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  1. Somewhere in Skyrim... Shea: Oh hell! Where am I? Shea: Somewhere...sheltered at least. Shea: Hello? Shea: Dammit why do shady places always lead you further ahead? Shea: Hello...you? Sorry I have no idea who you are. Kala: Well I'm Kala. Kala: Well now that we have a little bit of light, how about you tell me about yourself? Shea: Well I'm a vampire. I don't really know what else you need to know. Kala: A name would be nice. I already knew you were different. Hell I've seen vampires die from that fall. Shea: You want a name. Fine. Shea. Shea of nowhere and nothing. Kala: {Laughing} How naive. You fall once and now you tell everyone you've lost everything. Although admittedly, I think you only held onto life by a thread. Shea: Wait, what? Kala: Your eyes give away a lot you know? In fact when I found you they were fiery red. Now only one holds that ire. In truth, I think you only held on because of hatred. Kala: Well even if you did survive that through hate or just being a vampire, I'd be willing to say that you shouldn't nearly die anytime soon. If you did I think you'd actually die. Shea: I've had worse than this. Kala: You may have, but you can't keep on doing this to yourself. You'll die if you do. Shea: Trust me I'll be fine! Now if you'll stop lecturing someone who's a couple of millennia older than you, that would be appreciated! Kala: Oh I'm a bit older than you, Shea. I'm a vampire too. I wouldn't have brought you here if I wasn't. I wouldn't have even helped you. Kala: So I'd take a minute to listen if I were you. Shea: Fine then. It's not like I have anything better to do. Kala: You have no idea where you are yet you're so intent on leaving. Why? Shea: I thought you were going to tell me something. Kala: Well I took the opportunity I made. So why do you want to leave so quickly? Shea: Isn't it obvious? I've come to a place I don't know with a person who refuses to show their face to me. Considering you're even older than me, I thought you'd have realised. Kala: Oh you don't want to know the story behind this mask. Kala: Just know that underneath it...it isn't pleasant. A day later... Shea: Gods! She was right about my eyes! Fuck! Shea: And my hair?! Grey! I suppose I'll have to live with it. I don't have much of a choice now. An hour later... Shea: So what do you think she's doing out there? Dog: Bark! Shea: I really don't know why I expected you to speak. Am I going mad? Kala: Shea! I'm home! Shea: About time. Kala: Well I see you found my old things. Shea: Wait these were yours? Kala: Don't worry about I wasn't likely to wear it anyway, as you can tell I'm not a warrior anymore. Shea: Thanks, I guess. Shea: But why don't you need it? Kala: I'm a sage of sorts who got tired of fighting. You are clearly still full of fire, so it'd fit you better. Kala: But perhaps it's time for me to talk to you about the mask. Shea: Oh really? I never thought you'd tell me about it. Kala: I can be reasonable at times, Shea. Shea: So are we going to sit by the fire or do you wanna just talk here? Kala: By the fire of course. A story wouldn't be complete without it. Kala: So do you want the mask off first or the story first? Shea: You know I don't really mind. Kala: Fine, the mask then. Kala: It looks bad doesn't it? Shea: It's not that bad. I've seen a lot worse. Kala: Really? Shea: Yeah plenty. So what's the story? Kala: Well for the longest time I'd earned the name 'The Vampire who couldn't.' Shea: Any reason why? Kala: Well I used to be a warrior like yourself, but then... Shea: You didn't take an arrow to knee did you? Kala: No. Nothing that easy unfortunately. I was cut across my face. I expected it'd clear overnight, but it didn't. Then a week passed and it didn't change. I'd lost my healing factor. So I became known as the vampire who couldn't. Then that was followed by ridicule from other vampires and eventually exile. Then I ended up here. Anyway, that's enough about me. What about you? What's your story? Shea: It's a long an unpleasant one. I suppose what really matters happens once I'm out of my tomb. Some lesser vampires tried to make me their thrall. Obviously they failed. I ended up getting to Whiterun where I met a girl called Joanna; we ended up travelling for a while together. We travelled to Bruma and I got a little hungry. She never