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The Quest:


This mod started as a simple extension to the quest 'No One Escapes Cidhna Mine', and has since expanded to include five additional scenarios, loosely connected to that base quest.


It adds some new ways to experience Cidhna Mine, particularly the early stages (getting past Borkul the Beast). The normal methods of getting past Borkul still work, but this quest adds two new ways to get necessary items (a shiv, or a bottle of skooma).


If the optional mod 'Blood and Silver' is loaded, the mine will be a lot bigger and there will be about 20 additional NPCs; these extras don't all have unique dialogue, but they will participate in the mod in a variety of ways. They may even (rarely) offer aid. This is a large expansion, and the sheer number of actors can cause lag on weaker computers.


If the optional mod 'Milk Mod Economy' is loaded, a character who is lactating will have some additional dialogue options; the 'Non-SexLab Animation Pack' provides a couple of breast-feeding animations that are useful here (but not strictly required). Note: offering milk to Borkul will be considered an insult.



  1. To start, talk to Borkul: "Are you sure we can't come to some arrangement?".
  2. It will take at least 5 (often more) encounters with prisoners to get either necessary item.
  3. Taking a consistently defiant response will eventually cause Grisvar to drop a shiv.
  4. Taking a consistently submissive response will eventually give Duach a new dialogue option for skooma: "I don't think I can take much more of this."
  5. Either of those items will be enough to get past Borkul the Beast and talk to Madanach.
  6. Madanach has new dialogue to remove a blindfold - but will add restraints instead. Alternatively, you can take the key from him by stealth or force.
  7. Any restraints added by this mod can be removed with normal Devious Devices keys, if you don't take the key from Madanach.
  8. There are follow-up scenarios available as separate quests (see below).




Follow-up Quests:


Keeping up Morale:

  1. Talk to Madanach to start (assuming he survived).
  2. Wander around and play with the inhabitants of Druadach Redoubt
  3. Talk to Madanach again to get loose.




Confusion to the Forsworn:

  1. Talk to Thonar Silverblood to start (assuming Madanach was killed).
  2. Infiltrate Karthspire, posing as an escaped slave.
  3. Escape Karthspire, either by collecting a disguise, fighting your way out, or just running.
  4. Return to Thonar for your gear.




Meet the Neighbors:

  1. Talk to Madanach to start (assuming Borkul survived as well).
  2. Talk to Borkul.
  3. Travel to Mor Khazgur. The chief will greet you.
  4. Get to know the neighbors.
  5. Eventually, the wise-woman will offer you a way out. Or you can jump the fence.
  6. Return to Borkul to finish the quest. Your gear is in the boss chest.




Pirate Prize:

  1. If Thonar Silverblood is killed, and the player clears the Silverblood mercenaries out of Sanuarach mine (Karthwasten), then the remaining Silverbloods will retaliate. Can also be started by getting captured by the wreckers aboard the Icerunner, in the 'Lights Out' quest (even if you've never done any of the other quests in this mod).
  2. The quest triggers when sleeping in isolated places; the character is abducted and sold to pirates. Gold will be stolen, and most useful gear will be removed and placed in a locked chest on the pirate ship.
  3. Convince various pirates to loosen the restraints. This requires talking to them (not just letting them come to you), so a gag talk mod is required for this. Devious Devices Integration v2.8.2 comes with gag talk built in.
  4. Get the key to the main door, and escape. It can be stolen as part of the quest dialogue, or you can simply pickpocket it.
  5. If you take too long, they may dump you on the beach in amongst some other (hostile) pirates. Intended for use with Deviously Helpless - otherwise, run for it.
  6. Alternatively, if you have Devious Devices Expansion installed and take too long to escape, the pirates will sell you to Erikur up in Solitude.




