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  1. Cynical Misanthrope

    Battlefield 5 Is A Mess

    Well alright then, what I meant was that you always focus on a very small portion of the messages that I have posted here instead of reading the whole message. You completely ignore the full context. I have tried to have a discussion by posting quit lengthy replies to give full context in hope that idiots such as yourself would actually try do the same. But no, instead of providing any valid counter-points or reason or even try to see it from our perspective, you just act like a fucking SJW and accuse me of saying things I have never said. I have been patient and not pointing this out, but the moment I do it myself, all of sudden is a fucking problem. Contradict yourself much? If you're gonna be this fucking ignorant, this conversation is over. The point of a discussion is that both parts provide their opinion and arguments. Not one part accusing the other party none-strop. But considering that you are still making the same fucking false claims about me having some sort of a problem over the fact that you can choose which gender you wanna play as, just proves you have not even read anything I have said at all. Not only are you ignorant as fuck, but now you are also actively making false assumptions. I have never ever fucking stated that I have a problem with women being part of the game. So don't fucking make up lies you cunt. I have said from the start that I and many others have a problem with how they fucking choose to introduce them, and that the whole adding women thing to the game, was born out from a question from one of the developers daughters. There isn't anything wrong with that per say, but to then make a huge fucking deal out of it and then call the fans "sexists" when we asked, "are you fucking serious? This is how you choose to do it?" Instead of honoring real life solders who actually deserves to be remembered for their bravery, no matter their fucking gender is, they decided to add a woman who is not only apparently a lesbian, but also is disabled and who runs around on the front line with a fucking sniper rifle. They could just had made her neutral in every fucking aspect instead of making her look like some fucking disabled mongo with some blue face paint and cricket bat. This what we, or at least I, have a issue with. Because I simply do not think you honor someone like this. This is not a fucking Overwatch game. That is what our issues are. So just stick your fucking false assumptions that we are against women, up your ass. Our issues is about the fucking absurdity of it all. This is exactly kind of shit you can expect from a CoD game. Which is why BF has always seen as the better game overall in it's settings. We don't want BF to become just another CoD game. We want BF to remain as BF. Just look at what happened to MoH. A franchise that actually focused on real life events during WWII. And then all of sudden, they did some kind reboot and the end result was a bleak CoD clone. Which ultimate lead to it's death. And this is what happens when you try to make a game something it's not. And a developer should never add their personal ideology or personal opinions to a game. Because we don't want that shit in our games. Most people play games to escape the struggles of real life and to get away from shit we are constantly bombarded by. However if we are gonna start having personal ideologies and propaganda in our games, then we should also allow games such as Ethnic Cleansing or Islamic Terrorist as well. Because after all, it's just a game right? And I can't even take you seriously either when you actively trying to use the word "realistic" against me. Either you are a fucking idiot, or simply uneducated what the term means in the gaming community. Everybody knows that the word realistic or to be more precise: realistic fiction is often a story or event that could have actually occurred to people or animals in a believable setting. These stories resembles real life, and fictional characters within these stories react similarly to real people. Stories that are classified as realistic fiction have plots that highlight social or personal events or issues that mirror contemporary life. Of course this can stretch out even further Such as having realistic mechanics of your player such as movements, having arms and legs you can see and so on. That is what "realistic" means in terms of video games. Something that could occur, or has occurred. Or a believable setting. And that fact you completely glossed over the quotation marks which is in general a way to mark a word in way that is not always supposed to be taken in the literally sense. And the fact that I have to point this out just shows how fucking absurd you are. Anyway, I said "realistic" because I was pointing out the fact that that KC:D is set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia, an Imperial state of the Roman Empire, with a focus on historically accuracy. To be more precise, the story takes place during a war in Bohemia in 1403. It focusing heavily on that particular culture in that particular time. It simulates everything from that specific time period such as 15th century period accurate weapons, clothing, combat techniques, and architecture. The developers made is so real-life realistic as possible, and despite the flaws and bugs in the game, it received massive praise for this. Finally a game was made using a realistic setting and also it was incredible immersive. Same with Witcher 3. Even tho, the game is still very over the top it's not entirely unbelievable for that particular settings. The game is fiction, but the game is also based on real life culture and folk-lore. Witcher 3 is a game that almost every single polish citizen is proud off. CEO even gave the game as gift to Obama when he visited Poland. You can say whatever you want about that, but the actions alone spoke pretty clear that day. So with that being said, proper RPG is rare these days, but when KC:D was released it embodies everything a true RPG should embody. Another example is hardcore racing simulators. Everybody fucking knows racing simulator is not real racing. That is why it's called SIMULATOR. Because it tries to simulate real life racing as much as possible. Every single aspect of these games is careful calculated from real life information and numbers in games such as iRacing for example. And real life racing drivers is a big part of the community which then developers listen to, to correct and add accurate information to constantly improve the game. Which why this game is often considered to to be THAT game when it comes to racing simulators. You use the term realistic because the settings are believe and the events in these settings could actually happen. Or has happened. If you fucking fail to understand this concept, no wonder you have no arguments. Which leads me to my last part. When someone writes "-cool and relevant story, bro-" only does so when they have no arguments or nothing of value to say. I specifically responded to your: Because it was the only game I could think of at the time, which in a very lame sense come close to this. Everything you mentioned above, is more or less present in the game KC:D in terms of settings and mechanics. But I know now what kind of person you are. You have demonstrated it over and over. You don't listen. You don't care about details or context. You take things out of context and then add false accusations and assumptions to try prove I have said something I have never said. I have been more than willing to have a discussion to have my views challenged which is why I have provided lengthly responses. Which is more than can be said about you. You have added noting substantial but fallacies. If you are gonna continue to act like this, then as I said earlier above, this conversation is over. I wont waste my time on someone as adverse as you. But if you are serious, I am more than happy to continue. Because you have the right to have your opinion and I have the right to mine. But if you're just gonna hurr durr derp derp "problem with women" hurr hurr derp derp, every single reply to me, then this is over.
  2. Cynical Misanthrope

