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"What are you playing" thread

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Just played Gone Home to completion, took a few hours. And probably the only thing I've ever used an Xbox game pad from start to finish (apparently the game doesn't like multi-monitor setups. Mouse cursor kept leaving the screen, made interacting with anything impossible).


All I can say is... Wow. Very tense and atmospheric. As I wasn't used to the gamepad, exploration felt slow and deliberate. Any more would spoil it.

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That's true, but for some reason, I couldn't help myself from coming up with completely different personalities for both of them. I made Mio a raging psychopath who acted like an older sister/ teacher type, while Mayu I had made into an older, English-version of Dora the Explorer who would ask random ghosts and objects if they would help her find a way out of the village. 


And this kiddies is why we don't stay up with a bottle of good Vodka and try to play scary games. It tends to bring out the asshole in you. Or the comedian. Never could tell which.  :D

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