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  1. I'm glad they got their act together and avoided a TKO! Someone did their research on wizard spells. But what was the lesson that the Beholder and the Illithid wanted to teach us in the beginning? The World will never know...
  2. Looks like Rogue is the blood thirsty one at the table and Wizard just wants to role play. Meanwhile DM's a bit confused... does he need to make tougher encounters? Should he end the session early this week, to make more next week? Decisions, Decisions... I don't envy the guy, he's doing a great job so far!
  3. I'd Say you succeeded there! Sounds like every DM Ever!
  4. Ahh... I assumed this was 5e rules! My Mistake!
  5. That's what happens when you split the party... Every time.... So is this a Squad Wipe or is the DM going to let this go on for 10 or 12 more sessions while he thinks up of a new campaign and let's the players create new characters? Also! Rules Laywer Time: Loving this DND Theme. :-3
  6. You didn't even see the Heart Choker she was wearing the entire time? Boobs are distracting!
  7. Malicia! We need to get your eyes checked! Demetria's Hair is clearly Grey! Also, There's nothing wrong with Charisma Casters! Demetria is a Court Wizard and graduate of Winterhold College! ALSO, ALSO, You've met Demetria before (and you had a similar reaction too). I almost think you have beef with her! Happy Valentine's Day! Demetria : Well, there is this thing called "Paradoxical Undressing" near the end of hypothermia that causes the victim to take off all their clothes to "Cool Themselves Down". It's a bit weird.... Happy Valentine's Day! Oh, more plot is coming! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day!
  8. Hi Everyone, It is 🥶🥶REALLY COLD🥶🥶where I am and I was reminded of an Ice Mage of mine that can really turn up the heat. For every entry this month, ❄️Demetria❄️ will be the star. Starting with this, loosely, Valentine’s Themed Photoshoot. ❤️Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️ Pool Outdoor...Bedroom? Extra: I enjoyed these shots, but they didn’t quite fit with the theme… so they’re a bonus!
  9. I, for one, am very interested in seeing how these 3 adventurers fare within the upcoming dungeon. These Representatives of the VMGGD, appear to be reasonable monsters and we should learn the lessons they have to share. I wonder if they'd like a Job? I know some people a Labyrinth Designs, Inc who are always looking for more employees...
  10. Yay Bunny! I like that Trez is taking to his new role has a guardian with such gusto. It seems Dremora have a soft spot for cute mages. Can't wait for the next one!
  11. That was fun! Looks like it worked out well for all involved! Cass helped someone to see the light. Dirk found a new life goal. And Moll found a new set of Panties. I wonder what Bat thought of the whole thing?
  12. Dirk is very thorough. That will come in handy in this sort of investigation. He should probably check Cassidy again after each time they separate. Tricksters, like panty stealers, can change their appearance to be like anyone. How can he be sure he has the real Cass if he doesn't check? And No, I'm not just suggesting this to get more lewd Cass scenes... not at all. Nice Entry.
  13. Glad you enjoyed, Devi! Sanguine is a bit of a hassle to deal with (hence why I ask questions about him in the discord). To get the best results, I find I need to do 2 things: -Shrink him down to the player model's size (I think he's at like 1.2). Which fixes alignment issues. -Run 'setghost 0' on him. This allows him to be targetable with poses and the like. Still, I think he needs a bit of a facelift/makeover. That hair... Adrea will definitely be seeing Sanguine again, clothing optional.
  14. Adrea and Sanguine have a bit of a straight forward relationship. But you're right, it's not often that Adrea get's lewded like she did here. I wonder if that's something I should fix in the future. . Glad you enjoyed! Merry Christmas!
  15. Hey Cass is back! Happy New Year, Cass & Spy! This has the makings of a fun little side quest. Innocent Cass and Dirty Dirk definitely have chemistry as a comedic duo. In a way, it feels like Cass's available party members are expanding in Riverwood and she just met Dirk. I hope there's more in the future. I also hope Dirk wins.
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