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  1. I'd like to ask you a couple of questions, if you don't mind.


    1. Do you have any plans to continue your Potema Chronicles series? If so, when?


    2. Speaking of Potema Chronicles, a lot of the images in the thread are broken. Are you going to fix/replace them?

  2. I've tried disabling expressions entirely in MCM, and in the expression panel going through "happy", "sad" etc and ensuring that each of them apply to no actors ever. But even with that..if I go into console and try to make an actor open their mouth during sex w/ mfg phoneme or expression 16...sexlab seems to have input and resets the expression back after a few seconds. Is there any way to ensure absolutely sexlab has no control over any aspect of anything related to facial expressions? I know it used to be this way...not sure why it would have ever changed for the wor
  3. No ETA yet on when they will be complete...but wanted to drop back in since its been over a year and say that I'm messing around with modding again to try and make a new movie. Really interested in potentially using SSE and 0sex...though it looks like for now I'll hold off on SSE until it has enough mods to mimics what Oldrim can do.
  4. Wait...Sexrim? seriously? I'm checking the dates here and I AM seeing 2017...so...wtf?
  5. response for this has been poop. will probably just finish w/ some screens and do something more useful that will gain more interest for next movie
  6. Yeah that's why I expressed my dislike for the new LL flop. Make a big deal... Roll it out... Then just go back to this site because of some initial technical bugs. Seemed to be a completely pointless gesture in every imaginable way.
  7. I notice the twitching boobs sometimes after I've gotten everything else set up correctly and the scene all good to go. Unfortunately at some point when I've addressed the hundreds of other little glitches and spent a long time getting everything in place I just kind of say "f-it" even when I do notice it... Kind of unprofessional I know. I think I'll do no panning camera next time based on popular suggestion... I don't know though for me not having some movement on screen always sort of accentuated how this is all still within the skyrim game world. Early potema episodes had no moving c
  8. Yes I know it looks excessively painful. I really considered somehow getting her feet at least propped up on something... Will probably reshoot parts of it to include that. Final scene will be longer and have more/faster camera angles so I'll work it in for final lotj movie. It'll still be a real "ouch" scene though... Kind of what I'm going for. I know I'm a sicko and quite proud
  9. I'm finding it shocking all the tricks and workarounds I can employ now to make stuff like this. http://www.xvideos.com/video22434447/jj_electro
  10. Okay, thanks LL for making this oh so convenient and switching you sites around like hotcakes for no apparent important reason at all. It seems that once again it's THIS site that I'm supposed to use now. Who knows what it'll be by Friday so I'm making sure this post is in both locations. Description Here it is...after five months of waiting since "Aria" I give you Lily of the Jungle! I was originally thinking of ways to tie it in to Tarzan or Jungle Book w/ a female lead but then just said f-it and made up some random original story. Then it got too convoluted so now I not only
  11. It's on the new LL site...the existence of which I know will cause much problems for this release
  12. I will endeavor to have it all done in exactly one month. That's July 4th for anyone who's keeping check! I have amassed screens of pretty much every major scene in the movie below and am currently just putting it all together and doing sound editing (basically that's done to, just minor tweaks at this point honestly)
  13. I love these. They are good on their own and serve so many uses beyond that for machinima.
  14. I would say a lot of things about what I've started to do better since PC movies. But honestly the more I consider it this is mostly thanks to Leito. Before he did stuff there really wasn't a whole lot out there that actually qualified as Hentai-level animations. His are so good that it's no wonder he's now going to SFM. Sure...starting w/ Celes I'm killing camera angles quicker (or rather, smarter...sometimes a shot that lingers is a good thing) but all the tricks in the world wouldn't save these scenes if it wasn't for the fluid animations Leito has provided. That said...I'm pretty sure
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