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SexLabUtil1 [2015-03-28]

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SexLabUtil1 (v0.17)


What does it do:

Activate various effects when SexLab animation starts or stops. Calm, go crazy, buff, debuff, light, etc ... Minor, utility, side effects. Things that other mods usually skip.

You can also create custom macros to activate commands. Cast spells from other mods, add items, do someting with perks, change actor values, plays sound, send mod events, etc ..



whatever is required for SexLab framework 1.57 or higher to function.



- unpack attached zip (SexLabUtil1_XX.zip)

- copy whats in Data directory into Skyrim\Data directory

- its a simple mod, unpack and copy

- activate desired effect (open ingame menu, Mod Configuration/SexLab Util One). Everything is off by default.

- upgrading: make a clean save. New version is not compatible with older version.


Description: for a little bit better description, read SexlabUtil1_readme.rtf.


With this mod you can start(trigger) many effects when sex scenn starts, ends, sex sceen part (stage) is flagged as orgasm. You can also specify additional conditions like if its rape, day time, location, do you want effect to run only on males or only on Player or on any given NPC.



Current possible conditions:

At start of sex : when SL sends start event

On orgasm : when SL sends orgasm event

At end of sex : when SL sends end event

After sex : like At end of sex, but has a special set of effects designed to run only after sex

Chance : 0 -100%

Actor : aggressor, viction. not part of rape

Actor race : humanoid, creature, Player, Not Player

Gender : male, female (support of Treat as Male/Female)

Sex type : Vaginal, Oral, Anal

Morality : low, high

Day time : night, day

Location : inside, outside


Current possible effects:

Off : nothing

Calm : lowers aggresion. Will stop combat.

Calm (whoever hits me) : each time actor gets hit, attacker gets a jolt of Calm

Heroism : increase confidance. Actor is less likey to run away

Frenzy : actor becomes aggresive. It may attack anyone for no reason

Fear : lower confidance. Actor is more likey to run away

Regeneration Stamina +20% : increased Stamina regeneration

Regeneration Stamina -20% : decreased Stamina regeneration

Regeneration Health +20% : increased Health regeneration

Regeneration Health -20% : decreased Health regeneration

Regeneration Magicka +20% : increased Magicka regeneration

Regeneration Magicka -20% : decreased Magicka regeneration

Heal (+1) : restore ST/HP/MG by 1 point every 3 seconds

Heal (+10) : restore ST/HP/MG by 10 point every 3 seconds

Heal (+100) : restore ST/HP/MG by 100 point every 3 seconds

Heal (+1000) : restore ST/HP/MG by 1000 point every 3 seconds

Harm (-1) : damage ST/HP/MG by 1 point every 3 seconds

Harm (-10) : damage ST/HP/MG by 10 point every 3 seconds

Harm (-100) : damage ST/HP/MG by 100 point every 3 seconds

Harm (to near death) : drop ST/HP/MG to only 1 point every 3 seconds

Alcohol : get an use something to drink every 3 seconds

Poison : get and use something thats not good to drink every 3 seconds (currently not working. need to find a solution)

Food : get and use something to eat every 3 seconds

Disease : actor my catch a standard disease or vampirism if partner is vampire every 3 seconds

Pickpocket : steal something if Pickpocket skill is high enough every 3 seconds

Absorb Life : absorb vital stats (ST/HP/MG). Increase yours, lower partners every 3 seconds

Learn Skill : learn a random skill from your partner if your skill is lower then partners every 3 seconds

Learn Spell : learn a random spell if you dont have it yet every 3 seconds

Light (campfire) : adds some light

Skills improve slower (-30%): All your skills improve slower (not usefull for NPC)

Skills improve faster (+30%): All your skills improve faster (not usefull for NPC)


Current possible effects for "After sex":

Stagger : actor will stagger, drop down


Custom effects:

as of v.12 you can activate spells, add items (and many other things) from any other mod.

Read SexLabUtil1_readme.rtf for a description or (if you hate reading manuals) look in data\INI\SexlabUtil1.esp\ folder. Files with extension .samp should give you a good idea for how to do it.

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    SexLab framework, SKSE 1.7+
  • Special Edition Compatible


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Im glad someone likes it :)


Some explanations:

 - everything is "off" by default. This is by design.

 - some effects (like courage/cures) don't do much if there is no combat around

 - main idea for Frenzy is that it acts as "combat, criminal alert".


