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  1. play the game for unlock the outfit. like you normally did with normal outfit. simple as that. you can use cheat engine or any trainer todo that too, but dont ask me, i dont know how to sue that, i never used.
  2. you need to press 9+Q or else combinaison... BEFORE.. launching the movie. and only 1 combinaison at the time
  3. alpalia

    +18 game (ren'py) Unexpected Adventure

    - all the classic sex stuff (wich are not very fetish i guess but still, feets, lesbian, straigth, group etc..) - BDSM , not much ,a bit of it but nothing too wrong ( more kind of dominating characters ) - bestiality ( limited , mostly kind of stuff with humanoid-animals characters . still contain chicken sex..... but its a funny part of the game ) other than that, it will contain most of the classic fetishes that can be find in most of games. - but it will not have NTR ( as MC have a girlfriend ) - no hard stuff ( extreme BDSM or else. the game will still CONTAIN some gore/blood stuff due to the story and criminal style ) - no loli ( young/small characters will be in game, but nothing with them except story of course ) - no rape or similar agressive sexual act its possible that it containt some others fetishes with time, but for now, thats what is planned.
  4. Hiya LL ! i just started to make my own game. and want to share it with you too ( because i m member here for quite a time now ) its an adult game , visual novel, created on renpy called "Unexpected Adventure". before everything, i just want to mention that my game is very "different" from what you can see everywhere. its more kind of a game without serious in it ( the development is serious, but the story is very fantasy and based on fun and humour, not on realism or serious things ) the game have a serious back story, but the global presentation of the game is unique and is presented like a humoristic wtf game/movie creation . it is my very first game. soo its surely not as perfect as the others game created by talented devs. also, my pc is very not great ( starting to get old and not allow me the best ), soo dont expect super great graphism. here a link to my patreon where you can get it and test it , available for Mac and PC. https://www.patreon.com/Macadam dont worry, my patreon is a tip jar, you dont have to pay anything if you dont want. the game is free and will always be free. patreon is just here for who want to help me a bit and support. give it a try and dont hesitate to give back your feedback about it ! for now, its just the prologue ( wich is not 1 minutes gameplay but more longuer ), soo the prologue didnt show yet all the game . it didnt show exactly how the choices gonna work or some others things. but it should give you a clear idea about how the game will grow. the game didnt have or plan to have grinding stuff or else . the game have lots of sex , humour and wtf moment. but also a deep background. have fun ! ps: i m not alots on LL theses days. also it look like someone trying constantly to hack my LL account. soo if you want, you can post feedback here on LL or on patreon directly. i take all feedback, good or bad. every feedback help . pps : i m not english native, soo i m very sorry if my english is broken or bad in the game. i try my best with what i have, in both knownledge and equipment. soo please keep that in consideration
  5. @ausgeek i think.. you should create your own topic, where you publish you modtool and the update. and keep this topic for a dial/support. this will help alots for organisation for you and knight77 and others modders, and help more clear for peoples who just play and use the mod. dont hesitate to do it. as the modding-tool specific thread can also be pinned for help organisation. i know this one is for modding and discussion. but it can be very messed up and disorganisated faster. just tips advice because its ok for now... but once the topic grow and the tool too, more peoples = more post = faster drowning of important post.
  6. you need to play. play arcade with Tina ( i recommend playing duo with 2 girls), multiples times, for unlock outfit. this is mandatory. outfit are locked, for unlock them, you need to play with that specific girl and win. just play arcade, duo ( choose the 2 girls you want, each girl will have a outfit unlocked once you win with them) and play. win arcade and you unlock costume.
  7. here.. for get nude outfit in paradise you need to follow this go in arcade, choose character ( ex Tina) , put her the nude outfit, change the outfit option into "nude 2" or else ( you see that when you choose the char and the outfit ) once your Tina is nude, just go back directly to the main menu ( press the back button again and again until you reach main menu, dont press anything else) once you in main menu, go in paradise ( normally ), in outfit, scroll to the nude one and validate. DONT TOUCH ANY OTHER OUTFIT OR ELSE OPTION and she will be nude on paradise for get her/them nude on the arcade mode, simply change the outfit option( like before) and continu normally by validate chars,outfit,map,etc.. at base, the outfit is a underwear black, you need to change the option of the outfit for get her nude or tanned etc..
  8. alpalia

    The Firsts of Loverslab

    i dont know why i m here... i dont even remember what put me here... i think it was because on of my friend get banned from the nexus and came here and explain me about that website.. or maybe it was while i looking around for adult mods on something.. shit i not remember XD and i dont think i m gonna leave anyway
  9. i think for the second sentence, he ask if its possible to change the color/layer/form of the nipples individually like for the pubes, or if you gonna do this in futur updates ( thats what i have understand )
  10. i got same right now. my guess is a bot or some bad peoples trying to steal some informations. be careful guys, LL work on that. but still, watch your mail and check if you receive anything from LL about your password getting changed.
  11. here as exempl . easy to do. peoples please next time use the spoiler for keep the topic without spamming long comment wall
  12. when you quote an long comment ( mostly due to inclued pictures ) . its recommended to use the "spoiler" option to "hide" the long wall. other than that, its easy to call an moderator for clean the topic. but its not like the moderator have all their days to waste cleaning topic from peoples who dont know or want to use, the recommended rules to avoid spam.
  13. yes that was the problem. it good without it. maybe its just an setting or something i m using AMD cards on CrossfireX , maybe the CrossfireX is the problem ??
  14. work good now, thanks. but i have a bug. for some reason, the shower scene ( when gatcha ) is all grey/black on the whole screen... i cant even see the door to open, i can see the hand pointing but nothing else, then it jump to the scene where the girl wear the bikini winned. i installed everything good and put setting and all good. alo, small question.. wich setting i can turn down a bit without risk to broke the mod ? because for now, my pc lag alots during volley scene ( my pc is not very powerful )
  15. i never payed for anything on this game.. i just got some points and gatcha ticket sometime... i play the normal game and all. but i didnt buy anything. i only have 4 girls unlocked ( the 2 base + the 2 SSR i got ).. i not plan on paying for unlock stuff. i prefer wait. i maybe miss some good stuff, but i not care, i not play the game alots anyway. something like 2 or 3 hours every 3 days or something. and honestly, i not plan to buy or pay anything anymore to KT.... i got DOAX3 on ps4, DOA5LR+all dlcs on ps3 , DOA5 on pc ( 2 dlcs only ) .. and when i compare them all ( including this one DOAXVV ), except DOA5LR on ps3 wich was pretty ok, all the others are mulking machines... and it grow shameless awfully faster. not the KT i knew before :/, hope DOA will survive. because its far the best fighter game i know. SF and Tekken are pretty shit compared to it imho. tekken is too "simple" and without soul chars, and SF is ugly cartoonish over-exaggerated chars. but like i'd say, as long the mods are client side and didnt inclued any "cheats" ( for quick points, money or else ) , they are no reason to do anything as its 100% legit whatever their copyright or their "license rules". they cant do shit anyway. same goes for Dota2 , BDO, Tera and all "online" games that can be modded client-side.