A Dish Served Hot:

  1. Preliminary quest can be started by talking to Rolff (in Windhelm), Harrald (in Riften), or Yngvar (in Markarth). If the conditions are met (no conflicting DD gear, no conflicting quest, no follower to interfere) this can result in the character being fitted with a collar and gag. If Cursed Loot is available, the slave collar and gag from that mod will be used.
  2. That may trigger additional minor encounters in military camps, where soldiers will threaten to turn the character in to her 'owner'. It will also trigger an encounter with Gilfre, at Mixwater Mill, if wearing DD gear (not necessarily the same items) and with no follower to interfere.
  3. Gilfre will take weapons and small valuables, and sell the character to the Lost Knife bandits.
  4. It is possible to simply sneak out of Lost Knife, though bandits in the outer zone will usually return the character to the starting location if they catch her. A more reliable escape is to wait until meal time and poison the bandits. Once the bandits are incapacitated, simply walk out; if you start killing the bandits, they'll revive quicker (though not instantly).
  5. The yoke may be removed by one of the bandits, but this is not guaranteed. The gag will not, so best have some other mod (like Cursed Loot) that drops keys.
  6. The poison can be found

    in a knapsack by some sleeping furs, up the stairs from the starting point





Playing with the Food:

  1. The quest may be started by talking to Hert, at Half-Moon Mill, with a topic starting 'What?'.
  2. The quest will use either Pinemoon Cave or Broken Fang Cave.
  3. This quest is primarily intended as a way to contract vampirism, and it is probably best suited to lower-level characters.
  4. The character may black out from blood loss from time to time, and will not regenerate normally after a feeding. She may be able to use sex as a diversion to keep the master vampire from feeding quite so often.
  5. If she's really submissive, she might escape without any restraints; any resistance will result in a gag or blindfold - which the master vampire will not remove, even after she turns. After turning, she will be kicked loose to fend for herself.
  6. It will be difficult to fight the vampires while enthralled, unless perhaps by a successful sneak attack. Usually, fighting will just result in more restraints, and a period in the cage. Failed escape attempts will result in a period in the cage too.
  7. Stolen gear is in the boss chest (locked) and may be lost if it isn't retrieved before the cell resets. Plan accordingly.


The mod adds almost 430 lines of new dialogue to Cidhna Mine and elsewhere. And lots of sex, of course.




Thanks go to the Devious mods gang, for fantastic mod resources. And of course to Ashal for SexLab itself. And to CGi for translation help.




This mod requires SexLab, of course, as well as the following additional mods:
Devious Devices - Assets
Devious Devices - Integration
Zaz Animation Pack


For the unvoiced dialogue, Fuz Ro Do'h is strongly recommended.


Optional extras:


Blood and Silver expansion: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59277/?
Milk Mod Economy: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36908-milk-mod-economy-2014-11-11/
Non-SexLab Animation Pack: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38870-non-sexlab-animation-pack/


For male characters, Devious Devices - Males Addon is recommended. Even with that mod, the collar and cuffs are invisible, in my testing; the blindfold works properly.


Tested with SexLab 1.61b, Zaz 7, Devious Devices 4.0, and Deviously Helpless 1.15d.
Tested with optional mods Blood and Silver 1.1, Milk Mod from 2014-11-11, Non-SexLab Animation 3.1.
Also Devious Cursed Loot 6.3.




This mod adds new dialogue in Cidhna Mine, it does not alter any existing dialogue; it should not actually conflict with other mods (such as SexLab Solutions) which do the same, but the combined changes might work at cross-purposes. This could cause a bit of confusion about which dialogue came from which mod.


Version History:




1.100 SE: Added Skyrim SE compatibility.


1.100: Added a repeatable minor expansion quest:

  • Wandering into a bandit camp with restraints (blindfold, armbinder, straitjacket, or yoke) will result in the bandits taking advantage instead of attacking.  Equipping weapons or sneaking may turn them hostile again.  If they start tripping over dead bodies, they will definitely turn hostile.  This is meant to give vampire or succubus characters an alternate approach, instead of stealth or mayhem.
  • The first bandit that greets you will steal most gear, including restraint keys.  So keep that in mind.
  • Bandits may sell you (Simple Slavery), or add a slave collar (Cursed Loot), or add ankle fetters.  But they may also remove some generic restraints (not custom or quest gear).
  • Fixed some broken idle animations in a few cases (mostly cosmetic).
  • New FOMOD installer and German translations, courtesy of CGi. (Thanks!)
  • Non-localized ESP also available, primarily as a modder resource (since the CK does not play nice with the localized one).  Script sources are an option in the FOMOD installer.
  • Updated the main page to indicate that it's not compatible with SSE.  It would actually be more accurate to say it hasn't been *tested* with the Special Edition.


