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  1. I discovered recently that the latest LOOT does now include Oblivion and that it works really well.
  2. I am just coming back to Oblivion after an 18 month break and as usual I have followed your excellent instructions. I thought I might as well inform you that LAPF etc is now included in the BOSS masterlist and get sorted properly. I hope that this is useful information.
  3. Sadly another beloved Morrowind modding site is closing very soon. The cost of maintaining it has become to much for the founders. It was CanadianIce that introduced me to the joys and trials of using mods and I will greatly miss them.
  4. Good luck with this upgrade. I hope that the transition goes smoothly.
  5. Is there still a version of PSE See You Sleep that does NOT need Real Sleep Extended please. Having looked at Real Sleep Extended I definitely do not want it in my game. Thank you in advance
  6. Get well soon, and accept any help that you need until you get the all clear on the concussion.
  7. I am 61 and that is the first console that has ever appealed to me in terms of potential playability What I have always looked for in games since Ultima Underworld - The Stygian Abyss is an intelligent game that makes me think hopefully with a touch of humour. Recently I have been enjoying Life is Strange
  8. Dragonhunter43210 - did you copy and paste the "decryption key" at the end of the link?
  9. Look at fajeena's signature - there is a link to clear instructions on how to install Oblivion so that you can enjoy the mods you want.
  10. Fascinating reading here I reached Level 61 in August and I do sometimes feel old
  11. Thank you so much fejeena - I already have correctly identified the hands, feet and lower body, however the upper body names got me totally confused
  12. I am looking specifically for the name/code to identify the mesh for the BB version of HGEC Fighter H-cup version B (rather than the weighted version A). I would like to be able to find it and save it separately if possible please.
  13. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33574/? is a very little mod that tests OBSE and even lets you know the version you have installed I highly recommend it if anyone else finds themselves having similar issues to mine Yes my OBSE is working fine Thank you so much, you are so kind and helpful
  14. Oh well - I can only open the game with Steam - the normal launcher gets me the application error. This was never a problem with Skyrim for me Is there any way of checking that OBSE is working before I add any major mods do you know?
  15. Double posting to catch the attention of the experts here. After reading everything I have found and had recommended to me I finally decided to take the Steam route. I can actually launch and play if I go to the Steam Library and start the game there However if I try to launch the game from my desktop I get Application load error 5:0000065434. I have already done some research and am again confused by the array of answers. I would so love a problem free game to play EDIT - I have tried everything that was suggested in a thread on this issue here (last year) as well.
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