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  1. I am using the animations for face-/hiphuggers without problems... the animations are "slow" but visible so it is possible to oversee them. Take your time and stay still for some seconds to see them working
  2. nice found.... I was stuck every time entering the temple with a strange behaviour... the playerchar was moving between 1 - 3 seconds, then a "freeze" occours... looks "like a cell-update in the background"... sound is on... then is misbeheaving, too... and at the finish it is CTD... changes with Bodyslide or deactivating mods, changing loadorder was only a temporary solution... your hint looks like a permanent one
  3. @DeepBlueFrog I know, it is a miracle in itself, to code flawlessly. But you did some of them with your ideas and mixing your mods, ideas and storylines... Now there are many strings to attach and it looks, that some of your mods are less stable as before. I have serious problems with your "Parasite mod" (Kynareth's Blessing). Not with the coding or storyline, but with "messing" with "Hormones", "SLIF" or bodymorphes... The playerchar will "grow" in HEIGHT also (and this looks not good). After some sexual encounters the char will grow step for step into a giant, such messing with lots of animations. Couldn't found a workaround for this, only disabling the parasite mod is helping (not changing other settings or mods the playerchar will not grow in Height). Sorry for adding to your stress to give us the best mods, possible. Have fun in modding, too 🙂 P.S.: The problem with "height-changing" startet with the last two versions (including your newest one)
  4. Indeed his mods where fun to play with (around 3 years ago), but then something changed inside the basic game/sexlabs framework/DD or whatever. Now his mods are only more or less playable if you are playing with a very restricted installation. The reason is, that the quests are triggered at random setstages even if you are not playing the quest at all. It would be nice to have a "stopfunction" to them, similiar to "Shout like a virgin", where you can "put the quest on hold" up to the time you are triggering it on purpose. But nevertheless, it was good work and time playing with them, since they brought "neverseen actions" to skyrim(s underworld) to the light.
  5. yep, no need to send a picture... your description is showing, that you are (gladly) responsible to this changing. Nice look, tried to explore it and only at the top with the door to go outside it was missing a texture. But this could be my settings and dyndolod (not updated). It is only missing a cellar under the cellar to put the cows into nice fitting cells *laughing
  6. since I am always messing around with different installations just a quick question... going to Rifton and seeing the place for devious stories (milkfarm) I was deeply impressed to find a new modded location in a "Residend Evil-Style". Is this the new mod or have I (unknowingly) installed a location-changing-mod? But I love the new view... allways surprised by the "magic" of skyrim
  7. there are some main routes, to detect CTD at starting the game... a) missing dependencies of main mods b) wrong skeleton installed or during install something went wrong in both situations you have to install a) missing mods and b) reinstall a proper skeleton c) sometimes the loadorder will cause CTD, too.... so use LOOT to have a proper loadorder d) using a modmanager will help to sort out "culprits" for causing CTD... just start the vanilla game (no mods)... if all is going right... add like 10 mods... start again.... if all is right... continue with another 10 mods.... if there is the CTD, divide the new added mods (the first 5 being active, the last five inactive... start... if CTD, you will know, the culprit is inside the first 5 mods... if not, the culprit is inside the last five (inactive).... go on with this strategy just to the point, you find your culprit... .this method is much faster as going step by step e) sometimes it is a bad bodymod (see the hint with the skeleton)... if you are using custom races it might be, that there are skeletons shipped with, too old for the other mods... so it is always a good thing to use the newest xmpse-skeleton, if you are going for bouncing, too f) wrong animations or too much will cause CTD, too.... so use FNIS and look for the last output... .if there are over 12000 animation mentioned (for human animations) you have likely to much of them (yes, FNIS reclaims, that it will handle like 25000 animations in the XXL-version, but the counting inside FNIS and the behaviour of skyrim ingame-style multiplies the above mentioned 12000 count, so you are at a goot side, if the animations are less then 11500. Bestial animation count is not so critical (especially if you have a patch for the sexlab-mod itself with more than 500 animations for humans and beasts (another was to count them, not to compare with FNIS.... vanilla skyrim is able to use 500 animations for humans and beasts, each... but you will only be able to see the amount, if you are able to start the game and look inside the animation loader for the installed animations) this so far without better knowing your situation, because there is no hint, what you have installed, tested for yourself what is causing problems... .
