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  1. Well alright then, what I meant was that you always focus on a very small portion of the messages that I have posted here instead of reading the whole message. You completely ignore the full context. I have tried to have a discussion by posting quit lengthy replies to give full context in hope that idiots such as yourself would actually try do the same. But no, instead of providing any valid counter-points or reason or even try to see it from our perspective, you just act like a fucking SJW and accuse me of saying things I have never said. I have been patient and not pointing this out, bu
  2. Well, you have done nothing than to focus on single sentences I have said in my previous posts. So fair game I guess no? And I would personally love to play such game as you describe here. Which is why I tend to mod the shit out my games to make them more difficult and more "realistic" (notice the ""). To many games created today with no thought or content in them. Just dumbed down shit for a brain dead consumer who will accept any golden turd given to them. I fucking loved Kingdom Come: Deliverance because your character is more or less a fucking idiot. He can't fight fo
  3. Ehh no. We have never claimed the games to be authentic. That is something that the developers themselves has claimed they would focus on. And being realistic is of course impossible because such game would likely not be that fun to play, so naturally realism has to be compromised for gameplay. But you can still make a game pretty believable. It's when you start to add aspects to a game that aren't really believable, problems occur. When you rather spend time and resources on something that was incredible rare at the time, at least if we compare it, to it's counter-part than focusing on actual
  4. What really pisses me off is that gullible soy girls and boys are still giving Anita "the con master artist" Sarkeesian money. $25K for open up a Discord server and $35K for a Skype-like session. Both of these are completely free to set up.
  5. Some form of customization is all dandy and fine. That has never been the issue. The issue is that DICE have said this is about their ideology and they want to appear on the right side of history. When in reality they want to conflate the extreme outliers of history to virtue signal for their fellow believers that the social-justice purity test has been passed - at the expense of their game. If they really cared about the history as they have claimed to do, and if they are gonna allow anyone to wear face paint or a prosthetic arm on the front line, they should also allow players to use the swa
  6. If you think I'm afraid of women you're a fucking idiot. I actually happens to be one of those who doesn't care for genders. I don't judge people for their reproduction organs. I judge people for their skills. So with that being said, some of my all time favorite characters are women. Because the ones who created them, did so with great passion and they cared to portray them as life-like as possible. But this is not a woman exclusive opinion I have. It stretches out to male characters as well. Regardless of their genders, I care more for a well written and well out thought character
  7. The truth is considered as hate, by those who hates the truth.

  8. Good news: If it smells like dead fish, it's not your dog that smells. It's not for nothing when the blind man entered the fish market and said "hello ladies"
  9. What is there to talk about? It will be like Skyrim but worse. More dumbed down, broken quests and probably no mod support outside of CC. Only the gullible weak-minded idiots who still falls for Todd's lies will buy it.
  10. I'm playing MGS:PP. And I can't believe I haven't played this before as the stealth/sneak faggot fanboy that I am. But this game is fucking awesome! I have no idea what's going on story-wise although I have some ideas here and there, but most is just pure speculation. There are some few retarded things I dislike, but can be mostly overlooked tho.
  11. I didn't say you wasn't. In fact I recognized it. Or at least I hoped so when I was writing it. And now you confirmed it, so I want my ? and some ? thank you very much! Well, I was talking about phobias and fears in general. But yeah some are obvious difficult if not impossible to face
  12. I love the universe and it's incredible wonders. Sometimes I can't even wrap my head around it. But yeah, space is like a beautiful nightmare. So the fear is not invalid. Some would likely read this and think you're trying to be funny. But you're actually right. This approach is exactly how you get over your fears, by facing them. Maybe not head-on 100% but in small portions, and by slowly increasing your exposure to it. Having an expert or some kind of company close is also helpful.
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