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  1. Thanks for reading, this is a more structured story with an actual outcome...looking at you almost every other stories I right. Anyway, feedback is always appreciated.
  2. BoLtStEr2002

    Hold Ups

    I did resolve it, it turned out to be Vivid Weathers
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    Merry Christmas!

    So I managed to fix my Skyrim issues relatively easily, it turned out to be something simple. Something I also overlooked. This left me with no time to make a Christmas special so here, have a snowy screenshot. I hope for tomorrow you all have an amazing day with family and friends. I also might post something, but considering I'll have spent most of the day cooking, I don't know whether I will or not. But for all of you, I hope you have an amazing Christmas and I give you the biggest thank you I can, for inspiring me to begin what I love to do.
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    Christmas Gift

    Skyrim SFW: Skyrim NSFW: Destiny 2: Forza Horizon 4:
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    Hold Ups

    So my ENB has just fell to bits. I updated windows and my graphics driver and then I go onto skyrim. The only difference between the ENB and vanilla is a slight colour change. It was quite the shock and very disappointing. I don't want to post anything that is of poor quality visually, so until I fix the issue there won't be any new chapters. Apart from my new Child of Prophecy series, which I already have the shots for. I have tried most solutions on the forums, my prefs.ini is set correctly. I have also completely uninstalled my enb files and reinstalled them and the issue still persists. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the issues it would be very appreciated. Anyway, now my plan for a Christmas special is fucked I just have to say that I hope you all have a great Christmas!
  6. "On that cold wintry night not a soul spoke a word not a man woman or child, not even the lonely birds. Stars shone brightly like a weave of golden stitching across the sky yet all of this was to silence every whimper and cry." -Sir Kade Hettle Date 1243 The Night of Silent Cries wasn't just a rebellion. It was a roaring fire storm that would change Tiralia forever and that it certainly did. King Artime Drake III was certainly not a good ruler, nor was he bad. Like every ruler he was loved by few and judged by many and that would prove to be his undoing. Artime's temper was fiery and one final decision threw Tiralia into total war. Convergence (the capital of Tiralia) was stuck in the center and surrounded from Northerners, Westerners and Easterners. Only the south had supported the crown and even with the forty thousand men at the capital they were greatly outnumbered. What caused all of this you ask? An execution. A lord from the north had sent an agent to Convergence and unknown to everyone, he was plotting to kill the king. No one knew and never expected it. He was caught and every lord told the king to exile and spare him, but he chose to kill him. Artime tried to do everything after his mistake to rectify it. Treaties did nothing and there hadn't been a war in centuries. Lords almost craved for it. The crown won the first battle of the rebellion at the Canyon of St. Belron setting the momentum for most of the battles. During the next year Queen Iriana Drake was found to be with child. Winning the war became more necessary for the crown. The crown's army marched with haste outwards to reclaim the capitals of the other regions of Tiralia, but after splitting up, the south took a gamble. They were within reach of the Eastern army and attacked. Unknown to them, the East outnumbered them 5:1. They were massacred and left the corridor to Convergence open. Following the news morale broke completely on the other fronts and the crown was forced to march back to Convergence as quickly as they could. But it was too late. On the night of the 16th of Decrecal everything fell silent. No birds sang, no frogs croaked and it seemed every animal from the tributaries of the rivers was gone. Then the rebellion won. Not a soul even knew until a barrage of trebuchets fired at the city walls. The city was incapacitated within minutes and the Queen Iriana, under all the stress, went into labour. The Drake guards were recalled, but promptly killed by the invading forces. By the time that the child was born the rebels were in the palace. Only one person knew what happened in the final moments of Iriana and the Drake dynasty and they have been missing for nineteen years and is expected to be in hiding. Whether the child survived is also unknown as no body was found. As soon as dawn broke a new king was crowned and King Falack was named the rightful king of Tiralia. Iriana Drake was given a traditional burial, but Artime was declared an enemy of the new crown and was hunted down. Artime's army was found and pardoned. Artime himself was never found.
  7. Kityara Rivendale AKA "The Lioness." Age: 19 Kityara has never taken a strong position in politics, but more often finds that her services end up within the hands of false kings and queens. Not taking a liking to politics is often what has saved her from a grisly end either in a boring marriage or at the executioner's block. Not knowing her own past has also saved her on many occasions. Every king and queen would wish to put her to death if they truly knew. For as long as she can remember she has been travelling with Kade, her mentor, who has taught her everything from survival to swordsmanship. She had a better upbringing than most others around her and never held it among her traits leaving her relatively humble. She gained the title of "Lioness" after her fighting prowess during the 'Battle of the Betrayers' and how she famously lost her hairbands leaving her looking like a lion across the scorched fields. She was due to be knighted but she travelled out of the county of Arida before she could ever accept the knighthood. She claimed she refused it because "I'll let my own story tell itself, I already have a new name, I don't need to be called Dame Kityara as well." Unfortunately, she suffers from frequent nightmares, many sages claim they're premonitions of futures to come and some of the nightmares are of the past, most frequently of the Night of Silent Cries. Kityara has come to accept them and Kade has gotten used to helping her deal with them even if every Priest of the Eight would suggest praying and worship. Overall, she's relatively humble and calm but never afraid to defend her few friends and even her mentor if the situation requires. She has never had the desire to rule unlike so many others, which she claims is survival instinct. {End} What is this?
  8. BoLtStEr2002

    Star Wars: Renna II

    So it wasn't disastrous? That's a relief, now I've just gotta make Shea's story as good. Shhh. I've gotta find a way for my characters to change somehow
  9. BoLtStEr2002

    Star Wars: Renna II

    Yeah there is a few mods, but most weren't useful for what I needed unfortunately. #Out of mainstream timeline problems
  10. BoLtStEr2002

    Star Wars: Renna II

    Luckily we've seen this before kind of with ma boi banankin at the end of ROTJ so it kinda makes sense. Also mega xD
  11. BoLtStEr2002

    Star Wars: Renna II

    At an ancient Jedi temple... Renna: (So this is where Aolex has been hiding out?) Renna: (An ancient ruin. But something seems...off). Renna: (I don't have a choice now. Algus would have me executed if I don't kill Aolex). Renna: (What's wrong here? A sort of darkness? A shade? Something.) Renna: (Whatever it is, I'll beat it). Renna: (God this place is dark!) Renna: Wait what?! Thanks for reading. Sadly, I don't think this was as good as the first episode, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.
  12. BoLtStEr2002

    Star Wars: Renna I

    I had it planned for a while but was hesitant to upload it and then I said fuck it. I think I could've shown that a bit better then. She did for a tiny bit of time. Thanks! Now I just need to somehow get the next episode done
  13. BoLtStEr2002

    Star Wars: Renna I

    Thank you! Woah. Thanks! Be careful with it, it's deceptively difficult, finding locations out in the wild is hard where there is a) No one and b) No sign of anything human.
  14. BoLtStEr2002

    Star Wars: Renna I

    That's frantic. I use a lot of mods. For the eyes I used the elegant beauty eyes remastered. Came out like a week ago I think. Ki's outfit is from the Apaachi divine elegance store Renna's outfit is Ryder's dragonfly robe Algus is Kynreeve on the nexus For lightsabers I use Unique magicka sabers (as this includes character sabers) The ship is Terra Nova on modtype What have I done?!
  15. BoLtStEr2002

    Star Wars: Renna I

    I'm glad you picked up on that!