knew I was a vampire and I'd fed on one of the townspeople. A hunt ensued and I got away. I found a place to stay and ended up getting a letter from my sister. Someone I'd not seen since I'd climbed into my tomb. Somewhere down the line I ended up having to answer for my crimes and I was bound in service to a queen. She'd sent me off to a castle to investigate the murder of some vampires. There I was betrayed and thrown into a prison. Kala: What happened then? Shea: I didn't think you'd be interested. Kala: I'd like to know you a little better, is that so wrong? Shea: No not really. But you'll understand why I am the way I am. Anyway, I escaped from that prison and vowed I'd have my revenge at some point. I suppose I did get my revenge. I returned home and killed the traitor's sister. Then I let her soldiers take it and find her dead. Orianna, the traitor. She wasn't going to sit by. She had another lord come after me. And I was foolish enough to go to him. Destro, he was holding up at Orianna's home. I was going to take it. I was arrogant and foolhardy. I rushed in and expected him to fall quickly. In truth, I fell. He imprisoned me and...I don't want to talk about that. I eventually escaped and got my revenge. I killed him, but I almost died myself. That's when I awoke in the place. My sister was ruling it and I met a man named Gabriel. That name I've grown to despise. Everything went rather well until he betrayed me as well. He killed my sister, under an order from Orianna. I buried my sister. My twin. Someone I was bound to even from birth and... Kala: You don't needn't say anymore if you don't want to. Shea: No I will. Shea: After I buried her. I remember seeing a new star in the sky. Red like our hair was. I left and set out on finding Gabriel and killing him in the most brutal way I could imagine. I'd found his tracks and almost found him. There was a blizzard though and I didn't really want to be in the cold, if any travellers came along they also wouldn't suspect I was a vampire. Then I came across Orianna. That bitch. We fought, I had the upper hand. I lost it. She stabbed me and I fell backwards. Then I wake up here. I will have my final vengeance. On the one who caused everything, the one who ruined my life and killed my closest friend and who took everything from me. That's why I want to leave this place. Kala: I'm so sorry, that's...awful. Shea: But that's life. Well if you want to call it that. Kala: And I'm sorry for acting as if my tragedy was the worst thing to ever happen to someone. Shea: You didn't know and what could you have expected? Kala: I could've been a bit more empathetic. Shea: Perhaps but- ????: I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE KALA! Shea: Who in Daedra's name is that? Kala: Just leave it they'll leave soon enough. Shea: No, something tells me they won't just go. Shea: I'm gonna solve the problem whether you like it or not. I'm not gonna back down. Kala: Well if you must, just be careful you aren't in peak condition. Shea: I'll be fine, don't worry. A few moments later... Vampire: Wait you're not Kala. Shea: Yeah no shit ice for brains. Vampire: How dare you talk to a member of the Volkihar clan like that! Shea: Oh come on, you have the lesser vampire eyes. So shut up and go! Shea: Before I cut you down! Vampire: You think you can beat me mortal? How funny. Shea: Mortal? I guess your senses really aren't in tune. You're about to make the biggest mistake of your miserable life! Shea: Come on then! If you're so great, then show me. A moment later... Vampire: No please... I... Shea: Not in peak condition? What on Nirn was Kala talking about? Later... Shea: C'mon why are you scared of them? Kala: Because they're part of the Volkihar clan. They're higher vampires. Shea: Well if that's what higher vampire means now, I'm rather disappointed. Kala: Wait you killed them? Kala: Dammit we're on an island! They'll come for us both! You're going to have to see Lord Harkon and fix this! Shea: Oh come on I can face up to him. If he's as bad as that vampire was I'm sure it'll be easy. Kala: You do realise he is the only one who lets people off the island? I only got off because I sneak away and then I had to come back with you as well. Shea: Well looks like I'm off to see the lord then, aren't I? ----------End of Chapter----------- Thanks for reading!
  2. BoLtStEr2002