  8. thats agains lore... what about succubi, vampires, werewolves, shifter.... there is always a cure or an accident to redone something.... even if it is with a sword and losing heads 🙂 and I might be wrong... but chaurus is one step before chaurus - hunter.... or another idea.... chaurus queen is like a hive-queen.... even they can transform into higher beings (called gods)... the only limit for transformations ( like evolving in nature) is the imagination or missing experience.... last not least.... business as usual... you are playing skyrim, with sexlabs, so nothing is "usual"... looking at the lovecraft theme 🙂
  9. Guessing, you are playing with a NVidia-Card, this could be a driverproblem ( so it is always a good problem-solving-way, to reinstall the driver, testing the previousversion, too). If nothing changes, then you will know, that it is a texture-problem.... try to unequip armour AND weapon, part for part, to see, if there is one culprit... don't forget helms/horns etc and it is possible to have CBBE and UNP Bodies installed at the same time, just change the loadingorder, that sometimes CBBE or UNP is the last one to see, if something is changing The last (and for hardest) is just open Outfit Studio... the most forgotten part, since often only Bodyslide is used.... there is a way to change all armour to the needed (used) body and on the internet are howto's/videos how to do it, so you will have correct textures (with collision, weight, right skeleton) Hope, this helps (even it looks like hardcore to solve a texture-problem). for HDT.... try to disable HDT Physics Extensions (SKSE).... go for "btasqan Easy Hawt HDT SMP Physics" ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77445 ) Even there is SMP mentioned, it will work for "vanilla" skyrim, too and avoids many problems of the HDT Physics Extension file.
  10. just found this response... and I am sure, that ENB is mostly a personal preference... from the point of a user, looking for an immersive "feeling" during the game I found the "Patrician ENB" with options ( likely for different kinds of power-pc). Even with playing at 4K this ENB has like 10 FPS-drops outdoor and is playing with around 60 FPS indoor. Since it is well maintained it is one of my personal favourites for playing (and even screenshots). Playing since years I can say, that skyrim is not very FPS-friendly. Even with the latest GPU ( Nvidia RTX 3090) it is showing, that you will need a GPU with more than 8 GB RAM to play without most CTD caused from misbehaviour through graficfailures (like not cleaning the cache on time). Skyrim is starting (for me, modded with more than 1200 mods) with ca. 1,5 GB RAM (mainscreen), first opening jumps up to 3,5 GB (depending on the scene; nature/outdoor is lesser ramusage as a overpopulated innscene with 40-50 NPC/Followers). Changing the cells rapidly will stress the GPU-Cache as will fastriding, flying over many minutes.... mostly the GPU-RAM will be between 4,5 GB RAM and 8/9 GB RAM (that is the reason, why 8 GB RAM will not be enough, since some RAM is restricted for system-usage and the game "thinks" it has the full range of 8 GB.... so a GPU with 11 GB (like the RTX 2080 Ti) is playing just fine, but is not fast enough to play fulltime at 4K,,,, lower resolutions are fine for most-cards, because the needed RAM is under the 8 GB RAM of middlerange GPU... So if there are papyrus-lags or great FPS-droppings, just test a lower resolution with the same scene to see, if it as a cardproblem. If nothing changes, than go for the settings of ENB, mods and so on... and just for the stats.... the most GPU-RAM-Usage was like 13 GB RAM after hours fighting with mods like Genesis or Invasion of Skyirm (heavy spawning of bands of enemies every minutes), Stress for CPU/GPU and the user (if you blink you have lost 🙂 )
  11. sadly, that is a built-in-feature (not to say a serious bug in programming) from bethesda... you won't see really changes if you are using saves with used (but deleted, changed mods), since the old informationes are stored inside the save(s). So you have to start a new game or have an (early) save without the mods you had installed after (and going back to that point) before you are able to see, what is changed or working up to this point
  12. Starting a new game... and having 3 chaurus after charcreation near me (Abandonned Prison, LAL-start)... they are hostile to near npc (such breaking the game ultimatively). Is there a reason to this behaviour? Is it a bug? (in terms of modding, not nature). I understand, that it would be nice during "the queen of chaurus quest" to have the ability to gain a personal pack, so it would be great, to have a "hold on the quest just to the point it is willingly triggered - like a questgiver, triggered event or similiar...
