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"What are you playing" thread

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Playing mostly Skyrim and Civilization V, sometimes Sim City 4 and Anno 2070, all depending on mood...




Borderlands 2 and Hearthstone.


Any chance you got a spare beta key?  :D  Trying to get it last 2 months, no luck :(

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An endless game called "let's mod fo3 and nv and get these little improvements, oh, there is also this other thing to do, and why not porting this hair, but I must give that outfit better texture, hmm I forgot those lines of dialogue". In the meantime I've unlocked the achievement "make one of your HDD a complete mess with path folders awfully long and don't dare to sort it out, you will be screwed when are you going to do a back-up of the damn thing".


Other than that I recently re-played L.A. Noir.

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If I skip Deus Ex: Invisible War would I be missing anything? I played it for a while and it's alright but I am very disappointed by the biomods and overall it's just not as good as the first game. I really want to play Human Revolution but I want to make sure I am up to speed on the story.

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Currently, and lazily, going through self-imposed challenges on the hardest difficulty in Mass Effect 3, Heavily-modded Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur. Thinking of going on with Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2. And thinking of trying Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 on their harder difficulties.


Edit: Oh, and I also play Pokemon Black on DS.

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ATM Rome 2, its way better than most so-called experts and fans would ever admit. Throw in some Metro-Last Light to quell my post-nuclear dystopian cravings, as well as some other games I recently bought on Steam (though Dishonored did so far not invoke the urge in me to play it regularly, Rage's story is not very captivating though the shoot-outs are fun, and Far Cry 3 is surely one of the most boring shooters I ever tried so far)

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Assetto Corsa (early access) - Racing Simulator.

Chivalry (complete pack) - Really awesome game, but I am terrible at it. Some ppl say it takes months to master the combat and the movements each class has.

The Witcher 2. I never got around to beat the game. And since I don't celebrate Xmas, I.m prolly gonna spend the whole day playing this.

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