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  1. Well that next adventure is taking me a while to make!

    Not because it's particularly long or anything, just that I'm kinda doing it as and when I feel like.

    50% cuz I'm busy with other stuff, 50% cuz I'm lazy.. :grimace:

    Well anyway, am about done with the second part of the adventure!

    My last status said I was halfway done at the time, which meant I was done with all the scenes that were happening at that location.

    This other half happens in another location, but is kinda set into two parts, of which I am done with the first!

    So I guess I'm like 70% done? Idk. I no do math good. :astonished:

    Hopefully I get the rest done soon! Am aiming for this coming weekend, maybe? Fingers crossed!

    At the moment it's looking like the story's gonna have anywhere between 40-60 pictures.


    Stuff left for this adventure:

    Last third of scenes

    Ending bit

    Usual sexy end picture

    1. Elf Prince

      Elf Prince

      Can't wait to see your stories and your gorgeous Tammy :smile:

    2. ongwk733


      Okay so, it's been two weeks since I said a new story will becoming in one week, my bad haha!

      I ended up with fever last week, and this week has me busy with RL stuff so uh...fingers crossed next week! :grimace:

  2. Well I'm about halfway done with the next  Adventure at the moment!

    It's certainly been awhile since I've made these, so I'm hoping I can make them as expressive as I used to!

    Here's a little hint what it's going to be about.. :tongue:


  3. Thanks for the follow!

    Followed you back! :smile:

  4. ongwk733

    Winter's Night Chapter 7.5

    You are all right! :> He's a character in Tammie's story mainly because I really liked dovahbear and wanted a way to fit him into a story. The same actually goes for Pico and Gary the Goat as well! All of them are goofy fun followers that I liked having installed in my game, so I figured "why not include them?" and Tammie's adventures was a great place to fit them in, because of how non-serious it was. Anyway, having him appear here was a tiny way for me to sort of establish that Winter's Night and Tammie's Adventures are happening in the same 'canon', so to speak!
  5. ongwk733

    Winter's Night Chapter 7.5

    Thank you! I never actually left though, just stopped posting cuz I was too busy to make anything. The bear is a little throwback to another story where he appeared as well! I won't say which story here cuz it's kinda a spoiler haha!
  6. HEY EVERYONE! Wow has it been a long time since I posted anything, sorry about that! Real life came first, and for the past number of months I had to focus on real life first! Well...that and I got into Black Desert Online and that game is a deep deep hole haha! Well anyway, the real life thing has come to pass for now, which has given me some free time to post another story! I'm calling this one Chapter 7.5 as it's actually only half of what I intended to do for Chapter 8 before I stopped. Hence, the images in this story were actually already taken in December of last year but I was just too busy to attach text to them. But here it is! I hope you all enjoy! Before I forget, direct album link here > https://imgur.com/a/bUmKw Use this if the images below don't show up or look broken! Previously, on Winter's Night... Currently... And that's the story for now! It doesn't really go anywhere this chapter, so that's why I really only called it a half chapter. For now, I can't really say I will be back to regular posting, since that would be lying. And momma always told me lying is bad. I do have a lot of ideas for other Adventures though(mostly to do with Tammie), that I've been thinking up and recording down. The only limitation now is my time, and my motivation. It's good to finally be able to post something on here after so long, so hopefully the next post won't take as long! Have a nice day ya'll!
  7. ongwk733

    Tammie: What's for Dinner?

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them!
  8. I know I haven't been posting anything for a while now. I am still alive if anyone was wondering. :astonished:

    There's a reason for my inactivity at the moment, and that reason is probably the same as anyone who stops Skyrim; Real life stuff is happening. :confounded:

    I know I mentioned I was going to do the next chapter of Winter's Night, and that it got delayed because I procrastinated, but now that and Tammie's Adventures are going to have to be put on hold for the foreseeable future.

    I have since gotten a full time job(that fortunately/unfortunately pays a lot of overtime) and am also currently working on my university application.

    My dumb ass decided I wanted to study art. Art places tend to like portfolios. I have none because I'm lazy.

    Now that laziness has come to bite me in the butt as I have to cram and practice to get this whole 'portfolio' ready for my application.


    Hence, there's no time for Skyrim at the moment. Sadly.

    The next chapter for Winter's Night is still 50% done. I haven't given up on it, OR Tammie.

    They're just taking a break for now, as am I.

    The window for my application closes in March, so maybe I'd have some time after that, but I wouldn't hold my breath either cuz even if I got in, I am very underskilled compared to my peers.


    I hope ya'll don't forget about Tammie!

    And I'll still be here, just as a lurker for now.

    Cheers guys.

  9. Something like that. The story's already on-going if you didn't know, it's called "Winter's Night" and is on this very blog! Hope you enjoy it!
  10. ongwk733

    Tammie: Morning Hangover Part 2

    Dovahbear is indeed a gentleman, but Tammie is definitely of age! What responsible bar tender would serve mead to a minor? Don't let her youthful face fool you, she's definitely 18! Definitely. No question. Definitely legal. For sure.. As for Winter's Night, those two can't break up..they aren't even together! Haha!
  11. ongwk733

    Tammie: Morning Hangover Part 2

    I'll be honest, I thought of this adventure solely because of Dovahbear. Even with Mico and Gary, they're only characters in Tammie's story because I thought they would make interesting companions to her. I suppose I have their respective mod authors to thank for her having such unique friends!
  12. Hey hey! Here's the second part of this Tammie's adventure to hopefully chase your monday blues away! Hope you guys enjoy it! Now I know I posted that I'd have Winter's Night Chapter 8 ready by now but....I got distracted. Destiny 2 was on sale..and I got it...and the grind is real man. So I haven't actually made any progress on Chapter 8 and it's essentially still 50% ready. On top of that my job's got a lot of overtime going on at the moment, gotta earn that dough! So hopefully more time frees up for me soon so I can find the motivation to keep Skyrimming. Well enough about me, have some Tammie! Link to Part 1: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5735-tammie-morning-hangover/ Direct Link to Album(for those who see the images below as broken): https://imgur.com/a/HSrZB Previously... Currently... And that's all for now! Hope ya'll enjoyed it!
  13. ongwk733

    Tammie: Morning Hangover

    Thanks for the tip! So like and that's it? do I need to put in [ /img ] like the old system? Haha! Funny thing, I actually have Vanilla Bandit Sex Slaves installed and there was in fact a slave there! I disabled her so Tammie didn't have to share a room..