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  1. aint you just did it with this comment ? XD what you call a "childish" fight is an attempt to make the thread better. but sure if you prefer the thread to turn as a big pile of shit... i just take my leave then. as for a specific sub forum... wont happen sooner. DOAXVV is far away from being popular enougth to deserve his own thread/forum. sorry but whatever the amount of mods or the complexity of them.. a game here in LL get his own forum/sub forum based on popularity. and on that DOAXVV is behind DOA5 and far from gettting it soon. for simple exempl.. that thread get followed by a hundreds of peoples.. its not enougth sadly to open a sub-forum for it.
  2. you know you can be reported just for that ? putting big fonts will not give you more attention, at the contrary, peoples would avoid it because it show someone without manner screaming around loudly. as for "WE" .. you the only one asking for it . why dont you make like "WE" and wait for it without screaming around ? ...
  3. you too much into details lol XD a little disformed line between those big boobs will not disturb me XD
  4. Stop using this big fonts. it feel like you just screaming on everybody. and we arent at your services. you would have better help if you didnt used that way to communicate. its unrespectfull for peoples to scream on them like that.
  5. get away please.. its not a place for random pics
  6. i indeed have multiple ini in the folder. they are a buncho f them that are "DISABLED" , they all containt "static" in the name. and i have 3 of them that doesnt have disable. its : aradialaceneck aradialace aradialace-selector
  7. i perfectly followed instruction. i can change the color no problem. but i cant disable parts. if for exempl i make the following : ctrl+pagdown > ctrl+pagedown>ctrl+pageup.... it didnt make the panty disabled. but it let the panty. i noticed that if i change the color , then only the panty change color ( exempl , i can have the whole outfit black and turn panty only red). i can change color of the various piece separatly so i can have a red panty with a white outfit and a black necklace. but i cant getany part at all disabled i installed the files correctly and i use the command as mentionned. did i miss something maybe ?
  8. how do you make them invisible ? when i try, i can change the selected part and change color white-red-black, but i cant make parts invisible
  9. arf ! its limited in time thats rude ... guess i m just gonna maybe dream about it XD
  10. btw if i may ask. somebody know how to use the butt/boobs jiggle setting ? ( its on same place than sun tan thing) it seems that its locked for me soo i would like to know what i m supposed to do for unlock them. i can check:unchekc the padlock icons, but i cant move the sliders at all
  11. oh no .. my bad.. i understand now.. sorry i m noob i got some of thoses, but i have no idea how to use them lol
  12. oh you mean the gallery/gravure pics to unlock ? i got it
  13. you mean i need to grow the girl to her max level ? ( i m still far from ending the game)
  14. wait ? DOAXVV have a way to lay on a bed like in xtreme ? O_o can somebody explain me how then ? because that link show that. i agree its possible to change the poses. probably possible to change the tongue/face... but if that bed scene is not on DOAXVV then i have no idea how in hell did they change a whole scene.