular base, rather than all at once, which isn't efficient to get followers, and not really considerate towards the authors having published entries right before you. Anyway, should you go for the blogs section, it'll be a pleasure to discover your works, BrotherOfCats.
  4. This may be rather long winded, but I want whoever answers this to have the context. I am a professional writer in real life. 35 books on Amazon in the scifi or fantasy genres. Three hundred thousand sales, great ratings on Amazon and Goodreads, well over a half million earned in seven years. I have recently released a Scifi-erotic novella under the pen name of Stephanie Strange, with a new one in the works. Added to that I have a three book series with a traditional publisher to start releasing next year. And I play a lot of Skyrim SE and Fallout 4, heavily modded. Both games have Interesting NPCs, which I won't play without. For Fallout I use the AAF mods and Magno Cum Gadio, which covers all the bases of what I need. For Skyrim I use Sexlab, Sexlab Romance, Defeat, Solutions, Radiant Prostitution, Jail Rape and Fertility Mode, which covers about all I want. I have played in the past with Amorous Adventures, but didn't add it to this current game. I wish I had, since it adds so much content. While playing Skyrim last year I wondered what a game would look like in which the Sole Survivor had to fight Alduin with a set of X-01 power armor. I was fascinated by the idea, and started a story on An Archive of Our Own about Nora, the Second Dragonborn (after the first got his ass fried by a dragon through his own stupidity). After she had tamed the Institute, Brotherhood and Railroad, and was well on the way to building the Commonwealth into a mighty military and industrial power, Kynerith grabs her and pulls her to Skyrim in her power armor. Only problem is she has limited energy and ammunition, and she must learn how to fight the way the Nords do. Already an expert at stealth, lockpicking and the silent kill, she embarks on a path of learning how to fight with bow, sword and magic. The stories have a lot of violence and quite a bit of explicit sex, including rape. In my games I always play my female character as a prostitute at some point, since spells and equipment are expensive. It didn't make sense to have Nora, as Thane and Dragonborn, sell herself in this story, though her backstory does include stripping and prostitution to pay for college. I also gave her some metabolic advantages through a serum developed from Lorenzo's Oil, which not only made her faster and stronger, but heightened her sex drive. Add to that the PTSD she suffers from killing people, not the easiest thing for a former crusading lawyer to do, and sex is about the only thing that will wear her out enough to sleep soundly. Most of the chapters, the majority in fact, have explicit sex scenes, lesbian and hetero, but not all of them do, and they never take up the whole chapter. I have posted seventy chapters on An Archive of Our Own, about three hundred and fifty thousand words. To put it in perspective, the novels I write, about a hundred thousand words, take about a month and a half for the first draft. I did two hundred thousand words on this tale in a month and a half. It is a labor of love, a passion project that I will never make a cent off of, but feel compelled to write. It has been well received by its readers, but I was thinking I might want to put it up here as well. I'm only half way through the tale, and still have some shockers ahead. So, can I post it here? And if so, do I post it somehow on Lover's Lab,, or do I just link it to An Archive of Our Own? I want to know what is permissable before I step in some shit. Need any more information from me just ask. Oh, and I highly recommend Nemesis over FNIS, as the animations play so much smoother and the game loads more variety of them. I have attached a sample chapter for anyone interested. The Coming of the Dragonborn.doc
  5. I know that you seem to admire Jean-luc Godard, and that you're not familiar with English grammar ; nothing more. If you're not looking for storytellers nor 3D screenshooting skills, then you're in the wrong place. Maybe try somewhere else in the forum, once you've got a more precise idea of what work you'd like to do. As for where we go from there, I'd say straight into a thread lock. 🔒
  6. Confirmed! This works. I'll update the guide with this new information! Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the tutorial, finally after years I finally had time to try it and everything worked perfectly. If you replace line 71 and 366 71:SelectedObject = bpy.context.window.scene.objects[0] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and line 366 and replace with this 366:SelectedObject = bpy.context.window.scene.objects[0] (source) in the script it seems works with Blender 2.8+ Not sure if there is another problem I'm not aware of, but I got my crappy deformed pose into the game with the modified script.
  8. thx for the input it is war crime. you know who i am. more or less when it leads to something personal it isnt and better. illustration into film is the no no and i am not looking here to storytell with that being part of the bungle. jean Luc godard. where should we go from here? thx rich
  9. For someone living in San Francisco with past writing awards, your english seems a bit off. Anyway, for all practical purposes it might be worth mentioning 3D storytelling using games' engines is at the moment a grey area from a juridic point of view. And so by default we could suppose we're limited by our game's EULAs', with Zenimax/Bethesda not really being open to anything close to commercial uses for it. Anyway, the more precise your project's aim and nature will be, the more likely it might catch the interest of some 3D storytellers. It might be useful to precise in particular, what kind of work you're thinking at, if you're aiming for a commercial use or not, and on what media you're intending to share the final result on.