1.90: Updated for DeviousDevices 4.0:

  • Replaced ball gags with ring gags in the Dainty Sload quest, so gag speech works.
  • Use straitjacket in place of armbinder in some situations, for wider range of animations.
  • Use prisoner chains in place of armbinder in Druadach and Mor Khazgur, if there are no slot conflicts (i.e. no collar or cuffs).  Allows wider range of animations.
  • Fixed a few other misc bugs, recompiled all scripts.
  • NOTE: stick to earlier versions if you don't have DD 4.0 or later.


1.80: Added a new expansion quest, and localization support:

  • New independent side quest with vampires: 'Playing with the Food'.
  • Multi-language localization, including a German translation by CGi. The non-localized ESP is also available, for anyone who wants to modify things in the Creation Kit (localized ones don't play nice with the CK).
  • Fixes for avoiding the Karthspire quest if the main quest has cleared it.
  • Minor fixes to Erikur's behavior.
  • Recompiled all scripts with SexLab v1.61b. The older versions back to 1.59c should still work.

1.71: Minor bug fixes to the new expansion:

  • Fixed a potential force-greet loop by tightening the conditions
  • Added a 25% chance that soldiers in camps will actually sell the character out.
  • Steal gear (remove to the boss chest) if not already done, or if the character has picked up any new gear and gets caught in the outer zone of Lost Knife.
  • Changed the priming trigger for Harrald from the tavern to Mistveil keep.
  • Fixed to skip Rolff's taunts, for Nord characters or Stormcloak recruits, since they don't fit.

1.70: Added a new expansion quest:

  • Added a new quest, A Dish Served Hot, located in Lost Knife Hideout.
  • Added minor tie-in to Cursed Loot slave collar and slave gag (optional).
  • Fixed problems with Druadach Redoubt resets causing gear to be lost; player gear is now stored in a non-respawning knapsack, on the floor near the back of the cave.

1.60: Small expansion to the Pirate Prize quest:

  • Added an alternate ending to the Pirate Prize quest, if Devious Devices Expansion is available and you take too long to escape (triggers if > 25 sessions, and time is between 6am and 6pm). This ending results in being marched up to Erikurs's house in Solitude; you'll have a chance to escape easily, since Erikur's overconfident about his knot-tying abilities.
  • If Angrim's Apprentice v2.02 or later is installed, this ending will also trigger some passive abilities for a bondage witch (Atronach Flesh, Harnessed Rage). If Angrim is not installed, these abilities are not available.
  • Atronach Flesh provides a 20% magic absorb for 5 min. after a vibration event, if naked (includes outfits flagged as naked for SexLab Aroused Redux). The idea is that the depleted soul gem plugs or piercings are absorbing some of the incoming magical energies.
  • Harnessed Rage adds a 10% bonus to illusion (fear, fury, etc.) and 10% to melee weapons, as long as 4 or more Devious Devices (not including piercings) are worn.

1.52: Bug fix, one new alternate start to Pirate quest:

  • Added capture by Deeja and the wreckers aboard the Icerunner as another way to start the Pirate Prize, even if you've never been to Markarth.
  • Fixed an event-name bug in the setup for the Pirate quest.
  • Fixed a case where the Bosun might threaten to gag you, even though you're wearing a gag.

1.51: Bug fix, minor enhancements:

  • Added optional support for Soulgem Oven II, as alternate to Milk Mod.
  • Added some minor comments to Markarth guards, if Milk Mod was used.
  • Fixed a bug in Pirate Prize quest that could lose your gear.

1.50: Added support for some additional mods, bug fixes:

  • Added optional support for the Blood and Silver expansion of Cidhna Mine.
  • Added optional support for Milk Mod Economy.
  • Added optional use of animations from Non-SexLab Animation Pack.
  • Fixed some bugs in the 'Pirate Prize' quest stealing arrows, gems, lock picks, and potions.
  • Fixed the bug that could cause the speech penalty in Cidhna Mine to get stuck.
  • Added a mechanism for other mods to trigger the 'Pirate Prize' quest using a mod event.