    Lunar- Chapter 2- Mysterious visitors

    This was more of something to put out. I was planning it for longer but I couldn't find the save with Luna on it so I'm gonna have to find that at some point.
  3. Near Dawnstar... Thanks for reading. I know I've been gone a while and that this chapter wasn't extremely top quality or very interesting, but I'm finally sliding back into this again. So hopefully I'll have more chapters up soon enough.
  4. BoLtStEr2002

    I am alive (in case you were wondering)

    My favourite thing is in Fallout yeah. And mine is a crashing and buggy mess. It is a bethesda game after all xD
  5. BoLtStEr2002

    I am alive (in case you were wondering)

    The loading time only improved because there was enough to just drop into the post rather than through an image host, but thanks! I didn't realise it looked like Lara till today. I built her from scratch from face 2. Then I realised "Oh shit she looks like Lara!" and put the hairstyle on her. Also I think there is a mod for her on console. Young Explorer I think it was. I used it when I played on Xbox One. Also thanks! I suppose I was a little aggravated at first. I got by it and thought that if I was going to ask for critique I should expect that sort of thing. And yeah Tomb Raider is a great looking game I started a second playthrough just to get cinematic shots all the time and I have kind of messed with my skyrim visuals a little bit but I'm glad they look better.
  6. Well I know I haven't uploaded a chapter in weeks and I have a slight explanation. I was starting a new format and it was good, but it takes too much time and effort for how long my entries are so hopefully I'll have something up soon. (Maybe a couple of weeks) However, I have been doing a lot while I've been gone. I've done a lot of non-lewd screenshotting and some lewd stuff. Here's the best stuff: (The SFW) My favourite SFW thing I did (even though I did this today): The best NSFW stuff (Not much here sorry): So in case you hadn't noticed there is a lot of Tomb Raider in the SFW stuff. I decided to buy it because I've played the previous two of the reboot series. Still not quite as good story wise as Tomb Raider (2013) but I'll certainly give it my seal of approval. I also got my Fallout 4 back and fixed it after a very long debugging session with Bethesda support. I also sorted out my novel writing (thanks @Collygon I felt like an ass with your criticisms but they worked marvellously.) I finally also got around to writing something original that I've actually planned out rather than winging it. I'll probably release that on here when it's done. Or I might try and get some cash for it xD (No one is gonna buy my awful writing). So, long story short I burned myself out by doing too many entries on here and was in a dire need of a break. So hopefully I'll get something up by the end of the month.
  7. BoLtStEr2002

    Shea's Story-Act 2-Chapter 15-New Star

    Ooops Yep sorry about that, but it will become clearer later... I'm glad you preferred the structure, I'm also glad the loading times were better.
  8. BoLtStEr2002

    Shea's Story-Act 3-1

    Vampires fearing hypothermia, shush Shea was taught she wouldn't survive by a survivalist who didn't know she was a vampire. Thus Shea doesn't know she can survive it. Vampires like to do things their-selves I guess (Definitely not because it's easier for me) Thanks, I'm glad something is improving.
  9. BoLtStEr2002

    Shea's Story-Act 3-1

    Okay I'll think about that next time I need a fight scene! Thanks!
  10. BoLtStEr2002

    Shea's Story-Act 3-1

    Somewhere near Winterhold... Thanks for reading
  11. Somewhere in Skyrim... Meanwhile at Draconham castle... The next day... Two days later... That evening... End of Act 2 This was a tough one to write, but I hope you found a good read from this. So, feel free to leave feedback and thank you for reading!
  12. BoLtStEr2002

    Lunar-Chapter 1- The Forgotten

    Thanks! I'll try and work on the dialogue though. Well I'll try and keep the chapter shorter, but considering it was the start of something new, I figured I'd do something a bit longer. Maybe next time it won't be as bad considering the Shea chapters do fine. Ummmm Oh ffs, why does every image host not like me
  13. BoLtStEr2002

    Lunar-Chapter 1- The Forgotten

    Thank you, turns out planning things properly does great. But thank you very much! I think it is an issue on your side, try again later, but they've been shoved to jpegs so I can't do anymore, sorry about that. P.S I had the same issue when I was recently away, but it got fixed when we finally got better internet. My advice don't run anything too internet hungry while loading the page, that worked for me.
  14. BoLtStEr2002

    Lunar-Chapter 1- The Forgotten

    Somewhere in the Northernmost reaches of Skyrim, near Dawnstar... Thanks for reading, this series won't come out as often as I'd like to do some custom poses for it and other things. So this is something different than Shea's story. It also allows me a break from the same theme, so I don't get bored. But anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!
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    The Small Library

    I EXIST YES! <Throws confetti> P.S Thanks!