    Battlefield 5 Is A Mess

    Well, you have done nothing than to focus on single sentences I have said in my previous posts. So fair game I guess no? And I would personally love to play such game as you describe here. Which is why I tend to mod the shit out my games to make them more difficult and more "realistic" (notice the ""). To many games created today with no thought or content in them. Just dumbed down shit for a brain dead consumer who will accept any golden turd given to them. I fucking loved Kingdom Come: Deliverance because your character is more or less a fucking idiot. He can't fight for shit and he can't even read. He is a son of the Blacksmith and spends his days in taverns getting drunk with friends all day. When shit really hits the fan the firs time in the game, I almost died. I was dead tired after two swings with my sword. But after it was over, it felt really good because the reason I jumped into the fight to begin with, was not because someone or something told me. In fact my objective was to flee because our village was under attack by an unknown army. But I did so on my own volition because a NPC I recognized from earlier, was being attacked. And that NPC was a woman who apparently were going to get raped by the enemy NPC soldiers. Which I did not know about at first, but something I discovered much later when I was resting and read the quest log. Because the log said I rescued a woman from getting raped. At first I had no idea what it meant, and it kinda bothered me until I got that "aha" moment. I wasted the perpetrators time so much, so this lady could escape. And as I said, I almost died in the process. Because there is no magic or healing potions in this game. If you get hurt, you will have to seek care and rest. But for once it felt like my actions had consequences and I also felt some sort accomplishment. It felt so good that such random event lead to something so awesome. And during the course of the game, I got better. I learned how to read, and I learn how to fight thanks to tedious training. Soon I could hold my own pretty well, and before I stopped playing, I had become death, destroyer of worlds. Well not really, but I had finally started to master the combat and I have increased my skills to the degree you could feel it through the game play. So yes, would not mind a more realistic approach in gaming. That is not to say that wacky retarded games can not be fun as well as long as it fits the universe and settings. But when a game's only "strong" points is about the current cancer ideology, it has fucking failed.
  3. Cynical Misanthrope