1.41: Minor fixes:

  • Fixed so that Deviously Helpless is once again optional (requires Deviously Helpless v1.15+)
  • Added dialogue to beg pirates for food, to prevent starvation.

1.40: Expansion of 'Pirate Prize' quest, other additions and fixes:

  • Automatic disable / enable for Deviously Helpless; requires Deviously Helpless 1.14 for the override to function properly.
  • Added ways for pirates to add devices, as well as remove them. Piercings included.
  • Added an alternate ending to 'Pirate Prize' if you do not escape within 40 encounters.
  • Added a minor mission to recruit Garvey (Markarth Warrens) for either side.
  • Added more dialogue to Markarth guards, Garvey, and Degaine.
  • Fixed 'Pirate Prize' to steal Devious Device keys.
  • Fixed so stealing footlocker key may cause hostile reaction.
  • Fixed so killing a pirate makes them all hostile.

1.30: Expansion of follow-up quests, minor fixes:

  • Added 'Pirate Prize' (if Thonar was killed, and player clears Sanuarach Mine)
  • Gave Borkul the Beast an improved bow, making him a more effective travel companion.

1.20: Expansion of follow-up quests:

  • Added 'Confusion to the Forsworn' (if Madanach was killed; speak to Thonar)
  • Added 'Meet the Neighbors' (if Borkul the Beast lived; speak to Madanach)

1.10: Expansion to Druadach Redoubt, other enhancements:

  • Added more appropriate dialogue options and animations for male characters.
  • Added 'Keeping up Morale' repeatable scenario to Druadach Redoubt, if Madanach lived.
  • Added minor comments to Markarth citizens in the aftermath, for immersion.
  • Jailer will now steal Devious Device keys that you had prior to your arrest.
  • Tweaked starting conditions to exclude this quest if the Forsworn Conspiracy is not yet done.
  • Tweaked Borkul's starting dialogue to skip it if the door is already unlocked.

1.00: Initial release, built with Devious Devices - Integration v2.7.6, and SexLab v1.55.


  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    SexLab, Zaz Animation Pack, Devious Devices (Assets and Integration)
  • Special Edition Compatible

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Planned Features:

  • Add an additional path to starting the 'Pirate Prize' scenario. [in v1.52]
  • Add more post-escape dialogue in Markarth.
  • Expand 'Pirate Prize' a bit, increase the risks. [in v1.40]
  • Possibly add creative new ways to kill Madanach, Grisvar, or Borkul the Beast.
  • Possibly add other post-escape scenarios.
  • Automatic disabling of Deviously Helpless during scenes where it conflicts. [in v1.40]
  • Possibly add alternate male-oriented dialogue / animations. [in v1.10]
  • Possibly have DD keys stolen while imprisoned. [in v1.10]

Debug Tips:

  • If the prisoners attack you when you have sex, disable SexLab Stop Combat.
  • Watch out for interference between the sleep event triggering 'Pirate Prize' and sleep-interrupt mods like Dangerous Nights.  These should not cause serious problems, but could produce some odd results.
  • If Borkul does not have his starting lines, then most likely you got sent to jail for petty thievery instead of the 'Forsworn Conspiracy' quest.

Known Bugs:

  • Removing the blindfold in the mine without using Madanach's dialogue may result in a speech debuff getting stuck.  Can be fixed in console: 'player.modav speechcraft 20'. [fixed in v1.50]
  • Lockpicks and potions are not getting stolen in 'Pirate Prize', because they were already removed from inventory by Devious Devices; this results in them being returned once the restraints are removed (which was not the intent).
  • Arrows and bolts are not getting stolen in 'Pirate Prize'. [fixed in v1.50]


Technical Notes:

  • It is possible to trigger the 'Pirate Prize' quest from another mod, using an event:
    SendModEvent( "DvCidhna_StartPirates" )
  • The 'A Dish Served Hot' quest can be similarly triggered:
    SendModEvent( "DvCidhna_StartBandits" )
  • The 'Playing with the Food' quest can also be similarly triggered:
    SendModEvent( "DvCidhna_StartVampires" )


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glitchy and rarely works this mod needs alot of work 


Sigh.  As bug reports go... less than useful.




wex969, on 10 May 2014 - 6:32 PM, said:snapback.png

glitchy and rarely works this mod needs alot of work 


Sigh.  As bug reports go... less than useful.


