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  1. Good luck with your test. Oh and the notion behind "goat" in "Namira's Goat" is the fact goats tend to eat everything when they herd (apart from meat obviously) and normally leave no leftover like other livestock.
  2. Well then, albeit me despising Realistic Needs and Diseases to the core - I gave this mod a try. Graphic Content: Phenomenal work. Hopefully this will work without RN&D or at the very least with iNeed in the future. Many thanks!
  3. Stumbled upon this gem by accident, gonna give it a try!
  4. If anyone is interested, my tribe is fairly advanced with a steel fort and can produce drugs, guns, rifles and explosives. We need more dedicated murderers, thieves, bandits, hooligans and generally impolite people to join our ranks. We're a small bunch tho, up to 4 members and we would like more players to join us. If you're interested, PM me and I'll add you. We play on European official server 182.
  5. Hey and thank you for the quick reply. I'm using Pure Weather and the nights are quite dark so I can barely see 5 yards ahead. Do you believe that the only solution would be manual on and off?
  6. Hey, thank you for the mod, it's great. I'm using the Hunter's emblem which gives me night vision, only problem is that on automatic it doesn't enable night vision at nights unless I go under a shadow of an object or a dark corner in a cave. Is there any way I can change that?
  7. No idea of this problem. I do not change the default bolt quiver location as Groovtama explicitly said time and time again that it causes issues. At any rate, I run around with Auto Unequip Ammo, it's more aesthetically pleasing for a magic caster to have the quivers unequipped, at least for me. edit: The latest XPMSE includes this mod and the fix.
  8. hentaijin> As of current time, the only match to floating animations are spells, that's because Bethesda themselves designed the Vampire Lord animations (floating ones at least) to be exclusively for spells. Hence why the ritual spells for the floating animations will be performed on the ground, because there is no equivalent ritual casting animation for Vampire Lord. It'll take someone of proper skill to do what you asked. Confirmed: Groovtama will enroll this fix into his next XPMSE build.
  9. Floating animation fixed and all spells functional. No jittery, spasmic animation. Fixed in accordance to recommendation of: zax, perrymwt and MaraJinksblade This fix was applied to the mod and is uploaded as the complete mod. Mod Organizer users: 1. Make sure your XPMSE installation didn't have ground animation ticked. 2. After installing, place the mod under XPMSE in the priority list (the left list) so it'll overwrite. 3. Run FNIS. 4. DON'T FORGET TO RUN FNIS! 5. Play freely. For anyone else: 1. USE MOD ORGANIZER. 2. APPLY STEP 1 FOR MOD
  10. hello since i'ts called bodyslide does it mean i can slide my arms all the way to the legs and the legs all the way to the arms? if not, pleas e fix.
  11. Enjoying this mod and thank you. Encountering the FPS issue after my character had sex with 7 people consecutively in the same room. DispelAllSpells managed to relieve some of the FPS, but it's still rather sluggish. Any advice?
  12. I don't think buying mods is necessarily bad, suffice it would support the modders and help them become pro. Not saying I don't prefer them being free. But... Valve is notorious for having 0 quality assurance, so much that I do not look at the front page of Steam as it is riddled with shovelware, early access flops and other grotesque quick-cash-ins rather than games. It's more than likely that this bad practice will be far worse with paid mods on their platform. Secondly, I'm not supporting the modder. I am supporting an obvious cash-in Valve and Beth are having on modders. Al
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