    Battlefield 5 Is A Mess

    Ehh no. We have never claimed the games to be authentic. That is something that the developers themselves has claimed they would focus on. And being realistic is of course impossible because such game would likely not be that fun to play, so naturally realism has to be compromised for gameplay. But you can still make a game pretty believable. It's when you start to add aspects to a game that aren't really believable, problems occur. When you rather spend time and resources on something that was incredible rare at the time, at least if we compare it, to it's counter-part than focusing on actually realistic aspects due to ideology it becomes a problem. The WW game for CoD for example, you can play as black nazi woman if you want. Technically there isn't anything wrong with that, but it breaks immersion and is highly unbelievable. Same with several weapons that you could use, that wasn't even close to the battle itself. And playing as a disabled woman (or man) on the front line, is also unbelievable. So the issue is not about women. But the issue is how they choose to introduce them. So instead of actually honoring real women who fought the war, they just decided to streamline it because SJW's reasons. And they add useless stories which serves no purpose. Such as the front woman being a lesbian. I mean what the fuck? What is the point with that? What is more important to teach, that some woman on a cover in a war game is a lesbian, or portray women who fought in the war as a hero? Also, the developers decided to add women only for the reason of one of the developers young daughter asked "why is there no women in this game?", and instead of being honest and tell her the truth, they just decided to shit on history. Women did indeed fight, but that numbers is nothing compared to men who fought. So maybe, just maybe they should actually had put some care and respect instead of sucking the SJW cock. Just look at how much shit the developers of The Witcher and Kingdom Come: Deliverance has received. They have received shit from SJW's just because they aren't "diverse" enough. They don't get point with these games at all. The Witcher for example is based on Polish history and folk-lore. It's about the Polish culture. And the game is incredible diverse, but it's not that type of diversity SJW's wants. Same with KC:D. It's about a particular time in history in a particular place. And if we would add the "diverse" aspects SJW's wants, that would make the game incredible unrealistic and unbelievable. It would loose the very intended point of the game. Context and details are important. And I also find it very hypocritical of you saying no to swastika, just because of "hatred, genocide and evil" And yet here you are, on a website where you can mod your game to rape and torture women if you so desire. What about the Hammer and the Sickle? What about the Iron Cross? What about the Crux and other millions of flags and symbols? The truth is, some symbol will always carries hate. But it can also actually be used for the intended purpose. The Swastiska is still used in many Asian cultures today. It has several different shapes and angles and meaning. The Swastiska is not a symbol for hate. The Nazis just turned one of the many pieces and made that particular one a symbol for their fascism and hate. But it does not represent the swastiska as whole. Unless you are close-minded. But I'm not gonna judge you for what mods you use. Because it's not real. It's fantasy. But Skyrim has never claimed to be authentic or realistic, only that the overall aspect and settings is based on something real-life-ish. (I think it was the norse and the Vikings). Games about war is a different story. Especially WW1 and WWII games. It's something that has actually happened. Pretty recent as well. Relatively speaking that is. And needs to be treated with care and respect. And BF has always seemed like the more realistic shooter out there (again, relatively speaking) due to their engine when it comes to destruction, bullet drop such. Playing as a sniper for example, you always had to compensate for the bullet drop. While in CoD you can kill someone from the exact same distance with a regular pistol. Both games are fine on their own, but one has always focused on a more realistic setting where the skill lies within the player. While the other has been more about luck it seems. But I will now no longer dwell on this. So you don't have to reply to this. You have your opinion and I have mine. Which we are both entitled to. I'm just so disappointed that a game like this, is never executed in a proper way. Instead it is the usual braindead garbage where we throw in some shit here and there to please some intolerant crowd who thinks it's more important to focus on shallow aspects than actually trying to depict something more realistic and close to history as possible. I would had fucking loved to play as a female soldier where the champaign actually mirrored real female soldiers and events. But instead we get another whacky overwatch fps.
  4. Cynical Misanthrope

