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    I can resist everything. Except temptation.
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    The completely destroyed country thanks to the progressive feminists and SJW's.
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    Music (my biggest passion), certain tv-shows and movies and art in general. Nature, space, drugs and dark humor.
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  1. How Big is Your..........?

    Since I no longer have any Beth game installed, I only have the mod download folder to brag about. Or folders rather. My main folder is 68.7 GB in size and then I have a few folders scattered around on my other HDD's (some I can't even find lol). So, in total I say between 70-80 GB give or take.
  2. Say something interesting about the person above you - II

    Discovered my only weakness (no worries. I'm not a special snowflake, so say anything you like )
  3. What's your current mood?

    A mixture between these:
  4. New computer problem

    I'm not a hardcore tech savvy, but it sounds like a severe hardware failure. Or the very least a software problem. Replacing the 1TB drive is likely the only solution.
  5. Favorite Quotes

    "Hell yeah. Put more of the stuff in the... the thing more stuff goes in." - A drunk Sheppard, Mass Effect II.
  6. The Banning Game - II

    Banned for making me blush.
  7. Good News, Bad News - II

    Bad news: Ehh, actually that is kinda positive!
  8. Say something interesting about the person above you - II

    Thinks I'm silly. Should actually see my willy then.
  9. The Banning Game - II

    Banned for having too many cards. Such as duplicates.
  10. Good News, Bad News - II

    Good news: It can be used to your advantage.
  11. Say something interesting about the person above you - II

    Have a really laughable post count.
  12. The Banning Game - II

    Banned because I have white privilege to do so.
  13. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    You can add your own title and signature through editing your profile. Click profile picture: Will send you to your own profile. Look at the top right corner and there will be a pen icon and text saying "Edit Profile". The new page that shows up will have the custom title at the top. And to change or add signature, is basically the same. But instead of clicking your picture, click on your user name and a drop down menu will appear. Click "Account Settings" and when arrived the new page, look for "Signature" on the menu to the left. // EDIT @Randlocher has even provided with pictures on how you change your signature
  14. Girls of LoversLab

    Obviously this is more or less a female question. Unless one has a girlfriend, sister or close friend who can provide the necessary information. But a quick Google search provided me with all sort of information about how to use it, the pros and the cons. You will also find people who says it's a great tool and saves them a lot money, and equally people who says they hate it. So it comes down to personal taste, and in the end, also up to you to discover The same logic can be used about condoms and or penis warmer/crotch warmer (sorry, don't know the English for for it ). You may be able to provide info that you have may have come across from close ones, but in the end, it's always up to me if I wanna try it out and if I will like it.
  15. The good movies thread

    I would really like to recommend the little gem District B13 (2004) movie. It's a French movie, but can be found with either English subtitles or dubbing. It features the Parkour inventor David Belle and thus, has a lot of Parkour segments. The stunts are amazing, and the actors really threw themselves into their roles. Not to be mistaken for Brick Mansion which ironically features the same main actor. But it's more or less a (American) rip-off or remake. It's a small budget movie, but yet has a high production value. There is also a 2nd one, but I find the 1st one superior.