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  1. youtube fun vids

    A Tribute to Pussy
  2. I wonder which society Hitler would had preferred. The one in which the mere thought of them caused fear and grief, or the one in which they were subjects for jokes. #FreeDankula

  3. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    At first I thought that was the case as well, but I didn't want to look like a complete idiot. Being a idiot is enough, but a complete one is little to much.
  4. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    Must be something on your end, because they work fine.
  5. Say something interesting about the person above you - II

    Take long breaks, but still shorter breaks than others.
  6. Good News, Bad News - II

    Bad news, it will likely brake something that worked fine prior to the update.
  7. The Banning Game - II

    Banned because we don't want you here.
  8. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Except that it does. My country is a good example and a really good proof of what happens when a socialist feminist "progressive" government is in power. We have a huge illegal immigration problem and crimes has sky rocketed since 2015, especially rape. Which has dubbed our country "Rape Capital Of the World" and the very ironic part is, the majority of rapes is not done by our own people. It's done by people who comes from different cultures where women is considered worth less than dogs. These perpetrators never gets deported and often walk free, otherwise the word "racist" will be thrown around. A few feminist leaders wants to continue on this path with no regards of the safety of our people and to make things worse, they want to send Homosexuals and Transgenders to armed areas to solve conflicts. HAHAHA, what? Sounds like a brilliant idea if you're suicidal. Our current government is the very reason right-wing parties is on the rise. Because people are waking up and they are tired of the irresponsible politics conducted by idiots who should not be in a position of power. Ever since they came into power, conditions for women are much much worse. Free speech and expression is constantly suppressed which is kinda ironic because feminists and SJW's often speaks about tolerance and forgiveness but in reality they act like totalitarian fascists. I for one, do not feel any guilt about this because I wasn't born and what my ancestors may have done or not have done is of no concern of mine. I am a egalitarian and I advocate for free speech, expression, equal rights and equal opportunities but also equal actions and punishments. And I strongly believe that people should be judged for their characters and not their genders. So with that being said, women getting the same rights as men regarding education and power is something that is crystal clear to me. No doubt about that. My problem is when privileged little snowflakes wants more just because they are [insert gender here]. My stance is, if you and me are looking for the same job, and it turns out that you have more experience and knowledge than me, the job should be yours. You are judged as a character and posses the necessary skills to conduct the job you're hired for. But it should not be yours just because vagina and diversity. That in itself is discrimination and sexist. And lets be real as well. Men and women can never truly be equal, because we are different by design. If you wanna become a firefighter for example, men will naturally be more successful because we simply have more upper body strength. That is not to say that women can't be firefighters as well, it just means you will have to work harder to reach the same potential. It doesn't mean it's sexists or in any form discrimination. There is a reason there is very high standards because it will requires the very best. If you start to lower the standards because "vagina" or "diversity" you are putting potential victims at risk. Move to my country and find out for yourself. Mind you tho, it's the same country who refuses to deport rapists, murderers and terrorists because "racism" and they are often disguised as refugees and makes it actually harder for real refugees to receive the help they need. Instead they are granted welfare, a driver license, a house, a job and free pussy. Yeehhaaa, feminism! Maybe my ancestors was. Again, I will not apologize for something they may or may not have done. What matters is here and now. I have no problem with women having a high-level position. As long as she got it just like it should had been given. Through hard work, determination, knowledge, and experience. If she got it just because she has a vagina, she can fuck off and I have no problem with her facing sexism and discrimination what so ever. If you have to resort to your reproduction organ and use that as your weapon, I cannot support you and I will not feel sorry for you at all. You clearly have no idea about this at all. Because this is the very reason for many men not to approach a woman these days. A woman can completely ruin a mans life by pure accusations alone. And more and more men are walking away from marriages and to some extent relationship as well because divorce often favors the woman. It's simply not worth it anymore. Now, I cannot speak for every single man out there, only me, But I do want to approach women and I do want to find a partner. But I have come to the terms that I will stay single until I die., because I'm terrified of the dire consequences if I happen to approach the wrong one. But on the other hand, as a Misanthrope I hate humanity as a whole, so it doesn't really bother me if I never find one. I just think it's such a big shame that it has come to this. It has nothing to do with me not being able to talk to women at all. It has simply to do with the reason that my life can be ruined by accusations alone. Now, I know majority of women is not like this at all, but again, it's simply not worth it to say hi to one, because you could be meet with the "harassment" or "rape" label. I am starting to wonder what era you live in. I have never heard anyone taking any woman by force in modern times. Sure it may had happen in the past by our ancestors but again, I don't care. It was then and it's completely irrelevant these days. The only exception I can think of is certain brands of religion within Christianity. And Islam, where old men can marry a eight year old girl. I don't know much about Japan or Asian culture in general. But the last time I heard something about women and men in Japan, was that the women where crying like snowflakes because men no longer approached them. And it's also very dishonest to say that women were the only ones taken as object. Men were taken as well. That is how slavery works. You are taken, and depending on your status class/gender, the outcome are different. Women were treated as sex objects/slaves (but I am pretty sure men faced the same issues, but perhaps not on the same scale) and men were often forced into hard labor (and women too, but likely to a less degree). It's a very ugly side of humanity and no matter what side you were on, you side acted just as barbaric as the side you fought. Both side raped and murdered innocent people. But instead of using this as a argument for your own agenda and become a asshole in the process, it should be used as a example how to not behave. Replacing one bad thing with another band thing doesn't make it right. As I have said earlier, I have no problem with women in power and high-end potions. As long as she worked hard for it and were judged for her character and her skills. But I will actively fight anyone who cheats and use it's gender as a excuse. Especially if she wasn't entitled to the job to begin with. She only got the job because she cried "discrimination". And you speak of new role of women, but why are women always bitching about high pay jobs and high-positions? I have never heard any women fight when it comes to dangerous jobs. I have never heard about women fight for "diversity" when it comes to disgusting job such as working in sewers and shuffle shit all day long or dangerous jobs such as mining.
  9. Which Mod Manager Do You Use?

