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Freedom Restored? (Monilee's Adventure, Part 21)



Auryen Morellus looked positively giddy as he took the jade warrior off of Monilee's hands. 


"You've found it? Oh, you have! Excellent. Yes, I have just the place for this. Thank you, here's your reward."


Handing over a small purse of coin, the Altmer added, "What about the other relics? Any luck?"


Monilee shook her head apologetically, "I'm afraid not. We've run into some... complications." She had gotten better at speaking through the metal contraption Nocturnal had locked onto her jaws, but her voice was still more of a raspy whisper than her natural tone.




Morellus considered her sympathetically, "Oh yes, I've heard of devices like these. Was this a trap in a dungeon? Perhaps the blacksmith at Castle Dour can help you."


"Sadly," Shayna offered, "It's a little trickier than that. Monilee here has run into... daedric complications."


"Aaaaaaaah," Auryen said slowly, "So I see. A hazard of the adventuring life, but also a badge of honor that you've drawn the attention of such powerful forces. Were the collection more complete, I might have some tools to help you, but I'm afraid the daedric mysteries are one area where I am just starting to build the exhibits."


"Actually," Monilee whispered, "there might be something you can do for us. Do you know of a place called Rimerock Burrow?"


"Hey!" Barbas barked, incensed, "I coulda showd you the way!"


Evidently not privy to the meaning of Barbas' words, Auryen repliced, "In fact, I do. That's where old Sebastian Lort and his daughter have their laboratory. It's a tricky place to reach - but it should be no problem for heroes of your caliber. Just follow the mountain road as far west as it goes, then carefully make your way around the north face until you see the wooden porch he added to his... cave." The last word sounded a hint of disapproval.


Monilee took it in for a second then responded, "Thank you, Auryen. That's exactly what I needed."


"Oh, no worry at all. But... if you see Sebastian, could you remind him that I'd like to talk with him about borrowing that axe of his?"


"Of course," she said. 


Their business concluded, Monilee turned to leave and very nearly walked into Mother Hamal. Evidently, while the group was conversing with Auryen, the high priestess had let herself into the museum unnoticed.




"Dragonborn, hello!" she said.


"Mother Hamal," Monilee rejoined, "what are you doing here?"


"Oh," she said, "I have some business with the curator here. But forget about that, I owe you my thanks for your help before. By delaying Hevnoraak's resurrection, you lifted a great burden from the temple."


Edippa addressed her before Monilee could respond, "It was the least we could do, Mother. I'm sorry we could not give you the good news in person."


Hamal brushed that away with a dismissive gesture. "Do not apologize, if you had returned to the temple you only would have found it closed again. Much is occurring the must remain unseen to secular eyes. In time, everything will become clear - I promise."


"But for now," she continued, "Monilee, will you accept another lesson in the noble secrets of art and love?"


Monilee glanced about the museum's small vestibule. "Here?"


Hamal let out a quiet, musical laugh, "Of course! Every place in this world is a fitting place for love. Come, meet my bodyguard. He will provide you with a special lesson. Pay close attention, for he is very experienced."




Removing his gloves and helm, then unlacing the loincloth beneath his heavy plate armor, the man whispered in a voice both gentle and commanding. "Come, show me your knowledge of Dibella's arts."


His voice had an almost hypnotic quality, and Monilee did not notice right away as Hamal's attendants gently removed Monilee's clothes. Ignoring Lydia's sidelong look of disapproval, Monilee bowed before the paladin, gripping at his belt as she leaned around the front flap of his armor to gently kiss at the soft organs underneath. 


"Yes," he said, "Continue. Show me what you have already learned, then I shall teach you something new. New and beautiful."


Monilee knew that her attentions should be more than enough to drive any man into a frenzy of ardor, but the man grew only slowly in response to her tongue and her lips. It was not that he was impotent - she tasted the hot, salty beads of fluid emerge from within and she felt her heartbeat when her lips closed around him - but rather that this man was a student of the utmost self control. 


"Surprised?" He purred. "To serve Dibella, a man must have total control; only through rigorous training can he ensure his woman receives total pleasure before his power is spent. I wonder if you can outlast me?"


She smiled around the flesh in her mouth, whispering, "I can outlast you any day, all day."


"We'll see," the guard growled softly.


As Monilee continued to kiss and suck on the man's penis, he slowly unbuckled his armor, depositing it into a pile on the floor with practiced care. Then, with a suddenness of action that shocked Monilee, he pinned her to the rug, using his hands and he elbows to force her into a pose that left her completely exposed and unable to move in any direction without great discomfort. Still slick from Monilee's mouth, the paladin plunged into her, probing the deepest depths of her being.