Sorry when i end up in the mine sometimes i can't even talk to any NPCs. and other times it will just crash after i talk to the beast. if that doesn't happen then when they say "take off those rags" nothing happens and the NPCs don't respawn to me even when i punch them  
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And what version of FNIS, SexLab, Devious Devices, Zaz Animation are you running?  Any other mods that modify dialogue in Cidhna Mine?  Does your Papyrus log show any errors at the time of the (broken) encounter?  Those are the kinds of details that make a difference.

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i am using the latest  versions of FNIS, SexLab, Devious Devices, and Zaz Animation. and I am not using any other mod that effect Cidhna Mine that I know of.  Papyrus log does not show any errors that's why I'm so confused why its not working

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Well, I'm confused too, because it works for me - and while this mod is very new, I think that if such problems were widespread I'd be seeing reports from more users.  I may have to go add some more Papyrus logging info to the scripts, to see if we can extract anything useful from your situation.  One thing though: search the Papyrus log for the string 'DvCidhna'; any animation attempt should result in at least one message with that prefix, even if the animation itself fails.  For example 'DvCidhna: starting pair animation'.

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Used LAL to start a new save at Markarth, worked just fine!

Nice work!


One suggestion:

Maybe add something to Madanach's(and maybe Tonar too, in case you killed Madanach) interation after mine escape? Like PC gets grabbed, used and restrained at sight as Madanach's property?


And later, maybe modify Forsworn behaviour to grab and return their leader's favorite toy to it's proper owner :)

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Hmm... is this really fitting, though? Madanach and the Forsworn are always going on about being kept under the boot of the Nord, they don't seem like the type to relish in another's capture - unless their victim is a Nord, of course.


If you're going to edit quests, I'd think this sort of thing would fit quests like the Dark Brotherhood entry quest, or Dragonborn's All-Maker Stone hypnosis.

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These would be the same Forsworn who kidnapped a little girl for some horrible purpose?  Despite what they say, they seem to be perfectly willing to shed innocent blood - even their own (Briarhearts, anyone?).   And they have a ready rationalization, that any evil they commit is actually the fault of the Nords.  I get what you're saying, but I don't find it particularly hard to believe that they'd abuse an outsider, particularly one that they recently tried to have killed.   YMMV, of course.


On a practical level, Cidhna Mine has some big advantages over the Dark Brotherhood entrance quest for this sort of mod: the actors are less scripted, and there are more of them to work with.  Dragonborn's hypnosis deals with a large number of non-unique NPCs, with little or no dialogue of their own (and no way to predict which subset of them you'd encounter); I think modding it would be flaky.

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I certainly wasn't saying the Forsworn aren't above harming innocents, I was referring to Madanach's status, where he's pretty much a slave himself to Thonar's whims.


As for other quests... it might be too much work for you, but seeing as it's Miraak doing the hypnosis, maybe it could spawn a new spectral NPC wearing Miraak's clothing (maybe a special version of his mask that's ignored by SL stripping?) and have it initiate sex and devices?

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Even Madanach - his own dialogue contains just the sort of rationalization I meant, and I wouldn't put a bit of hypocrisy beyond him anyway.  As for spectral Miraak - that would be a totally different mod concept.  Not saying it is a bad concept, but it isn't this mod.

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maybe i just need to uninstall and start fresh i do have 254 plugins installed

Use Mod Organizer. It will change (this aspect of) your life.

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Got a bounty in Markarth and just went through the Cidhna experience... very nice. Finally someone noticed that the mine is full of rough men. Whatever is a poor girl to do? :)


Did my time, now to find a way to get this blindfold off...


(Didn't meet Madanach, as it was just a normal prison sentence)

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