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  1. Yeah, I don't like doing fights at all and clarity is something I can work on, expanding upon the action is also needed. I clearly also need to remember that while it is clear to me what is happening, it may not be clear to others. Either way, thanks for the feedback!
  2. {Beginning of Story Content} {Section 1} {Section 2} {End of Story Content}
  3. ...since I posted just some screenshots, I thought I'd dive through my hard drive and post some things SFW: Characters NSFW
  4. 4th Era 491. Nirn is in ruin. The End Times are here. One champion prepares to embark on their journey to open the Heart of the World. Another hero begins her journey into a land broken apart by one of the New Daedric Lords, Kladrich. Venturing into the lands of eternal winter, a Sentinely seeks out the darkness that his order couldn't drown out at the height of their power and with no fellow knights, has to become a one-man vanguard. The final, reluctant champion seeks answers about his own purpose, which question the very nature of why he was awoken from his grave. Saoirse the Ashborn Eyris the Emboldened Naren the Wanderer Alexander the Quiet
  5. Good to hear you like it! The colour schemes weren't intentional but, now that it's brought up, I'm going to definitely start actively thinking about it. Hey, that place looks familiar
  6. 4th Era 491. Nirn is in ruin. The End Times are here. Darkness clutches at it with its sharpened claws. Daedra have taken their chance, only to be usurped by those stronger. Any heroes of that era have come and gone. Those few who are mighty rule what's left while champions of generations lost are risen one by one until one can bring an end to it. The champions must bring light back to Nirn. All the champions are cursed by undeath and one must link the cycle, trapping the dark in a circle of flame. The journey is perilous, suicidal but, as long as they don't give up, it will continue. Saoirse the Ashborn Naren the Wanderer Eyris the Emboldened Alexander the Quiet
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone! It really means a lot that, even though I've been gone for almost a year, you all took time to read my newest entry. Thank you all, and I hope I can continue to entertain in the future.
  8. Thanks, it has been too long Yeah, I think the break was needed. Kind of a refresh. I'm glad the the plot started as well as I'd hoped, I was little worried to be truthful. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I've definitely learnt the value of taking my time. Thanks, and I hope I can continue to tell the story well I think the reason for the burnout was definitely what you said. But I've always loved the idea behind this plot-line so hopefully I won't burn out again. I'm glad you enjoyed, and I hope I can improve more for the next part. Glad to hear you liked it! yeah the issue with the characters' lips can definitely be worked on, I'll try to solve that for the next part. I'm glad it was entertaining considering how long it's been; I hope I can only improve in that respect. I'm also pleased I can still make decent looking characters. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Thanks! And hopefully back frequently now.
  10. Thanks! Thanks! I think the vampires are having a long nap and I don't wanna try to wake them yet...
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