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  1. Her face looks lovely, and body proportions as well o/
  2. In my defense! It wasn't just some random raider! .......... But yes pretty much xD
  3. New hair line up to the bellybutton (replacing the old skull with wings layer)! UPDATE: Improved the Hair a little bit, plus a couple of tattoo edits here and there
  4. The colorful ones are from I'm Not A Hipster Tattoos. The "Slave" ones I first some them on a picture from user TvojaStara here in LL, however after much tinkering with Gimp I decided to grab the raw tattoos from their source, a mod called Corintio's Progressive SlaveTats. Blended both those tats with my usual Bushy Nuclear Skin o/ There's also some tiny Misc. tattoos thrown in there for good measure as Layers in LooksMenu Body Tattoos.
  5. She's going more and more psycho the longer she wears that collar..
  6. Helping Nick adjust to his new identity... The reason Emogene Cabot can never hold on to a boyfriend... pft!
  7. Oh okay I'm seeing the installation instructions... do I have to start a new game to not see any issues in my game? I wouldn't think that'd be the case but, just wanna make absolutely sure! Thanks in advance o/
  8. Thanks o/ I believe it's the "Bushy" one from the Nuclear Nude skins, CBBE version.
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