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  1. Dirk is very thorough. That will come in handy in this sort of investigation. He should probably check Cassidy again after each time they separate. Tricksters, like panty stealers, can change their appearance to be like anyone. How can he be sure he has the real Cass if he doesn't check? And No, I'm not just suggesting this to get more lewd Cass scenes... not at all. Nice Entry.
  2. Glad you enjoyed, Devi! Sanguine is a bit of a hassle to deal with (hence why I ask questions about him in the discord). To get the best results, I find I need to do 2 things: -Shrink him down to the player model's size (I think he's at like 1.2). Which fixes alignment issues. -Run 'setghost 0' on him. This allows him to be targetable with poses and the like. Still, I think he needs a bit of a facelift/makeover. That hair... Adrea will definitely be seeing Sanguine again, clothing optional.
  3. Adrea and Sanguine have a bit of a straight forward relationship. But you're right, it's not often that Adrea get's lewded like she did here. I wonder if that's something I should fix in the future. . Glad you enjoyed! Merry Christmas!
  4. Hey Cass is back! Happy New Year, Cass & Spy! This has the makings of a fun little side quest. Innocent Cass and Dirty Dirk definitely have chemistry as a comedic duo. In a way, it feels like Cass's available party members are expanding in Riverwood and she just met Dirk. I hope there's more in the future. I also hope Dirk wins.
  5. Hmm... I wonder who this could be?! Thanks for the entry! Malicia's 4G Sigil Ball is very advanced if it can get news from here! Adrea has to go Realm hopping to get anywhere close! I also loved Cecilde's appropriate use of social distancing principles during this entry. 🎄Merry Christmas🎄 and 🎆Happy New Year🎆, Tirloque and Malicia!
  6. I really like the idea that Sanguine is a streamer for the other Daedric Lords. I wonder who his competition would be? Hermaeous Mora? And yes, It has been a while since I did something like this with Adrea. She really did need it... even if it was a dream. Well in 2019's Xmas Special, She did say this year's was going to be more interactive . When I was reviewing previous entries and found that there wasn't enough screenshots of her at the new resolution. So I may have gone a bit overboard on this entry. And there might be several more entries of a similar
  7. It's been a while since I've done anything like this with Adrea. She definitely needed something like this Happy New Year Jayomms! Glad you enjoyed! Hope you had a good holiday!
  8. Happy Holidays! Hope everyone had a relaxing Holiday this year. After 2020, we’ve earned it. Below is the continuation of Adrea’s 12 Days of Christmas Story. If you’ve read that, you know what you’re in store for here. Let’s Hope 2021 has better things in store for us. Happy New Year!
  9. Thanks Alter! Glad you enjoyed it! Logged in today... found that all the JPGs were broken. So I relinked them. Hope they're here now! I relinked them (based on what I found today), they should all be gone now. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  10. Happy Holidays Everyone! It’s the time of year where it’s cold outside, you have to pretend to be nice, and everything is out of stock! Real talk though, things got busy around here and I haven’t had the chance to write some entries lately. I hope to make it up in the last 3 weeks of the year. The red text boxes in this entry are a play on the song: The 12 Days of Christmas. If you’ve never heard it before it’s a song where each verse builds upon itself. It’s pretty neat, so check it out below! I also included a funny parody version of the song just for laughs.
  11. OoooO! Perfect. Christmas. Entry. Adding that one to my Accolades.
  12. Never too late for Cass to catch up. Let's make this a real competition! It's a Tifa level skirt. More belt than actual clothing.
  13. I'm not having any loading issues. If it's still going on now. Let me know, I'll relink them.
  14. Well, that was a fun introduction! Introduces the central conflict of Werewolves vs. Silverhand as well as a nod at the BBEG! I like Misty's Quirky Naïve Nature as well as her skirt! And I can't wait to see how she develops as a character. Good Job SVP & Devi!
  15. Good! For my Present this year, I would like a Malicia Christmas Entry! If Gwynolda is a good girl she can ASK for whoever she wants! Hope this ANDREA girl is free though. ADREA is a little tied up at the moment. Glad you enjoyed!
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