  10. I'm a little late on this thread but the info is still good.
  11. earned some honor:award as poet / writer and more with jean Luc godard interested in exploring collaboration with storytellers animation sex is interesting i am straight male unique dna beauty is in our sister ....sisters..... interested? exploring? lets talk. thx rich jean Luc godard fdr
  12. Haha, it seems I'm never able to respond in time. I'm impressed by your tenacity though! You keep trying to figure it out on your own; that is awesome! Glad I could be of some help :)
  13. The rest of the tutorial works perfectly! Even though I'm a total noob I managed to make a pose and successfully tested it in-game. The convert.bat did not give me any y/n options, unlike your screenshots which was kind of weird but I didn't notice any issues caused by it. I do have one (dumb) question though: How do I change the positioning of the pose's center? I followed your tutorial and this time just moved the body 5 feet to the left in Blender, but in-game it always stays in the center, where I initiated the pose. Thanks for your willingness to assist. Again, I'll keep trying and update this post if I figure it out myself. --- EDIT: Nevermind. I was trying to make an object pose but I was positioning the human around a centered object. Once I tried it the other way around it worked fine. Thanks for the script and great tutorial!
  14. Sorry I didn't see it in time! But I'm glad you figured it out. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any other questions ^.^
  15. This is the clearest and simplest tutorial for making poses (not animations) I've seen so far and I'm glad I stumbled across it.. But I'm stuck on the step where I set the filepath of skeleton.txt and click Run Script. The system console gives me this error no matter what I write: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Animation Tools N3\Example_Female_UNP.blend\Text", line 71, in <module> AttributeError: 'bpy_prop_collection' object has no attribute 'active' Error: Python script failed, check the message in the system console Here's the file path I set on line 19: FilePath = "C:\Animation Tools N3\skeleton.txt" "C:\\Animation Tools N3\\skeleton.txt" doesn't work either. And it gives me the above error no matter where I put the Animation Tools N3 folder. Any ideas what could be wrong? I'm using Blender 2.81a; should I be using an earlier version? --- EDIT: Welp, I'm retarded. Apparently, the answer is yes. Works fine on 2.79b.
  16. Librarian's notes : New thread indeed. The old one was held by a guest account, which made it impossible to edit, and didn't contain any links towards the current blog. Which is a little embarassing considering the current blog isn't named The Child of Darkness. Go find a blog without author and with a different title without knowing it... I did a few (failed) attempts to merge it with the thread of another user (those were the tests that you saw), but had no choice but to recreate it in the end. By the way, Tex, it's a good thing that you were the first to comment : I'm going to delete my first comment in order for yours to take its place. That way, if one day, you feel like adding more things, you'll have the second post to edit at your leisure. ------- Copy of the messages of the original thread :
  17. THE CHILD OF DARKNESS by Agent Tex I - THE CHARACTERS II - BLOG REVIEW III - THE STORIES Sorted by storylines : v5.1 - 05-2020
  18. And that includes regular commercial content if ever an illustrator passed by there. I'll reproduce here your status update :
  19. Greetings everyone, I'm new here and would like to introduce myself. I look foward to some productive collabs with whomever wishes to do so with me and great content from the group. Ductur
  20. So in principle it's not that difficult. What you could try out first is just mixing different specular and normal maps with different diffuse maps. For example I use the mature skin diffuse map, but the fair skin normal - and specular maps. As long as you take a set from the same texture set it won't be a problem. For mixing textures like diffuse maps inbetween sets, like fair skin hands and mature body (both diffuse) you get problems at the connections and need to create a transition yourself. For necks / heads those already exist (check texblend), but for hands you probably need to make them yourself. Also different diffuse maps have different colors which is another thing to consider so you need to adjust the color. Fair skin is much whiter then mature skin for example, so you need to adjust that as well. I'd suggest starting with chaning the normal/specular map first and see if that's already enough for you.
  21. Okays, here's another silly question, cos I obsess over stupid small details instead of actually working on my story \o/ I like Unslaad Skin. I think it's a pretty good balance between looking pretty and realistic, whereas something like Fair Skin looks pretty but is a little too perfect. I don't mind so much for random screenshotting but for story purposes I'd rather have more realistic skin, but also not something like Mature Skin which I feel ages characters a lot. However! I've always been bothered by the hands. They look a little weird and wrinkly while the rest does not. For example: Fair Skin Hands / Unslaad Hands. So I'm wondering how difficult it would be to take the textures from Fair Skin and get them to match the rest of Unslaad for those cleaner/smoother looking nails and fingers and such. My best (uneducated) guess would be that some GIMP/Photoshop magic on the .dds files would be involved, but I don't actually know. Obviously if I just paste files over the colours don't match.

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