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  1. Ah I see, I'll take a look see. Thanks!
  2. Ooh I think I've heard of this mod, but I'm not sure how it works.. So I use a pose as per usual, then with this mod I can alter the position of each body part to my liking? Does the adjustment get saved or does it get reset every time the pose is cancelled and reused? I'd hate to fuck up a pose and have that permanently saved onto the pose itself haha
  3. I have another in mind already! So if time allows, I might be able to start on it soon!
  4. Haha, so what are some easier names you've given some characters? I'd like to hear some
  5. Tammie is clothing optional! Yes, that too!
  6. It fills me with inspiration.
  7. You're very welcome. Her ass makes some parts very easy in the concentration department for me, however!
  8. Hey hey! Super overdue, but it's here! Part 3! Totaling at 49 images, this part is a bit shorter than Part 2 and a bit longer than Part 1, so I guess it's a nice in-between to wrap up this adventure haha! I'm back to using ImgBB as the host as whatever problem I had initially kinda cleared itself out somehow so...yeah! Just a note from me: Some of the shots are a little dialogue-heavy so they end up taking up both sides of the image, I tried my best to make it clear if the dialogue was going 'left column>right column' or 'zigzag', but in the end it might still be a little confusing as both ways are present. My apologies for that, I'm still trying to think of how to distinguish the reading order. But before all that, please do take a look at the 2 preceding parts if you haven't already, so you'll know the context of this part! Links below! Part 1! Part 2! And of course, direct link to Part 3's album if you have any trouble viewing images on LL: https://ibb.co/album/bWWiiv (Sort by 'Most Recent') Click open the spoiler for Part 3! I hope you guys enjoyed it! And if you liked the ending picture of this part, I made a little something something for ya'll~ Personally this might be my favorite sexy couple screenshot of Tammie and Luna so far; I spent like over an hour positioning the both of them on the bed, and the clipping was CRAZY! You don't see below Luna's boobies cuz anything lower had a metric TON of clipping haha! I tried my best to make them look comfortable and welcoming in the shot And finally, a shout-out to the mod that inspired me to make this adventure SUPER SAFE DWARVEN ROCKET BOOTS!! I had to take some 'artistic liberties' with the taking off shot in Part 2, but the mod itself is hilarious when you use it. It honestly had me laughing the first time I saw it! Also, special shout-out to The Amazing World of Bikini Armor for Tammie's 'protective' gear in this adventure! I absolutely love this armor mod and I recommend anyone who likes slooty armor mods to take a look if you haven't already! Aight, have a nice weekend ya'll! I already have an idea what I'm doing for the next adventure, so look forward to that!
  9. So sorry Part3 is super late, guys!

    Please be patient! 😓


    Update 7/11/18: It is past midnight right now, and I'm glad to say the screenshots are ALL done!

    Gonna sleep now, got work tomorrow, then gonna do the dialogues after! 😁


    Update 7/11/18 night: Working on the dialogue right now, about halfway done! At this rate I should be done by Friday! 😊


    Update 8/11/18: First half of part 3 done! It's midnight now, so Imma go to bed and resume the other half after work!


    Update 9/11/18: Working on second half of part3 right now! If nothing goes wrong, I should be posting it tomorrow!


    Update 10/11/18: Aaaaaand done!! *fireworks* I am finished making part 3! It is past midnight now, so I'm gonna go to bed and then upload and post it "tomorrow"! 🤩

  10. Haha no worries, I understand! Not everyone loves animals/pets, nothing wrong with that!
  11. *Gasp* Then what about Gary the Goat and Mr Dovahbear? You'll see where she lands in the next part! They're from this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/63315 The updated mod as it is now seems to be much improved, with the mushrooms being silent followers and glowing effects! I downloaded the mod a loooong time ago so I have the older version where they don't glow and actually have voices. All of the mushroom followers in my game have the orc male voice haha! While I do think the updated version is improved and the silent mushrooms work for immersion better, hearing an orc's voice come from a mushroom was what gave me the idea for Mico's personality and what started the veeery first adventure haha! So out of habit, I never updated the mod in my game.
  12. > Haha yeah, I think I went a little overboard with Part 2 having 71 images! The plan was to have 3 parts, and each part taking 20-40 so they'd balance out nicely. I guess I kinda lost track of the total count while I was oogling Tammie haha! >Sadly no flight shots I don't think. This story was inspired by a mod I found on the Nexus which I will credit in the next part, but because its use ragdolls the player, I'm unable to do a tfc to take any actual flying. So what's happening in this part was a little trickery on my part. >Oooh, maybe! Not everyone is a pet person haha. More so if the pet could talk and won't stop, probably! >I removed the BBcode portion of Part1 and instead linked the previous part's blog entry. You're right, ImgBox is a tad slower to load than ImgBB was, and linking a whole 100+ images might be bad news for some PCs. That was my bad.
  13. I totally understand, not everyone's gonna love the mushrooms. They're there to act as foils to our heroines, to push them to think and to move in ways being alone wouldn't. Tammie and Luna are the main stars after all, so naturally the focus will always be about them! Just think of Mico and Pico as maybe that dad or uncle that everyone has who occasionally joins in on the fun! Some might hate them, some might like them, some might just tolerate them, but they're family. If anything, it can show how Tammie can get along with anyone! And how Luna can be patient and tolerate anyone too!
  14. What don't you like about them? I know Mico and Pico are a little more forward and annoying here, but I wanted to introduce them here as their first time appearing as Tammie and Luna's companions. Hence I want their personalities to come off a bit more rough, and then they mellow out as time goes on, becoming the way they are in the earlier adventures where Tammie and Luna are on their own paths. Mico being more blunt and insensitive and Pico being more perverted and annoying in this adventure are to show that they as a different species have not had much interaction with humans, and as such can come across very rough and not very considerate of others' feelings.