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  1. ongwk733

    Tammie: Job Done!

    Oooh I think that would cater to a different kind of fetish I'm not ready to put Tammie in...yet.
  2. Yeah Imgur's a meanie when it comes to image links..They don't want their stuff appearing on LL. Try this: https://imgur.com/a/PnCr2 Most of my old stories use Imgur and I haven't changed it to a working host but I put up direct links for all of them to the album directly so viewing them offsite shouldn't be an issue!
  3. ongwk733

    Tammie: Job Done!

    There is no end to how much sweet rolls and mead Tammie can devour!
  4. Hey guys! Been a while! Once again, real life and other business.. >_> But once again, Tammie! Been a little busy so I haven't had a lot of time to continue Winter's Night much since that requires a little more thought in the story and scene setup. For now though, Tammie and Luna's stuff are easier for me to dish out because they're usually one-off snippets and stuff so I can just think of a funny situation whenever(sometimes at work, don't tell my boss I daydream at work!), jot it down, and get it done! But anyways, here's another one of Tammie's little Adventures! It's a shorter one this time but I hope ya'll like it! Edit: Almost forgot again! Direct album link here if you can't view the images here! https://ibb.co/album/icRGJv (Sort by 'most recent') VVV Open the spoiler to continue the comic! VVV Like I said, a little shorter than my usual stuff nowadays, BUT to make up for it I made a few 'wallpapers' of the sexy end picture for you guys!~ Have a nice weekend everyone!
  5. Try it! It's an interesting perspective, being a head shorter than everyone else! Happy you enjoyed it!
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14692 BFS Effects! An amazing mod that adds realistic burning, frost and electricity effects to entities hit by their respective elemental spells AND if they die from them burned enemy corpses become charred, frosted corpses become encased in ice and electrocuted corpses get singed have residual sparks! I did keep the heavy swears, but I feel like it would be an appropriate time for Luna to be swearing up a storm. After all, she damn near got sexy time with a Troll! Troll sex has to be consensual! I kid But I kinda like the idea of Luna being a pottymouth, as Tammie doesn't swear much(nor does she usually have a reason to, she's enjoying life!). All that stress of school, and a crazy bestfriend, a youngster like her has to vent! It isn't an adventure with Tammie until someone goes nude! It definitely won't! Tammie is as Tammie does! Luna's just gotta hang on for the ride!
  7. IT'S DONE!


    *Party noises*

  8. I.AM.SO LATE on this one! But it is done and it is here! My deepest apologies, but look on the bright side! Take this as a way to chase away your Monday Blues! And if it's already Tuesday for you..uuuhh...Tammie Tuesday? Hahaha! But anyway, this is the fourth and final part of this four part Tammie & Luna Adventure, marking the end of the first story where these two lovely lasses featured together! And since this is the fourth part, I highly recommend to go take a look through the first 3 parts before jumping into this one! It's just a couple clicks away~ Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 And if you've already seen the previous 3 entries, here's part 4, beginning with a cut from part 3! The full thing will be put in a spoiler, as it totals out to be like 30-40 images and I don't wanna crash anyone's potato computer! And of course, direct album link provided in case anyone has trouble viewing the images. Direct Album Link (View by "Most Recent") Content Warning: Troll Penis. Click the spoiler to open the rest of the story! And that's it for now! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it! The sexy end picture for this one is perhaps my favorite one so far. I liked it so much I took a couple of variations for you guys! I put them all in an album here: https://ibb.co/album/fZ0TWF But if you're curious how they look, here's them all in a spoiler. VVV I quite like how the vertical ones turned out! Feel free to use those on your phones, if you dare! Have a nice day ya'll!
  9. Right! I am late on Part 4 of Troll Goal!

    Had a bunch of overtime to do this weekend so got held back a little!

    Expect Part 4 to be done and out sometime tomorrow!


    And thank you all for your patience..😅

    1. ongwk733


      Okay um...it's tomorrow. And I've come to say, I'll post it...tomorrow.. 😫

      Was occupied with real life stuff today again! 

      Waaaay too tired to fire up photoshop and work on the pictures.. 😖

  10. It's actually a Horker Steak haha!
  11. ongwk733

    Tammie's New Toy

    Why thank you! Please feel free to haha! Not too fast though, I'm not posting as fast as I used to!
  12. ongwk733

    The Small Library

    Thanks for the shoutout! Oooh now the bar's set, I can't afford to fall short of that expectation!
  13. I may have gone overboard in expressing Luna's frustration at her situation haha! Will have to get more creative in future! My intention was to convey how upset Luna was at Tammie, with her being very direct in her language because we all know that there's no way Tammie's not gonna joke around like again(which you all already can tell from her other stories ) Unlike Tammie, I haven't fleshed out Luna's character as much yet, but she supposed to be the Yin to Tammie's Yang. Where Tammie is always open with her feelings regardless of situation, Luna will keep to herself wherever it is appropriate to do so. Luna's also more duty-minded, where she focuses on her studies and craft(sometimes to the point where she lacks in sleep, which I tried to express with her 'panda eyes') while Tammie is obviously very hedonistic. I intend to show this in a story in the future, but I want to show how despite Luna's character as a polite and soft-spoken scholar because of her more noble status, Tammie's presence causes a bit of Luna's quiet facade to break away, simply because of how infuriating influential she can be. And that they're best friends because Luna just has to be blunt with Tammie, or she won't pay attention. Essentially Luna can vent herself at Tammie, and Tammie won't mind because she got what she wanted anyway.
  14. No doubt! The question is how traumatized Luna's gonna get coming out of this haha!