Thing that are in development and some questions:

 - percent chance instead of toggle: in progress


 - bleed-out: I assume this is visual effect, for imersion? After sex actors are exhausted and have trouble getting up?


 - diseases: will do, but its a little bit tricky, so it may take a day or two. I'd like to use existing vanila effects, buy they have a build in 'chance'. Like less the 10% to 'stick'.

Its  possible I'll do two versions:

 - a: cast vanila effect (disease) every 1 to 2 seconds as long as sex lasts. If it sticsk it sticks, if not, you got lucky.

 - b: create my own effects. But have to check how vanila Cure Disease potions works. If vanila pots don't remove my effects, then my effect could have limited duration.


 - separate case for "vampires"





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- Light: Adds some light. Illuminates involved actors. (I have some mods that make nights very dark)""



hell yeah , specially the ENB, thei make the night very dark or ruin,cave etc...and we see nothing if sex happen in this place (like with sexlab submit or defeated)

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I would like to see an option for producing a dreamlike fog/steam effect.  Maybe also make the creation of certain effects tied to items?  Could allow for rapidly equipping/unequipping the effects during scenes.


Keep up the great work.

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This mod sounds pretty neat :o I've seen the mod and have known about it since it came out, and only now I'm getting interested to the point of downloading it because of something I would like addressed in-game, and thus, I need to ask before I get it...


When you break into someone's home, someone who doesn't have a positive relation with your character, more neutral or negative, as soon as you trigger any "Rape" scene by any means/mod, the NPC will wake up. At this point, the NPC will start warning you mid-sex scene that you should leave and shortly after they raise an alarm and guards come guns blazing into the abode.


-My question is:

Will an effect such as, say, Calm, indeed calm that NPC in that particular scenario to the point they will not raise an alarm? Or is there no way around that Skyrim mechanic?


Thanks in advance! Cheers!

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First: If you are really 'raping' your victim, there is no warning mid sex about leaving his/her home and after that raising alarm. I think what's causing this for you is consensual sex that now has foreplay/main course in the new SL. Using SexLab Deafeat, sneaking up at the sleeping target with fists and 'pickpocketing' him, using the dialog options violence > raping doesn't cause any issues, warnings or such. Infact Ulfberths lady slept soundly, while I had a go at him, right beside us. I used this mod for light only, no other effects activated.


I doubt that the calm effect from this mod is useful for what you have in mind. The calm effect is the normal calm spell that just turns people non-hostile against you. The one you use when accidently starting a fight. I never manged to use that effect to shut people up when they wanted me to leave their property.




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@shamayne: Really O.o? I think I tried the "fists" before with SL Defeat and it didn't work. The way I'm doing it is with a one-handed sword. I am not using the latest SexLab version however, not until all the plugins I'm using are up to date as well.

I'll try the fists method again, I probably did something wrong when I tried.


Thanks for replying!


EDIT: Ok so... going at my victim at night while she sleeps (I'm doing this in the Blacksmith's quarters in Windhelm, where there's the young lady blacksmith and the old man blacksmith), raising up my fists with no weapons on and using Violence > Rape still makes her give me the warnings, and eventually leads to the alarm, bounty of 5 in Eastmarch (or however it's spelled) and the guards breaking in.

My suspicion with your case is that you are doing this to people that you may have completed a favorable quest for? For example if I do this with Ysolda, having delivered the tusk for her, she doesn't give me any warnings, but doing it to one of the guys in the Meadery close to Whiterun triggers the warnings.


Have you tried your method with one of those people? people that can't ever actually become friendly towards you and you are never supposed to be in their houses? or am I just doing something wrong?


EDIT 2: I just re-read your response and, I think I'm a bit confused... -What do you mean exactly with "pickpocketing" the victim? Do you need to pickpocket something from them first before attempting to rape them?


EDIT 3 <_<: Okay so 2 things just occurred to me: You may be using the latest SexLab version, which may actually be what does it for you D: And you may be using another version of SL Defeat? Because the option I see is no longer Violence but Assault when I trigger an NPC while sneaking.

That said, have you tried going in Uthgerd's home at night while they sleep, and just talk to him? Do you get the warning and subsequent trespasser alarm? Because that's the other thing that would tell me that their relation with you is indeed favorable and thus while their door may be locked, they don't actually mind you breaking in.

