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  1. I heard it's not a real 64 bit. But instead just to make the game able to run under 64 bit operating system. So all the current problems in 32 bit, will still exist in the 64 bit version. That's what I heard, but I hope it's wrong.
  2. I think the 64-bit is only for MacOS. And it's not a true 64-bit.
  3. Somewhere in the park... On the bench. And behind the bush,
  4. I guess in KW setting there's a setting related to camera. Whatever to take it manually, or automatically (but won't produce any viewable photo).
  5. The original EA nude mesh doesn't have nipple, as well as nipple slider. To install it, is actually very simple. You just need to download the file here: http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com/2013/05/morphing-nipples.html?zx=b9cddb0080386e4d And then extract it to the mods folder, all of them. Done. For the vagina, there's no slider mod for it. So basically, the look is just as it is.
  6. I'm currently playing a big world right now. At first, it's fine. But as I'm playing more, the problem is starting to occur and the game is starting to slow down. I think the problem is the stuck sims somewhere in the world, that slowing down everything, and because of that, the glitch is starting to appear. Like stuck on the floor, inside the wall, etc. The slower the game, the more glitches produced. It's like KW is trying to start an interaction, but because the game runs very slow and the player, plus autonomous interaction keeps giving commands, bombarding the system, the oldest command will be forced to stop, and a scripted interaction like KW, sometimes it's not stopped, but stuck. It keeps happened thru time and mounting along with other problems to the level it's unplayable. I think that is how so many people say that KW is buggy, while actually it's TS3 system, plus KW is just adding more burden to the already bothersome system. In the end, firing back to KW itself. The only solution for KW is stopping adding more features (which is we don't want to happen) and cutting down the old features or make it simpler (as long as it doesn't effect the original gameplay that is already great). Playing a small and simple world, the problem is much more controlled, KW is almost a bug free. More sims, more family, wild animals, more lot types and more complex house design in the world also add more burden to be processed, until there's no room or a very little room for KW interactions.
  7. I never thought this mod is still being updated. And @TwilightStorm is still very active! I think I'm going to try this night.
  8. I'm kinda disappointing with the drunk moodlet. It's not as wild as what I hope for or what OnikiKay want. I read the Interaction Tuning setting, for the drunk autonomous advertising, some of the numbers as high as 15000. But it doesn't mean the interaction will be executed in the game as much as possible while drunk. In my game, I even never saw my sims executed it while drunk, like grabbing butt for example.
  9. What the hell these young people are doing there...!!!??? 😱 It's better if I just move... ☹️ Old penis can't handle it anymore... 😭😭😭
  10. This time is not Adult Sim pics... But they are Adult Sim pics... I mean they are "adult". I just played Boroughsberg world. It's truly an amazing world! I thought I have a powerful laptop for an old game like TS3, but it's not.
  11. Yeah!!! baby! 😜 Twilight zone...!!! 🍻🌈
  12. YES!!! 3P+++ On the bed, table, chair, hottub, counter, etc. Everywhere!!! I think it's better to be started on the object that doesn't have 3P animation. I can't wait to make an orgy party!
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