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  1. The truth is considered as hate, by those who hates the truth.

  2. Cynical Misanthrope

    Good News, Bad News - II

    Good news: If it smells like dead fish, it's not your dog that smells. It's not for nothing when the blind man entered the fish market and said "hello ladies"
  3. Cynical Misanthrope

    Bethesda just announced TES6, Talk about it!

    What is there to talk about? It will be like Skyrim but worse. More dumbed down, broken quests and probably no mod support outside of CC. Only the gullible weak-minded idiots who still falls for Todd's lies will buy it.
  4. Cynical Misanthrope

    "What are you playing" thread

    I'm playing MGS:PP. And I can't believe I haven't played this before as the stealth/sneak faggot fanboy that I am. But this game is fucking awesome! I have no idea what's going on story-wise although I have some ideas here and there, but most is just pure speculation. There are some few retarded things I dislike, but can be mostly overlooked tho.
  5. Cynical Misanthrope

    After you die...

    Objectively speaking, life has no meaning. So why are you living then? In the grand cosmic scheme, everything you do here on planet Earth, will have no impact and not worth anything at all. In fact your existence, the Earth existence, the existence of our solar system, heck even the existence of our galaxy is completely useless. It's just a microscopic water-drop in the incredible vast unknown ocean. But that doesn't stop you from still doing things and enjoy life now does it? Talk about death is no different. In fact, some cultures even embrace death because it's just another part of the cycle. Take the death cult Santa Muerte for example. For them, death is a deity and she is often associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife. They have a completely different view of death than you. I'm not trying to set you up or anything but the simple truth is, you have your own idea what life and death is just as the person next to you has another idea of what life and death is. But to question those who don't share your view, is kinda ignorant because it doesn't have any effect on you to begin with.
  6. Cynical Misanthrope

    How to Post pictures or videos?

    To post pictures from your PC, that option is available in the bottom left corner of the text editor (has the text which says "drag files here to attach or choose files..."). To post picture from another website, that option is available in the bottom right corner of the text editor (has the text "insert other media" click on it and then pick "insert image from URL"). To post a video, just post the URL to the video and the forum will automatically embed it. Alternative you can click on the "chain" icon which will instead create a link to said video like this
  7. Cynical Misanthrope

    After you die...

    I don't understand why people talk about multiverse, different dimensions, god, aliens or the meaning of life. But maybe, just maybe we talk about these things because we are curious and find them interesting even tho we don't know shit about them? Death is no different.
  8. Cynical Misanthrope

    Bethesda just announced TES6, Talk about it!

    Bethesda... Yeah, no.
  9. Cynical Misanthrope

    I have fear of space.

    I didn't say you wasn't. In fact I recognized it. Or at least I hoped so when I was writing it. And now you confirmed it, so I want my and some thank you very much! Well, I was talking about phobias and fears in general. But yeah some are obvious difficult if not impossible to face
  10. Cynical Misanthrope

    I have fear of space.

    I love the universe and it's incredible wonders. Sometimes I can't even wrap my head around it. But yeah, space is like a beautiful nightmare. So the fear is not invalid. Some would likely read this and think you're trying to be funny. But you're actually right. This approach is exactly how you get over your fears, by facing them. Maybe not head-on 100% but in small portions, and by slowly increasing your exposure to it. Having an expert or some kind of company close is also helpful.
  11. Cynical Misanthrope

    Why the theory of 'Infinite universes' is false.

  12. Cynical Misanthrope

    Why the theory of 'Infinite universes' is false.