"Nocturnal," Monilee gasped, "my virginity, she'll know."


Hamal laughed, "Fear not, my daughter. That daedra's magics will protect you, for now. My best knights are working on a plan to free you, but for now this lesson will not and cannot violate the training that Lady Luck has imposed on you." 


Deeper and deeper the paladin plunged, like an iron rod not just stretching her passage but sliding against and between her guts and organs. As he continued, still holding her perfectly still, his thumbs pressing against her forehead, he felt her limbs begin to tingle and her vision swim as an intense feeling of pressure built all along her thighs and hips and center. 


Then as one, they erupted. A lance of heat blossomed on Monilee's belly even as her own waters gushed forth with all the power of the pent-up pressure in her abdoment. Half aware, she thought she heard Lucien gasp in shock. 


After she had recovered for a moment and redressed, Monilee looked from Hamal to her bodyguard and back.


"That was... impressive."


"Oh, Dragonborn, this was just the beginning. Dibella has so many secrets to teach you... but for now, you have your destiny to pursue. Be strong, and know that in the fullness of time you will be free." With that she turned, "Auryen? Auryen! I have news for you on the matter you wrote me of. Also, you need a new rug for your foyer."




Night was descending when the party finally located the 'porch' that Auryen had spoken of. As they started to enter the cave casually, Barbas called for them to stop.


"Now, lissen, I know you don't want my instructions," he whined.


"Dibella's breath, dog," Monilee whispered, "are you still sore about us asking Auryen for directions?"


"Yes," he yipped, "yes I am. But I also wantcha to make things right with Clavicus so I'm gonna give you some free advice. Don't just walk in there. Old Sebastian ain't right in the head these days. You're gonna have trouble no matter watcha do, so you might as well get the drop on him."


"I don't like it," Lydia said, "It sounds like the dog just wants you to murder him."


"Thatsazactly what I want you to do," Barbas barked. "Just put a few arrows in him and be done with it. Heeza powerful wizard, and you don't want to know what he'll do to ya if he gets tha chance."


Monilee looked to the others. Lucien just shrugged, but Edippa offered, "Wizards who cavort with the daedra are often quick to go mad. While I don't savor murdering the man in cold blood, we should enter quietly and observe. If we see signs that he's gone mad, it may be a mercy to end him." 


Shayna interjected, "It sounds like you're doing him a favor anyway. If he's become Clavicus Vile's plaything, his suffering is probably even worse if he's managed to cling to his sanity. If you can kill him cleanly, you might as well."


Lydia frowned, "I still don't like this. A Thane should wear her honor like armor. You can conquer dragons. I believe you can just as easily conquer wizards or daedra. Approach with care if you must, but give the man a chance - he deserves more than a knife in the dark."


Monilee thought on all these opinions. "Alright, we'll take it careful, but if we can speak to the man we'll do so. We only need the axe, after all."




As soon as Monilee entered the cave, however, she could see that there was going to be trouble. Warm light flickered across the icy walls of the caverns as unearthly shapes - flame atronachs - glided on silent patrol through the cavern. Cautiously, the party crept forward, felling the magical sentinels with carefully aimed bowshots as they progressed. Monilee still hoped that the man himself could be reasoned with, but the presence of summoned monsters worried her. 


Past the chamber of guardians, Monilee saw a man who must have been Sebastian. Seemingly lost in thought, he hunched over an altar furiously working at... something. Closer and closer they crept, until he spun to face them. Eyes wild, Sebastian leveled a staff at Monilee. But even as she drew her own weapon to defender herself, and arrow sunk into the wizard's chest and he fell. Lydia, a look of disappointment on her fact, lowered her bow and considered the ruins of the man.


"I had no choice," she said. "I wish he'd let things go differently." 


Monilee laid a gentle hand on Lydia's shoulder. "You probably saved me life," she said. "I never expected him to turn like that, ready to strike. You did well."


Then louder she said, to everyone, "OK, that didn't go as well as we hoped, but let's search this place and find that axe. It's sure to be here somewhere."


Nodding their assent, the party split up, carefully looking through the various armoires and chests that decorated the cave. On the wizard himself and scattered over his enchanting table Monilee found several books and of course the dangerous looking staff. Those she took, with a mental note to examine them further - especially the one that looked to be a spell tome. She also found a curious looking key, which she slipped into one of her pouches. 