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    What really pisses me off is that gullible soy girls and boys are still giving Anita "the con master artist" Sarkeesian money. $25K for open up a Discord server and $35K for a Skype-like session. Both of these are completely free to set up.
  5. Cynical Misanthrope

    Battlefield 5 Is A Mess

    Some form of customization is all dandy and fine. That has never been the issue. The issue is that DICE have said this is about their ideology and they want to appear on the right side of history. When in reality they want to conflate the extreme outliers of history to virtue signal for their fellow believers that the social-justice purity test has been passed - at the expense of their game. If they really cared about the history as they have claimed to do, and if they are gonna allow anyone to wear face paint or a prosthetic arm on the front line, they should also allow players to use the swastika. Which will never happen. They are actively choosing what can be shown and not shown. What many Battlefield players want is some level of realism where it is important - in this case making things contextual to WWII. But even THEN - that has become a secondary issue to public proclamations about devs making this ideological.
  6. Cynical Misanthrope

    Battlefield 5 Is A Mess

    If you think I'm afraid of women you're a fucking idiot. I actually happens to be one of those who doesn't care for genders. I don't judge people for their reproduction organs. I judge people for their skills. So with that being said, some of my all time favorite characters are women. Because the ones who created them, did so with great passion and they cared to portray them as life-like as possible. But this is not a woman exclusive opinion I have. It stretches out to male characters as well. Regardless of their genders, I care more for a well written and well out thought character and if they fit the settings. Which you then can (hopefully) relate to, no matter what gender you or they might have. The reboot of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft for example. I absolutely love it. Because you get to follow her story and how she slowly grow as a character. She was just a normal girl doing normal girlish stuff and at first she is clumsy as fuck and she is constantly getting hurt. She behaves like I would do, because I have no training or that kind of experience either. But the more she expose herself to danger, the more experienced she gets and the more confident she becomes. This why I love her because you get to grow with her. You get to know her. I never played the early games, just a few but never finished them. So I can't say much about them. I don't really care for the "boob" phenomena people seem to have issue with, but I can understand their concerns. That would be like taking Master Chief from Halo, a character that never speaks and completely remade him to a none-stopping talking faggot soy boy. I recently saw the new Tomb Raider 2018 movie which at first I actually really liked, because just like the game, she is a walking disaster at first and it was great to see many of the scenes from the game being used. Unfortunately the last 3rd of the movie is fucking garbage, which made the whole fucking movie garbage. So with that being said, I absolutely fucking hate the Angelina Jolie movie of Tom Raider. But I actually really liked the actress of this new movie and she was really believable. To bad about the script tho. I also absolutely love Ripley from Alien. And I actually also really like Jenette Vasquez from Alien as well, even tho she is very "man-like" because she has trained to be a marine and she has been surrounded by Marines so they way she acts is highly believable. So lets say just for fun, these two would had change place, that would had been incredible retarded and not believable at all. So details like that is important. So with that being said, DICE said they were going back to the roots, and this time they were gonna try to be as authentic as possible. And then we get a trailer which have a disabled woman on the front line with a fucking prosthetic arm and BLUE face paint and people running around with Katanas on their backs. This is not only retarded, but also dishonest. What's gonna be next? A midget in a wheelchair with gatling guns? In the end we got nothing more than a pre-rendered mindless CoD clone which already been done 100 times before. Before this trailer I was very excited for this game. I thought we were going to have a game similar to Bad Company where we get to be part of a squad deep behind enemy lines. And instead we got a trailer made by Michael Bay with unbelievable aspects. And you have clearly not read what I have said numerous times in this thread. I hate to repeat myself but I have said that I would love to play as a female soldier such as Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Roza Georgiyevna Shanina or Tanya Baramzina just to mention a few. Tanya's story is especially emotional due to how she was captured, tortured and executed by the Germans. Or just any female soldier as long as the back story is believable and her goals based on real events. Having options is good as long as you can immerse yourself in a setting that is believable and as close as accurate as possible. One of my favorite games is called Velvet Assassin, which is based on the real life woman Violette Szabo and her objectives. Although the game is fucking garbage in many aspects, the game is still incredible realistic in terms of what she did and the journey she had. So the issue is not about women being part of the war. Because their were. Although their numbers were incredible low. It's how they are unrealistically portrayed for the settings. Of course there is nothing wrong with having unrealistic characters or other aspects but that is another topic for another day. So instead of implementing something unique, they just throw in women because reasons. And that is the problem. When you decide to throw in something that is not believable in the settings. I absolutely hated Rey of SW as well, because she came from no where and she is an expert in everything. I don't doubt she can become one, but we never get to see her become one. She just is from the start. At least with Luke, we get so his journey. And I agree, there should been more soldiers from other countries presented as well, AS LONG AS THEY MAKE SENSE in the settings. But I can only guess DICE/EA choose to streamline this due time and resources needed to make it happen. So it's just gonna be the Allies vs the Axis as usual. And I blame this on the consumers because we don't put any pressure on developers/publishers these days. We swallow what they sell hook, line and sinker. We don't care for any standards. Right now for example, Battle Royal games is popular, and all of sudden every fucking game is gonna have these modes. No one has any original idea but instead just follow the stream like a dead fish. Which is kinda ironic because when all of a sudden we, the "sexists, racists bla bla bla bla" starts to point out things in games that is not only wrong but frankly dishonest, we are the bad guys. When in reality we just want to see a change that is rather more believable. There is enough of over the top games anyway. We don't need more. What we need is high standards and new proper ideas and representation.
  7. The truth is considered as hate, by those who hates the truth.

