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"What are you playing" thread

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I don't see a thread for this so I figured what the hell. What game or games are you currently playing right now?


I just recently got back into Neverwinter Nights, So damn fun, I need to actually finish it this time, I think I have only played past Chapter 2.


Also playing a little Indie Roguelike called Transcendence. It's like Diablo in space, really fun.

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Borderlands 2 - the tiny tina dlc - and I am freaking LOVING IT!!!! :D


I'm about ready to head into the DLC area in a moment.....trying to decide between a  lvl 33 Siren or  lvl 31 Zer0 for my first run.


Coin toss, and Heads....It's the Siren for the win! Time to destroy some....things. And stuff. And....do stuff.



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DP.5 FInal Cinderella. [squeal to red-riding-hood sisters]





HOUSE OF 1000 DOORS. Serpent Flame.







Been playing these series for ages. What emily want next is the Otherworld:Fall season. And the Awakening:spire.


3d Games these days are sux real bad, Whenever they're not intentionally made for console at the first place.

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