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"What are you playing" thread

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Guest mayaktheunholy

Dragon Quest IV for the DS. I really don't like the localization... prefer the NES version.


I remember the NES version from back in the day, how badly / in what way is the localization jacked up?


As to what I'm playing, Dark Souls 2, and D&D WOTES (old Genesis game).

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The biggest thing is that they removed the party chat function in at least the US release, which was something like half of the dialogue, either as a fuck you to save money or because it might have had content that would have made the rating go up. Most likely both. They gave basically every chapter a completely different accent, or failing that made the English terrible. Maya and Meena for example got French, Ragnar got Scottish... and Alena got Russian, so every time they talk about her dead mother, than call her Alena's EXTINCT MOTHER and other horrible broken and/or out of place English.


It's jarring, completely unneeded and it's not even consistent since they didn't even bother to give shop keeps and the like different lines, so even the French folk who add a z to things will talk like every other shop owner on the planet when asking if you want to buy items or equipment.

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Started playing Dark Souls Prepare to Die for the first time. Hard as fuck but it's quite fun. It's fuckin tough and annoying to parry shit though. All in all though it's a great game so far, despite the difficulty.

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Started up a new game of Skyrim the other day. Haven't tried playing a pure mage before so I thought I'd give it a go, even though, supposedly, it's not very balanced.


Also playing The Book of Unwritten Tales: Critter Chronicles. Doesn't seem as good as the first game but it has its charms.

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