    A big emphasis on theory tho. It's the same approach that science has to the dark matter (or is it dark materia?) theory. Sometime during our history, and computers started to become a powerful thing, scientist tried to figure out how the universe worked. Every simulation they tried, they universe just collapsed. Every time they added a new theory with its values, the universe just collapsed faster than it should had. Then one day, they came up with dark matter (or dark materia) and just like before, they added values but this time the universe did not collapse (or at least for the set time stamp) and that became the template for further studies and understandings. And yet, no one knows what it is exactly. It can't be observed, at least not with our current technology, and yet we can see and feel it's interaction with the universe. But it's still just a theory. Now, I don't know exactly the details of how they came up with it so I can't actually give and deeper insight to it. Maybe it's similar like gravity. We can't see it, but we can still see and feel the interaction it has with it's surroundings. Now, a infinite universes is way harder to figure out. It's could maybe exists but how can we determine that? Well, first we will need the technology to invent equipment so that we can transcend beyond the current limits of all possible experience and knowledge. But how can we do that when we don't even know if such place exists? And even if manage to do that, then it's no longer beyond the limits of ordinary experience, but it was just another obstacle on the road to something even greater. I know I don't contribute much to the discussion itself, but lets keep it simple. What if you could travel back to the very first somewhat intelligent manlike being, and say "hey, in the future, humanity will have mastered fire and electricity and we will have technology that can literally remove and plant new memories (which is a thing btw), and we will have cars and cellphones etc etc" They will likely look at you and either think you're a retard, or a god. And as I see it, we are those beings now. So therefore, the infinite universe theory could be true, or it could not be true at all. But I don't think we will ever be able to get to any of them, because our bodies, our planets, our energies, our laws (not the man made laws but laws of the universe) was made for this universe. Another universe has likely completely different laws in which we cannot exists in. Because we weren't made for it. And then you have the paradox itself. Meeting yourself in either the past, or the future (in that another universe that is) which I will not get into. But just think of the complications it could create. And I am also one of those idiots who thinks that our current big bang, is just one of many that has happened and it wont be the last. Maybe it's the last in our universe, but not the last overall. So that could potentially also means at every new big bang, a certain amount of new universes could be created but with a slight difference in each because during a blast, the energy is not 100% on every single side from the center of the blast. So there is no reason to think that a big bang blast is absolutely equal in force during the blast itself. Okay, I'm gonna stop because I have no fucking idea what I am talking about. I'm high as fuck, so deal with it TL;DR, the possibility could exists, but we will likely never know because we weren't made to exists in there or in those (and vice versa).
  13. Cynical Misanthrope

    Battlefield 5 Is A Mess

    Exactly. I bet the majority wouldn't had cared one bit if it had been claimed as a fictional story. It's like that WWI game for CoD or BF. Lol, I can't even be bothered to look it up. Anyway, they said they were gonna be historical accurate and promised a slow trench-like warfare, and then they add some heavy armor with a minigun which is equivalent to a iron man suit with it's lazorz, and other more advanced weaponry that wasn't even present at the time. Completely fucking ruining it. Nothing wrong with such concept in itself, but a fucking WWI game it was not. And this trailer for BF WWII was also pretty bad in itself. When I watch the railer, WWII is the last thing I think off. I only know it's about WWII because the title says so. It's to Far Cry/Michael Bay-ish. Doesn't mean the game is this tho, but it's fucking EA and Dice were talking about. So ofc it's gonna be like that.
  14. Cynical Misanthrope

    George Takei is innocent

    Although real assault is obviously much worse than being falsely accused of it, we live in society where the mere accusation can ruin your life. People has lost their job, the family, and god knows what. So it is a fairly big problem. No matter the numbers. It's the chain reaction that follows that can happen. Try imagine yourself in this situation: You get accused and convicted of sexual assault. You go to jail. Your mother gets so devastated, she commit suicide. New evidence is put forth, and it turns out you were completely innocent, or the "victim" confessed it was all lie. And you get released. Now try live a normal life again when you might have lost your job, your house, you car, and your family might even have turned the back on you. But also deal with the fact, that the last thought your mother had of you, were that you were a fucking disgusting piece of shit who assaulted someone sexually. I'm willing to slit my whole nut-sack off that I don't believe for a second you would appreciate if people would tell you at this very moment: "So what? Sucks but it happens" No matter your social status. And this is not something I made up btw. It actually happened roughly 2 months ago to a man. Completely innocent. The man and the woman haven't even meet each other in real life. She made it up. And yet his whole life as he knew it - completely gone. So the real issue is, the punishment for falsely accusing someone is not harsh enough. It is actually the opposite. It can be incredible lucrative. It should be on the same level as the real crime, because that would discourage ppl from doing it. And that is how we deal with the real problem.
  15. Cynical Misanthrope

    George Takei is innocent

    Excuse me?!?! This is the very definition of sexual assault. No consent form were signed. No consent application form were used. He didn't ask every 10 seconds if "is this okay?". (And no intercourse happened. No one got hurt so nothing really happened at all) So with God as my witness, sexual assault it was. So take your manslpaining and go and mansplain somewhere else.