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  1. It's difficult to do multiple branching story lines! Especially on just blog entry. Half the photos either end up being boring or not seen at all. But I'm glad you got some level of amusement out of it! Thanks for reading!
  2. The Ghost of Tsushima influence is definitely visible here! I was asking myself, "why'd he switch to black and white?" , until I saw the blood effects. Good Work! Got a Kill Bill vibe as well.
  3. Alitalia Race... SO. MANY. FALMER.... I know! Adrea beat me 4 times before I beat her! The one pair of shorts is purely for mechanical reasons only. Makes it easier to stack the spoilers . But I could see Malicia in Kitty Shorts!
  4. Shoe Shopping with Adrea... That would be an interesting entry. . I see 40 screens of trying on shoes and then in the end not making a decision and drinking instead. I do like experimenting with these interactive entries. Makes the character seem more alive. Labyrinth isn't gone, gone. Might revisit it again at some point. But it's not going to be in the foreseeable future. Maybe a Halloween story or something. I dunno. Thank you for the compliment though 🙂!
  5. Sounds like another Satisfied Customer! Thanks Alter! Did you win?
  6. Glad you enjoyed! Hopefully, you won! (Legitimately )
  7. Hi Everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve done an update entry and I wanted to give everyone just a heads up of the direction I’ll be taking the blog in the next few months. Hard to believe 2020 is over halfway over! This year’s been a bit of a blur where I’ve mostly been stuck in front of a laptop indoors all day. I hope you're all taking care of yourselves. On with the Update! First, The Bad News: I’m shelving the Labyrinth, Inc story for the foreseeable future. I’ve struggled to find a way to turn it into a satisfying story. Many good ideas were generated around it and I would like to implement them in future stories. But I’ve been stuck in a cycle of coming up with an outcome to the story, then deciding it was horrible, and then analysis paralysis set in. To avoid being stuck under a Massive Writer's Block again, I'm shelving the story until the muse finds me again. I want to thank everyone who provided ideas for the story, I’m glad to have such an involved group of readers! Next, The Good News: With the other story shelved, I’ll be putting my time back towards writing Adrea’s Stories. She’s been sitting on the airship for far too long, and I’m very excited to get back to her story. She is the flagship of the blog and one I think I’ve been sorely missing in my story-telling. Also, I still plan on completing the Riften Vigilante Story. I’ll continue to update the story on the original entry until it’s done. Should be finished within the next two weeks. As a thank you for listening to my long winded update, I’ve created a bit of a game for you with Adrea. You’ll need: - A random number generator (Google’s works great) with the lower limit of 1 and the upper limit of 20. Throughout the story I’ll ask you to Roll. Use the randomly generated number and follow the instructions based on the number you rolled. Maybe something fun will happen if you can beat her! Hope you Enjoy:
  8. djregs

    Riften Vigilante

    Do'Kara had one on too at the beginning of the story. But he lost it by the end. Hope he finds it again... Illysa will be angry if he can't.
  9. djregs

    Riften Vigilante

    Yeah, I see your point there with using the same entry for stuff. I've committed to this now, though. So I'll just finish the challenge and get right back to separated chapters. This is supposed to be more of an exercise than an actual entries. I like Illysa, too. She was one of the designs, I was evaluating when I made Eira. Overall, she's got some great qualities, just terrible taste in lines of work...
  10. djregs

    Riften Vigilante

    One thing I'm noticing about Halo's poser is the lack of action poses. Might need to reload RenderPoses or Yuih Poses Would love to see a Poser that just does some generic attack and block poses for every weapon type. Hmm... Dior next Malicia? But then she would be too busy to deal with ***SPOILER***. I think you'll like her better in ***SPOILER***. Unless you're looking for T&A Now? Lots of people are likening this vigilante to the Dark Knight. Wondering if he might be a better Bright Knight?
  11. djregs

    Riften Vigilante

    The girls probably going to be more of a Solo act . Just setting expectations. Besides, Brawler is a bit of a show stopper herself! Because this reasoning makes sense to me, I'm convinced I should never have magic, scrolls, or superpowers.
  12. djregs

    Riften Vigilante

    Oh yes, Kaia's blindingly angry right now. You know how much Ebony armor is worth? She definitely wants fair settlement for that! The Vigilante definitely needs a name... He can't just go around forever without a moniker of some kind... can he? But who should be the next Lady freed from constraint?
  13. djregs

    Riften Vigilante

    Foreword Hey Readers! I know I haven’t been uploading much recently. Quarantine has destroyed any cadence I once hoped I had. So, to reclaim some normalcy, I’m doing a 30-Day Challenge. For the next 30 days, I will put out 4 stories following the below prompt. To help with this, I asked some fellow storytellers for feedback on the below prompt. PROMPT: Fed up with the corruption in Riften, a Swordsman Vigilante has begun disrupting "Perfectly Legal" Thieves Guild operations. In retaliation, the Guild has set a bounty on the Vigilante. Which of the below Bounty Hunters gets the first go? After talking things out this is the first entry in this series. I hope I can keep up with the aggressive timeline I put in place on this. Also, let me know, who should we see in the next entry? I have no issues repeating characters. Intro Round 1: Kaia (Updated 6-16) Round 2: Illysa (Updated 7-5)
  14. Glad you were able to pull everything back together after the Skypocalypse! Can't wait to see the continuation of these stories!
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