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  1. The Lewd advisor is seriously the best mod addition I've had in game in a long time. The Voice acting by @LalaLexxiVA is simply awesome. I hurt myself laughing when a planet finished colonization and she said "Rabit fucking completed."
  2. Hey i was looking for rpg maker nude sprites and found the thread you replied to about converting those XP Sprites to VXAce i was wondering if you ever finished those and if so could would you mind sharing them please?

  3. No, the former. First one in the list has priority and will overwrite anything following. That's why you see the names of all the patch mods beginning with an exclamation mark or other special character.
  4. So, from what I've been able to gather, the load order for Stellaris mods is alphabetical. I'm using this mod along with the (-United Sci-Fi Races-) mod. As that mod starts with a special character, the ( thing, it will alphabetically be loaded before Real Human Slaves. I fixed this by editing the .mod file for this mod and changing the name to !!Real Human Slaves.
  5. Also having this issue. Unable to build the Red Light District since the update.
  6. If you want to edit your quantum cola, I've found the cheat engine table works great. I've been at 999+ quantum for several days now and am enjoying not having that as a limitation. http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?p=5684067#5684067
  7. Sorry for the necro post, but I thought I'd share this site I found. http://green.zero.jp/greentea/XP_cips.html I'll be converting a lot of these to work with VX Ace.
  8. I would love to see the dragonbone conversion you referenced. Did you, by chance, do a version like this of the Tera Armors you and s666 put out? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56358/? I would love to see some of the Tera armors weighted like this.
  9. Came for the Sovngarde Steel, stayed for Blacktalon. Seriously, your work is top notch. How ever did you get the steel not to shake in the Sovngarde Steel? Also, thank you for Black Talon. I didn't know that armor existed, but now that I do, Arissa looks sweet in it.
  10. Drat. Was really looking forward to this. It's both exciting and disappointing at the same time! Maybe attach it to this thread? I, for one, will re-download from the Nexus (and endorse) once it is available. Edit: Downloading now. 300MB - I understand not uploading it elsewhere. Thanks for sharing!
  11. is there a need for an hdt.xml and an hdtm.xml? I've seen other hdt downloads having them separate, but this mod appears to only have hdtm.xml. Holds true for all options in this download.
  12. For some reason, whenever I have this mod active on a female character, there's a constant chicken clucking sound. Only happens with this mod active and only with female characters.
  13. I'm looking for a Crafting menu mod that sorts by inventory slot instead of by material. Boots > Hide instead of Hide > Boots I saw it on either LoverLab or the Nexus, but now that I want to give it a shot, I can't find it again. NM, found it: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48728/?
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