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"What are you playing" thread

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Playing the revamp of the HL2: Episode 1 mod, Minerva: Metastasis. Free DL on Steam (you just need Episode 1 in your library; doesn't need to be installed to play the mod). After, I'll head back to Torchlight 2, attempting to get a new hair mesh to work along with figuring out how to make armor. Tired of just messing around with PNG files....


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I'm trying to like Kid Icarus: Uprising. There's a lot of content and game to be had... but that FUCKING control scheme is killing my hand after about 10 minutes. And no, that stand can go fuck itself; I'm using a portable system. I shouldn't have to sit at a stable, flat surface to take the strain off my left hand because Sakurai couldn't be bothered to make a control scheme that works for normal human beings.


And then that asshole has the balls to tell us that we're playing it wrong in an interview.

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