  13. There is no need to make a dependency... this mod providea an insight how to use "roleplaying" ( meaning playing the game from the view, folklore, ideas of a vampire/succubus.... and it is up to the players imagination if he want to be a (good) hero or a badass (even in evil ways).... the given mods, hints how to change them are trying to give you tools for yourself, how to do it, adding your mods you like to play with, too So nobody holds you back, if you install the succubus race (from nexus) or if you are using PSQ. There is even no need to install one or both of them - using Deadly Drain and/or Succubus Heart gives you succubusabilities.... installing mods like "Better Vampires" will give you better vampireabilities and your playstyle (your roleviewing) will guide you through the game. I tried to show how to "enhance" this with (basic)modding some wonderful existing mods, mixing them to have more (game)world experiences during playing.... My scriptchanging of the succubus race is "one way" to give the basic succubusabilities of the race to all races (vanilla and custom).... another is using specialized mods... there are other ways, too - even programming a new mod, using existing ideas, creating quests ( like a new overhaul, epic quest like "bruma".... I am playing sometimes with or without PSQ.... both mods (the succubus race and PSQ) are missing something essential for me.... you could be only succubus or not... there is no natural way to "become" one.... but there are many other mods who will fill out this missing feature... mods like sexlab hormones, angrim apprentice, milkmods (as a prestep for gaining milk), Soulgem Oven III), but for me the one with going step by step to become a succubus is the "dremora outcast quest" inside the mod "hormones". Angrim will convert you to a succubus, too, if you want a great backstory and playing it for hours to become a succubus (or even a werewolf, sadly not a vampire, too), but if you are able to change the mod inside CK, it would be possible. But changing Angrim is very tricky, since the original mod was created before CK-time and is only changeable, if you are using a special .esp). Gladly, there is no need to change it, since there are other mods around to transform you into any being you like to become (even a beast.... looking at the mod "untamed", if you prefere a beastform, too) a very simple way would be yourself... after (a lot / or some) sexual experiences (we are playing at loverslab for a reason) you "decide" to become a succubs (activating PSQ inside the MCM)... my way of playing is looking for "ingame solutions", like infecting during gameplay (vampirism, succubism - if that even is a word ) and I am looking forward to combine that even with necromancy, to enhance playing on the dark side... an no, I dont believe that dark is evil.... evil would be to abuse power for evil purposes.... a vampire drinking blood is not evil, it is his nature.... same for wolves to hunt deer (wolves have to eat, too), succubi to drain lifeforce.... nature in itself is not evil, it simply is....
  14. looking at your plugins.txt and FNIS-output my first guess is a mixture between old and new versions of used mods and missing dependencies.... papyrus-log is finishing with animations (like Zaz) but it is not installed.... so go for install all the newest versions and dependencies... and it is a good strategy to install a basic skyrim first (without SexLab-Mods) to test the basics, making a backup and then install other mods/overhauls in groups (armour, weapons, follower, overhauls, quests etc) so you will gain a "feeling", where a misbehaving mod will cause trouble... hope, this will help
  15. sick and injured people will be cared for.... one of the biggest lie in skyrim, though.... they are going straight into the Death Halls or will be sacrified inside of temples to Molag Bal every night. Guess he is in need of corpses for creating new vampires... since they are mostly killed from adventures on sight. So never go sick or injured.... lookout for health potion or if you very adventurous for your kindly healer *sarkasm
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