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  1. Thank you for smoothing it! I also want to test it too. There's actually many things in the skin I want to fix, but I don't have time, since I'm on other projects. For anyone, fell free to fix and publish it.
  2. So nice!!! That is actually happened in KW. Not just a pose fantasy. I hope KW uses this animation, with all the surprise moment when the "victim" is awake during the "intercourse". Instead of just a text at the top right corner. I a bit dislike with the way KW handles the sudden sleeping when drunk. Sims is just dropped on the floor, instead of finding the nearest sofa to get a sleep.... And then some men will take advantage of the "fortunate" situation. Hehehe
  3. Passion is more like just woohoo to me, while KinkyWorld is more like the whole story, the world of woohoo. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Passion has more woohoo spots and the animation transition is smooth. While KinkyWorld for the woohoo is not as good as Passion, but there's a drug, alcohol, kinky interaction, prostitution career, kinky chat, etc. But those extra features what make KinkyWorld runs much heavier.
  4. Sure! The newer version of KinkyWorld is much much better in the performance aspect to compare with the old version here in LL. In the last several releases, there's a lack of new features introduced, mostly just fixes and tweaks. At first, I'm kinda disappointed with the lack of new features, but now I really appreciate it much. But you also need to do a lot of tweak to the game as I mentioned above, to make the game flawlessly smooth. I had the same issue as yours in the past and it forced me to play in a tiny world, using minimal CC and mods, etc. But now it's not a problem anymore, I even play in a huge world with tons of sims families inside, and 21gb of CC and mods.
  5. I trimmed a lot of the game's features to make the game run smoother. Like disable all the stray pets and wild horses, disable the story progression, download pathfinding correction world maps, merge package files, etc. That is how I get smooth gameplay. The latest version of KinkyWorld v409 on Patreon is also makes the game runs smoother, especially it fixed the undressing stuck issue before woohoo.
  6. Me too!!! I really love the way I set my game, but it requires tons of CC and the right setting of mods. Despite it makes the game loading time so long, not to mention sometimes crash, if everything runs so heavy. The most annoying of all, if I already make everything right, the more you play a savegame, the more the savegame is going to break. I love to do some little tweaks here and there, thru time. It's very sad, in the end the savegame is not going to be playable anymore.
  7. The gameplay itself is running very smooth, and I'm playing at a huge and complex world like Sao Paten and Boroughsberg. But the loading is killing me. Including clothes and hairs loading in the CAS.
  8. Definitely yes. Even inside the game, it's running very smooth. But there's a limit. The more cc you add, the slower the game, as usual. At least, you can add more cc up to the level as it slow as using HDD. My mods folder is 21gb. Hahaha
  9. I... I'm hungry...!!! Yummy! Ups, slowly sister...
  10. I heard it's not a real 64 bit. But instead just to make the game able to run under 64 bit operating system. So all the current problems in 32 bit, will still exist in the 64 bit version. That's what I heard, but I hope it's wrong.
  11. I think the 64-bit is only for MacOS. And it's not a true 64-bit.
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