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  1. Tammie: What's for Dinner?

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them!
  2. I know I haven't been posting anything for a while now. I am still alive if anyone was wondering. :astonished:

    There's a reason for my inactivity at the moment, and that reason is probably the same as anyone who stops Skyrim; Real life stuff is happening. :confounded:

    I know I mentioned I was going to do the next chapter of Winter's Night, and that it got delayed because I procrastinated, but now that and Tammie's Adventures are going to have to be put on hold for the foreseeable future.

    I have since gotten a full time job(that fortunately/unfortunately pays a lot of overtime) and am also currently working on my university application.

    My dumb ass decided I wanted to study art. Art places tend to like portfolios. I have none because I'm lazy.

    Now that laziness has come to bite me in the butt as I have to cram and practice to get this whole 'portfolio' ready for my application.


    Hence, there's no time for Skyrim at the moment. Sadly.

    The next chapter for Winter's Night is still 50% done. I haven't given up on it, OR Tammie.

    They're just taking a break for now, as am I.

    The window for my application closes in March, so maybe I'd have some time after that, but I wouldn't hold my breath either cuz even if I got in, I am very underskilled compared to my peers.


    I hope ya'll don't forget about Tammie!

    And I'll still be here, just as a lurker for now.

    Cheers guys.

  3. Something like that. The story's already on-going if you didn't know, it's called "Winter's Night" and is on this very blog! Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Dovahbear is indeed a gentleman, but Tammie is definitely of age! What responsible bar tender would serve mead to a minor? Don't let her youthful face fool you, she's definitely 18! Definitely. No question. Definitely legal. For sure.. As for Winter's Night, those two can't break up..they aren't even together! Haha!
  5. I'll be honest, I thought of this adventure solely because of Dovahbear. Even with Mico and Gary, they're only characters in Tammie's story because I thought they would make interesting companions to her. I suppose I have their respective mod authors to thank for her having such unique friends!
  6. Hey hey! Here's the second part of this Tammie's adventure to hopefully chase your monday blues away! Hope you guys enjoy it! Now I know I posted that I'd have Winter's Night Chapter 8 ready by now but....I got distracted. Destiny 2 was on sale..and I got it...and the grind is real man. So I haven't actually made any progress on Chapter 8 and it's essentially still 50% ready. On top of that my job's got a lot of overtime going on at the moment, gotta earn that dough! So hopefully more time frees up for me soon so I can find the motivation to keep Skyrimming. Well enough about me, have some Tammie! Link to Part 1: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5735-tammie-morning-hangover/ Direct Link to Album(for those who see the images below as broken): https://imgur.com/a/HSrZB Previously... Currently... And that's all for now! Hope ya'll enjoyed it!
  7. Thanks for the tip! So like and that's it? do I need to put in [ /img ] like the old system? Haha! Funny thing, I actually have Vanilla Bandit Sex Slaves installed and there was in fact a slave there! I disabled her so Tammie didn't have to share a room..
  8. Hey hey, sorry for not posting in a while! I bought Destiny 2 and kinda got caught up in the grind.. Well anyway, here's the next Tammie's Adventure! It's kinda long so I will be splitting it into two parts, the second part I might post sometime next week or so! Also I'm giving another image-hosting site a try called Imgbox, so hopefully it works well! I'm adding a direct link to an Imgur album like usual, just in case. (Content Warning: Lots of gratuitous butt shots) Albums links here, in case the pictures appear broken. Honestly, if you're going to the albums directly to see the images, I'd say Imgur is still better since it shows the whole album in a scroll down. Imgbox shows page-by-page so you gotta keep clicking. Imgur album link: https://imgur.com/a/PnCr2 Imgbox album link: http://imgbox.com/g/oMUzuYqsjO BBCode embedding failed to show properly, use Imgur if you wanna see the album directly. [Edit: Well the Imgbox test ended up in a pile of poo poo...they used the same [ img ][ /img] format, but nothing showed up at all. So I'm switching back to Imgur. Sorry to all the guys without Referral Control installed, you're just gonna have to use the album link.. ]
  9. Hey everyone! It certainly has been a while since I posted an adventure on here! I said I was going to wait until the site upgrade was done and stable before posting, but I figured that would take a couple days or so, not a whole week and beyond! Well despite that, the site is upgraded, it's new and hip, like them youngsters at the park, so here's a story featuring Luna! Tammie's best friend, and old schoolmate from the College! I actually do have another adventure featuring Tammie but I finished this one first, so this will be the adventure to kick off the blog on the new site! The story also features Luna's companion, Pico, who is to Luna what Mico is to Tammie. And like how Luna's character is vastly different from Tammie's, Pico's is vastly different from Mico's too! Where Mico is a straight man who I envision as having an Orc's voice, I imagine Pico as a more laid-back, 'let's party' kind of guy. Maybe with an Italian accent haha! Direct Imgur Album link: https://imgur.com/a/g8zVx if the image below looks broken to you. You'll have to read the story there, cuz Imgur's a meanie. :\ Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4(last) And that's all for now! Hope ya'll enjoyed it! Edit: I'm thinking of trying another image hosting site since Imgur is still blocking LL, even on the new site. Might give Imgbox a try next post, fingers crossed!
  10. If BBCode isn't being used internally, then what's the standard in use now for linking images and videos? Also suggestion if I may: Can the 'Blog Entries' section on the lower right of the Homepage only update when someone publishes a new post on their blog, as opposed to currently where an entry is pushed to the very top anytime there is a comment or edit made to an entry, no matter how old it originally was? This new way makes that section of the homepage very messy IMO. On the old site it could be glanced at to see who most recently put something new on their blog that I might want to go check out, but now it basically updates every time a comment is made, even if the entry is super old.
  11. Skyrim Ladies Screenshots [Main Topic]

    @ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir Yeah Imgur blocked LL so any images you try and link on the LL domain gets blocked by them. On the old site, you could circumvent Imgur's blocks by downloading the Referer Control extension on Chrome and doing something with it I can't remember. There was a thread about it on the old site, I'm not sure where it is now.
  12. Test post

    Alright, so it would seem that publishing drafts that had been made before don't shift blogs back up to the top of the list where in the old site it used to. This means if a person wants their new posts to be seen, they'd have to literally start a new blog entry rather than keep one unpublished to be released at a later date. This threw me off a bit since the old site didn't work that way. Publishing a draft would actually count as a new post back then and put your blog back up on top. So this, on top of the change to the homepage's 'Blog entries' section updating EVERY time there's an edit of comment is a pretty funny change that's going to take some getting used to on my part. Not to sound egotistical, but I don't think I'm alone in thinking that when you put a new entry on your blog, you want it to be seen. Now I'm not sure if I should lock this post or straight up delete it. Will keep this here until I decide.