Then she found it, laid out upon a large altar. 




The axe shimmered with a threatening green light, and as she held it in her hands she felt its sheer power running up her arms. This, she realized, was a mighty weapon indeed. Perhaps even a key part of her quest for freedom from all those would would control her will. She felt its weight, its balance, gave it a test swing overhand and sideways. It felt like it was made for her, like a master blacksmith had adjusted and fine tuned it just for her. And it was so light! Yes, Monilee thought, this axe was meant for me, not for Clavicus Vile. 


Her reveille was interrupted by Edippa's voice, echoing from deeper in the cave. "Monilee!" she called, "there's something here for you to see!" 




They'd found her in a bed chamber, deeper within, wrapped up in a burlap sack. Even released from that confinement, she was tied tightly with all manner of restrains.


"Who are you?" Monilee asked.


"My name is Pet, Mistress." Monilee could almost hear Lydia groaning that that.


"What are you doing here?"


Pet answered cheerfully, "Serving my master, of course!"


Monilee didn't spare her the bad news, "Your master is dead."


"He is?!" her cheerful demeanor slipping, "What will I do now? Did you kill him? Can you kill me too? Please?"


Monilee didn't grant that request. On further discussion, they tried to tease out where the woman had come from, but her memory seemed to be mostly gone. The only clue she remembered was that her home had a plaza with a large tree in the center - much like the plaza in Whiterun where the preacher of Talos spread his gospel. 


The she shouted, "And someone! I remember! My brother, his name is Belethor."


Now Lydia did groan out loud. "I thought she looked familiar."


"What do you mean?" Monilee asked.


"Belethor, he's that Breton who runs the general store. For all his joking about selling his sister... he had one, once upon a time, but she disappeared. No one had seen her for years, but... I think this might be her."


The girl was still talking, "I was happy and safe in the store... and, and, and he sold me to a complete stranger."




"That bastard," Lydia ground out between her teeth. "The Jarl is going to make him pay for this."


Monilee nodded, "Yes, but first we need to bring her home." Turning to the woman she said, "Listen, pet. Follow us and we will bring you back to Whiterun."


"Yes, Mistress," she said with meek submission. 


As they emerged from the bedchamber, a new voice called out from the cave entrance. "Hold, Dragonborn!"




A man stood there, in dwarven armor of the sort seen in Markarth. 


Monilee waved to him in greeting, "Hello," she said, "what business do you have here?"


"I am sir Biggs, knight of the Order of the Lily. Mother Hamal told me I could find you here." 


"The Order of the Lily?" Monilee asked, "are you allies of the Temple of Dibella?"


"Indeed," Biggs replied, his voice full of pride. "Our order is sworn to the service of the House of Dibella. And we have labored hard to free you from Nocturnal's interference."




"You must come with us quickly to Markarth so we may enact the ritual to free you from these bindings." 


Monilee's heart swelled. She knew Hamal had promised her aid from the temple, but she hadn't quite believed it would come. Now, it seemed, that promise was to be fulfilled.


"Whoa, hold on justa second," Barbas interjected, "What about the axe? What about getting me back in Clavicus' good graces?"

"We would have passed through Markarth on the way back anyway, Barbas. You've helped me, and I won't abandon you. Just be patient." Turning to Biggs she said, "Alright, let's go."


"Good, good, Dragonborn," the knight said, clapping both his hands on her shoulders and embracing her, "soon you will be free! Our wagon is waiting on the road just east of here." 


They made haste to the road, even leaving unmolested the treasure chest they'd found deeper in the cave. But when they reached the road, Monilee hesistated.


"Sir Biggs," she said, "why is there a cage on the wagon?"


"For you, Dragonborn, to keep you safe. This cage contains powerful wards that will prevent Nocturnal from abducting you while we travel to Markarth. Please, enter within."


Grudgingly, she accepted, her companions alternating sitting on the running boards and walking alongside the wagon as it rolled. The journey took a night and a day, and they finally arrived in Markarth he following evening. At length, the knights lifted the cage from the wagon, placing it in the town square next to what appeared to be a torturer's rack. 




"Thanks for waiting," Biggs said as they finished settling the cage into place. 


"I had little choice. Do I want to know what the rack is for?"


The knight chuckled darkly, "This will be a difficult lesson, so we don't want you to forget it. Just remember, what we are about to do may seem harsh, but it is for your own good."