    Lol, no worries. My whole comment were pretty lame to begin with. Your comment made me laugh as well. Quite clever too.
  10. Run Dragonborn RUUUN!

    I'm not playing Skyrim today, but this is exactly the kind of mod that I would use. Always hated the lame approach Bethesda use in their games.
  11. penis glitch again

    I hate when my penis glitches out too.
  12. LOL, you're so cute. If you would had continued to read my 2nd post about scammers and that I also mentioned the word "JOKE" you would realize my 1st post was just a joke. But sure, inform the mods. Will only make you look like a moron when they see the context of it all.
  13. Malware removal software

    Sometimes certain files/folders/applications are hidden in Windows due to these kind of files are not supposed to be tempered with by a casual user. However you can unhide all of the hidden ones if you follow THIS (For W7) The first 3 steps should be enough, but if not, include the 4 as well if the box is ticked. And a quick search about the DelayPluginI.exe showed this: DelayPluginI.exe which seems to be part of something called Wondershare Utilities. By experience I know these files are harmless, because I once had a similar file from them when I played around with one of their video converter tools for PC. Although the file is harmless, (it seems to record your key and mouse movements) it's annoying knowing it's there and if I remember correctly can't really be removed by just deleting it because it will return later and wont be removed when you uninstall the software it came with, using the normal uninstall procedure. There is two ways you can solve it tho. The first step and the easiest way and if the software itself is no longer present on your computer: Option One: Re-boot windows in "safe mode" and locate the file and delete it. Re-boot windows once again but now in normal mode, and the file is now gone forever. Just don't forget to make files visible and to also make files extensions visible as well first so you can find it. Option two: (only if the software is still present on your computer) If you manage to make files visible and can see the DelayPluginI.exe, delete it and then right click anywhere in that folder and pick "new" and then pick "Text Document" (obs, file extensions must be enabled as well). Name the text document to DelayPluginI.exe and press enter. You pc will say something mumbo jumbo just click yes. Right click on the file you just created and pick "properties" and in the next window tick the option "Read Only" and press okay. (check my attachments below in the spoiler if you are unsure of this step) The reason for this is that you might not want to uninstall the software itself because you actually use the software where this file comes from, but it's completely impossible for windows to have two files with the exact same name in the same folder. So every time you use the software, the software will check for this file and if you just keep deleting it, the software will just create a new one. But if you do it this way, the software will not be able to create a new file due to file already exists (i.e the fake one)
  14. Which Mod Manager Do You Use?

    Hahaha, so many mod manager faggots in here. Real men like me, is using the Oblivion/Skyrim Launcher.
  15. youtube fun vids

    Master Memer and Troll