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Changed and added some things.


Many options now have 'chance to activate' and not just toggle on/off.


Added simple disease support.


Remove visual effects from most functions, but I plan to add them as separate option.



Don't think Calm has an effect on trespassing. If Im not wrong, that a quest. Calm stops combat. And thats about it.


I'd very much like to add 'stop trespassing alert', but I have no idea how :/




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Oh nice, I believe you added in diseases since the last time I tried this.


Are you planning to add more buffs so me and my companion can "buff" each other before combat? xD


Also, is it possible for this mod to detect when the animation used was a masturbation one, so a catagory for masturbation could be added?  I think it would be neat if I could use this to set it so that masturbating gives a temporary buff to magicka regen, like it's a form of meditation.  Crossing my fingers for this one! X( ^ _ ^ )X


EDIT: Oh also, will masturbation animations give me a disease? D:  And the diseases are the vanilla diseases I am assuming, so this will work good with any other mod that alters the vanilla diseases to be more diseasy?

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EDIT: Oh also, will masturbation animations give me a disease? D:  And the diseases are the vanilla diseases I am assuming, so this will work good with any other mod that alters the vanilla diseases to be more diseasy?


Its a standard vanilla disease.


I fixed that 'solo' stuff.


And I will deffo add "solo meditation" options :)  But after I get an image of a small green dude that's name starts on Y and that whenever someone asks him something important, like "should I become evil and exterminate half the galaxy", he says "... I must meditate on this", out of my head!

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I was just curious if there's a way to tie the chance to catch a disease from sex to the responsibility attribute of the sexual partner (If responsibility even exists in Skyrim, the wiki pages just keep talking about Oblivion).  I think it might be a more realistic way of simulating STDs if low responsibility NPCs (such as bandits, beggars, etc) are more likely to spread to disease than highly responsible NPCs (like priests or housecarls).

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I was just curious if there's a way to tie the chance to catch a disease from sex to the responsibility attribute of the sexual partner (If responsibility even exists in Skyrim, the wiki pages just keep talking about Oblivion).  I think it might be a more realistic way of simulating STDs if low responsibility NPCs (such as bandits, beggars, etc) are more likely to spread to disease than highly responsible NPCs (like priests or housecarls).


Actors responsibility doesn't exist like it did in Oblivion. But there are a couple of other stats I could use to produce similar effect. Assistance, morality, relationship, faction membership ...


Good idea, will see what I can do.

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Hey, this is a GREAT utility and I'm really hoping the author keeps working on it. I love sexlab and it's actually addicting (why else would we be here).


It would be great if sexual diseases could be made that could hook into sexlab like:


1. STD - contract some sort of STD (can name them like the real world or lore-friendly) that each have their own debuffs and maybe visual effect?

--- It would be great if there were more than the like only eight or so normal diseases

2. Addiction - maybe there is a certain percentage that the "raped" would be "broken" such that they start to crave sex (their arousal level would enhance or they would have an effect that makes it easier for them to be raped in the future)?

3. Bleeding - if you're raped, then it's not likely gentle, so a bleeding effect would be interesting



On the number of diseases thing, I'm playing through with UFO so I have five followers and myself. I'm making it so that instead of dying, I get raped and I have the disease percentage up at 90% ... however, after I've gotten all the diseases there really won't be anything bad about it, so it loses much meaning other than seeing the sex (which is easy to do normally).


I can imagine one way of playing the game, for those of us that are more interested in sex rather than death and reloading, would be a long list of diseases (can even be mostly minor so that they're not overpowering) and you get raped instead of dying. I know diseases can be cured, but it would be interesting to see "Hey, I got through the main game and no diseases!" or "I got through the main game, but I got raped 27 times and have 25 diseases"

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you should add in some diseases like in the diseased overhual mod where some can actually kill you. and you should add the possibility npc being able to contract your diseases.. diseases work for me. you probaby have a mod thats conflicting most likely. anything that may modify a disease maybe. but i have the diseased overhual mod and it worked fine. i used the radiant prostitution mod and i set the chances to 20-25 ish and my first customer i caught three diseases. but they didnt seem like anything. i had soe apathetic effect unknown mild disease. tired unknown mild disease and the third one i forgot but it was also mild with a not so serious side effect. hopefully if its being tied into the diseased mod it can kill me or will heal on its own.

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