Perhaps against her better judgment, Monilee believed him, and so she did not resist as they took her from the cage and strapped her onto the rack. With the help of the man who Biggs introduced as an expert locksmith, they carefully detached the various 'toys' Nocturnal had locked onto Monilee's body. One by one, she was freed from the abominations and for the first time in what felt like ages should could breath unhindered. 


Last but not leash, the locksmith gently removed the coiled rings that Nocturnal had so painfully threaded through the petals of Monilee's sex. But even before she could breath a sign of relief, Biggs - now free of his armor - was climbing onto the rack and entering her. She gasped as a man entered her without the protection of Nocturnal's magics for the first time. Biggs was gentle but firm, thrusting deeply and with great purpose. When he was done with her nethers, he climbed up the slats of the rack and filled her mouth, and then repeated - as if by some unnatural magic his reservoirs of seed were perpetually replenished. 


Soon Monille's body was caked in a warm blend of Sir Biggs' semen and her own sweat as the townsfolk watched the ritual with a conflicted mix of reverence and perverse interest. 




Finally, Biggs freed Monilee from her bindings and let her slide to the ground. She lay on the ground, panting, and then shrieked with pain. Pain in her nipples, pain in the folds of her vulva, pain constricting her chest and her throat and her wrists and ankles.


The bindings! They were all back!


Biggs stepped back with a gasp. "Impossible!" He shouted, making it sound like a curse.


"Impossible?" A voice whispered from the shadows. "Foolish knight, foolish Dragonborn! Did you think you could outwit me? The Dragonborn's virginity belongs to me, and your pathetic prayers and magics will never change that."


Then in a harsher tone, which Monilee suspected only she could hear, Nocturnal continued, "We'll continue this conversation later, little Dragonborn. Hasten back to Haemar's Shame, before I grow impatient!"







Testing Notes

Tested priestess party encounter, male bodyguard variant. Initially the dialogue failed because Monilee was already in a conversation with Auryen, however, shortly after that Hamal re-greeted and the scene worked correctly. 


Successfully transported to Markarth and completed all stages/scenes of the Order of the Lily rescue event. However, none of the virgin training items were actually removed and Monilee did not lose her virginty. Is this functioning as intended? The dialogue implied that the toys would be removed and that Monilee would be deflowered.


Observed SLaVE/Toys successfully prevent a save attempt by a third party mod (CASM auto-save manager) while an animation was playing. 


Edited by gregaaz


Recommended Comments

Initially the dialogue failed because Monilee was already in a conversation with Auryen

That's a good thing, not a fail! :P  I know you meant that but its worded kinda like its bad.



Observed SLaVE/Toys successfully prevent a save attempt by a third party mod (CASM auto-save manager) while an animation was playing. 


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Just now, VirginMarie said:

Initially the dialogue failed because Monilee was already in a conversation with Auryen

That's a good thing, not a fail! :P  I know you meant that but its worded kinda like its bad.


Oh yeah, definitely the desired outcome.


Just now, VirginMarie said:


Observed SLaVE/Toys successfully prevent a save attempt by a third party mod (CASM auto-save manager) while an animation was playing. 



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Update - after troubleshooting with @VirginMarie, we have figured out why the chastity gear was not unequipping. 


Compatibility Note - Project Proteus -- Appears to be compatible. However, if you import a character who is wearing Toys, you must attempt to unequip each toy to ensure it properly registers with Toys. Otherwise, they may not be stripped at appropriate times. Also, if you don't want to immediately start SLaVE, you should make sure that when you save your character your first discard any "key items" such as the various notes that advance the SLaVE main quest, as their presence in your inventory may cause your quest position to advance. 

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Unregistered toys like that will cause more problems than just stripping.


As was suggested by another user, I plan to make quest books/notes un-drop-able, till the quest is done, so discarding them wont always be possible. I'd suggest that using Project Porteous is just a bad idea, and would be a big mess for other mods like DD, where those toys (Devices) would be left in a worse state, not so easily fixed.

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10 minutes ago, VirginMarie said:

Unregistered toys like that will cause more problems than just stripping.


As was suggested by another user, I plan to make quest books/notes un-drop-able, till the quest is done, so discarding them wont always be possible. I'd suggest that using Project Porteous is just a bad idea, and would be a big mess for other mods like DD, where those toys (Devices) would be left in a worse state, not so easily fixed.


Yes, on further review this may be at least partially a PEBCAK issue; I neglected to go through the exported json files and remove quest items and other gear that could cause unexpected results. If we need to move Monilee to another playthrough in the future, I'll be removing her toys, quest items, and similar things prior to importing her into the new baseline.

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