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About This File

SexLabUtil1 (v0.17)


What does it do:

Activate various effects when SexLab animation starts or stops. Calm, go crazy, buff, debuff, light, etc ... Minor, utility, side effects. Things that other mods usually skip.

You can also create custom macros to activate commands. Cast spells from other mods, add items, do someting with perks, change actor values, plays sound, send mod events, etc ..



whatever is required for SexLab framework 1.57 or higher to function.



- unpack attached zip (SexLabUtil1_XX.zip)

- copy whats in Data directory into Skyrim\Data directory

- its a simple mod, unpack and copy

- activate desired effect (open ingame menu, Mod Configuration/SexLab Util One). Everything is off by default.

- upgrading: make a clean save. New version is not compatible with older version.


Description: for a little bit better description, read SexlabUtil1_readme.rtf.


With this mod you can start(trigger) many effects when sex scenn starts, ends, sex sceen part (stage) is flagged as orgasm. You can also specify additional conditions like if its rape, day time, location, do you want effect to run only on males or only on Player or on any given NPC.



Current possible conditions:

At start of sex : when SL sends start event

On orgasm : when SL sends orgasm event

At end of sex : when SL sends end event

After sex : like At end of sex, but has a special set of effects designed to run only after sex

Chance : 0 -100%

Actor : aggressor, viction. not part of rape

Actor race : humanoid, creature, Player, Not Player

Gender : male, female (support of Treat as Male/Female)

Sex type : Vaginal, Oral, Anal

Morality : low, high

Day time : night, day

Location : inside, outside


Current possible effects:

Off : nothing

Calm : lowers aggresion. Will stop combat.

Calm (whoever hits me) : each time actor gets hit, attacker gets a jolt of Calm

Heroism : increase confidance. Actor is less likey to run away

Frenzy : actor becomes aggresive. It may attack anyone for no reason

Fear : lower confidance. Actor is more likey to run away

Regeneration Stamina +20% : increased Stamina regeneration

Regeneration Stamina -20% : decreased Stamina regeneration

Regeneration Health +20% : increased Health regeneration

Regeneration Health -20% : decreased Health regeneration

Regeneration Magicka +20% : increased Magicka regeneration

Regeneration Magicka -20% : decreased Magicka regeneration

Heal (+1) : restore ST/HP/MG by 1 point every 3 seconds

Heal (+10) : restore ST/HP/MG by 10 point every 3 seconds

Heal (+100) : restore ST/HP/MG by 100 point every 3 seconds

Heal (+1000) : restore ST/HP/MG by 1000 point every 3 seconds

Harm (-1) : damage ST/HP/MG by 1 point every 3 seconds

Harm (-10) : damage ST/HP/MG by 10 point every 3 seconds

Harm (-100) : damage ST/HP/MG by 100 point every 3 seconds

Harm (to near death) : drop ST/HP/MG to only 1 point every 3 seconds

Alcohol : get an use something to drink every 3 seconds

Poison : get and use something thats not good to drink every 3 seconds (currently not working. need to find a solution)

Food : get and use something to eat every 3 seconds

Disease : actor my catch a standard disease or vampirism if partner is vampire every 3 seconds

Pickpocket : steal something if Pickpocket skill is high enough every 3 seconds

Absorb Life : absorb vital stats (ST/HP/MG). Increase yours, lower partners every 3 seconds

Learn Skill : learn a random skill from your partner if your skill is lower then partners every 3 seconds

Learn Spell : learn a random spell if you dont have it yet every 3 seconds

Light (campfire) : adds some light

Skills improve slower (-30%): All your skills improve slower (not usefull for NPC)

Skills improve faster (+30%): All your skills improve faster (not usefull for NPC)


Current possible effects for "After sex":

Stagger : actor will stagger, drop down


Custom effects:

as of v.12 you can activate spells, add items (and many other things) from any other mod.

Read SexLabUtil1_readme.rtf for a description or (if you hate reading manuals) look in data\INI\SexlabUtil1.esp\ folder. Files with extension .samp should give you a good idea for how to do it.

What's New in Version 0.17


  • - 0.17: new commands
  • - 0.16 : all effects are now implemented as custom commands, RaceMenu overlays support
  • - 0.15: extra custom commands (actor values, global variables, skyrim game/ini settings)
  • - 0.14: sound(snd) custom command, extra conditions
  • - 0.13: expanded custom effects functinality
  • - 0.12b: bug fix. MCM option Misc\Reload effects was not working as it should
  • - 0.12: can add custom effects (spell, ability, item, etc) from other mods
  • - 0.11: actor race Undead, skills improve faster/slower, bug fix
  • - 0.10 : major rework of everything
  • - 0.9 : new effect, changed Heal
  • - 0.8 : bug fix, new effect
  • - 0.7 : major rewrite
  • - 0.6b: bug fix
  • - 0.6: Set scale to 1
  • - 0.5: disable like (stagger/bleedout) effect. Looks like it works with SL v1.20
  • - 0.4: pickpocket, soul devour, augment, extra options for disease
  • - 0.3: a couple of generic buffs and debuffs
  • - 0.2b: bug fix with disease
  • - 0.2 : changed toggle(on/off) for many effects to percent chance, bug fix, TCL, simple disease support

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