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  1. Well made pictures, really good.
  2. I found some more. Many of them will need the original loaded first. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2w43unorvcl02iz/Manga+Outfits+Vol.+2.7z/file
  3. Here are all the outfits I have collected. https://www.mediafire.com/file/h7jtvlnyz9cudso/Manga_Outfits.7z/file Here is the base game armors https://www.mediafire.com/file/gmws2bdt0x0b53p/Base_Game_Manga_Outfits_with_fixes.7z/file
  4. hey man do you have a Dongean followers old version mod if ypu do plz share 

  5. The Gauntman

    vids working?

    Could be they changed that one and now the code does not work on them.
  6. And if someone can port to LE that would be appreciated.
  7. I must say I love that ending. And who doesn't like Dave Chappelle
  8. Thank you Tirloque, you do a great job with the blog. It made me want to update, not much but I added the ending to Jones and put up the ones after Omi CIty Heat. That one has the link to DL so I will leave it be. The others did not.
  9. Wonderful List, thank you for making it.
  10. Well done, its great to see what can be made today with the game. Great job!
  11. Animated pictures, that is very cool. Great idea to add to your stories.
  12. Great shots and well done on the expressions.
  13. The Gauntman

    By the Divines!

    Good to see you at it again. You make great stuff.
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