  8. Cynical Misanthrope

    Good News, Bad News - II

    Good news: If it smells like dead fish, it's not your dog that smells. It's not for nothing when the blind man entered the fish market and said "hello ladies"
  9. Cynical Misanthrope

    Bethesda just announced TES6, Talk about it!

    What is there to talk about? It will be like Skyrim but worse. More dumbed down, broken quests and probably no mod support outside of CC. Only the gullible weak-minded idiots who still falls for Todd's lies will buy it.
  10. Cynical Misanthrope

    "What are you playing" thread

    I'm playing MGS:PP. And I can't believe I haven't played this before as the stealth/sneak faggot fanboy that I am. But this game is fucking awesome! I have no idea what's going on story-wise although I have some ideas here and there, but most is just pure speculation. There are some few retarded things I dislike, but can be mostly overlooked tho.
  11. Cynical Misanthrope

    After you die...

    Objectively speaking, life has no meaning. So why are you living then? In the grand cosmic scheme, everything you do here on planet Earth, will have no impact and not worth anything at all. In fact your existence, the Earth existence, the existence of our solar system, heck even the existence of our galaxy is completely useless. It's just a microscopic water-drop in the incredible vast unknown ocean. But that doesn't stop you from still doing things and enjoy life now does it? Talk about death is no different. In fact, some cultures even embrace death because it's just another part of the cycle. Take the death cult Santa Muerte for example. For them, death is a deity and she is often associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife. They have a completely different view of death than you. I'm not trying to set you up or anything but the simple truth is, you have your own idea what life and death is just as the person next to you has another idea of what life and death is. But to question those who don't share your view, is kinda ignorant because it doesn't have any effect on you to begin with.
  12. Cynical Misanthrope

    After you die...

    I don't understand why people talk about multiverse, different dimensions, god, aliens or the meaning of life. But maybe, just maybe we talk about these things because we are curious and find them interesting even tho we don't know shit about them? Death is no different.
  13. Cynical Misanthrope

    Bethesda just announced TES6, Talk about it!

    Bethesda... Yeah, no.
  14. Cynical Misanthrope

    I have fear of space.

    I didn't say you wasn't. In fact I recognized it. Or at least I hoped so when I was writing it. And now you confirmed it, so I want my ? and some ? thank you very much! Well, I was talking about phobias and fears in general. But yeah some are obvious difficult if not impossible to face