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  1. Very strange, I can get the Test Text if I tab out of the full screen and leave skyrim so I can see it over the task bar, but if I have skyrim running and I am playing, not text comes up, not even the Test Text. I've gone through the steps quite a few times, but I can't get it to work properly. Windowed FullScreen, when using OneTweak, Skyrim should take up the whole screen, right?
  2. So, if I'm playing a Female PC, I can have a Male-dominant follower, right?
  3. I think a less 'invasive' transformation might be in order. Perhaps limit the transforming parts of the body to simply 'boots' and 'gloves,' since not only would those be compatible with all body types, but these issues with textures and meshes would go away.
  4. The creatures don't follow through doors. :/
  5. Had a quick play, looks good to me. cliping on EXTREME breast movement. I wish someone would add havoc to that loincloth... That is the one downside of TBD...the breast movement is just...strange.
  6. Bit of an issue with the Amazon Armor, it causes the front of my breasts to be flat, very noticeable when looking at her from the side.
  7. Please leave in Followers asking for sex! I cannot even begin to describe how much immersion this adds, and how far it goes to making my followers actually feel alive. Example, I just walked into the Bannered Mare with a custom follower I made. We had just gotten through raiding Halted Stream Camp earlier, and right after buying a room, he propositioned me for sex. I LOVED it. It actually made me feel like he had a personality.
  8. Agreed. You are clearly arguing for argument's sake. Simply because the body is not to your taste does not invalidate the body, nor does it give you a pass to insult not only the mod author but also those who may happen to like it. Also, I did not say they 'were' amazons. They are the author's take on being 'Touched by Dibella,' as the title implies.
  9. You seriously, in all seriousness, compare an abstract art to a female body mesh made for a game? Yes, I think that a female body should be based on female anatomy in order to be female. How nexus of me. @zax Hence my avatar. The body is called 'Touched by Dibella.' It is a fantasy body, a fantasized-female body. Think mythological Amazons. Also, don't look now, but your on a site that features Goat-Women with Unicorn horns (forget the race name), Female Daedra, Succubus races, and sexualized elf-chicks. And your whining on about realism?
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