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"What are you playing" thread

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Started playing STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl again. Got it for $2.50 a few years ago on Steam, still the best $2.50 I ever spent.


Playing Battlefield 3, though I've dropped off lately as cheating is really turning me off to the game (And no, I am not terrible at it, I am usually top 5 in games). I probably won't buy Battlefield 4 because of this, unless it is REALLY impressive, though I admit it does look fun.


Playing a Rogue in Neverwinter Nights, usually play wizard classes in this game, it's nice not having to cast a spell on every damn locked chest.

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The new Tomb Raider, Fallout NV, little bit of Neverwinter and Secret World.


3 month update -  :shy:


Finished Tomb Raider, (from above, and Bioshock Infinite)


Was catching up on some older stuff-


Witcher 2 on PC

Last of Us on PS3


tried Civ 5 just to get some extra steam trading cards and somehow got addicted to it.

picked Secret World back up just to get the trading cards and suddenly got re-addicted to it.


Dangit, methinks Steam knew exactly what they were doing with those trading cards!! LOL

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Got back into SWtoR and I play MWO when I can stomach it (OK game, annoying Pug teams)


Single player stuff I still bounce between FONV, Borderlands 2, Civ 5, and X-Com  (looking forward to Enemy Within)


Got Bioshock Infinite installed from Steams last sale, but really haven't gotten into it. I still keep Champions Online patched up as well just in case I get a weird urge.

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Star Command, from the humble bundle. I swear... it's freaking awesome. I have decided: The best Star Trek games are games that aren't actually Star Trek. If the game was actually "The Federation" instead of "Star Command," had "The Enterprise" instead of your own ship, had stuff like Vulcans instead of "Midorians" and all of that... it would be bad. It wouldn't feel right. It would be "well this isn't really how Star Trek should be..." Yet as a game apart from Star Trek, yet heavily influenced by it, it becomes glorious, as a silly, lighthearted reference to it, to simply enjoy and have fun with. And it is indeed, very fun.

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Monster Hunter 4, all the new weapons and monsters are pure awesome!

I LOL'D when I say Jho climb, I mean WTF with those little arms?! Best thing ever in MH history :lol:


When Monster Hunter comes to PC, I'll give it a shot (I have it for PSP, but my eyes won't adjust to the screen anymore due to a desperate need for glasses), until then, not touching it, as I won't sully my honor with any Nintendo console made after the 64.


I've been playing Rumble Roses quite a bit lately.  XX's gameplay was kind of meh, but the original for PS2, now that's a good game >.> I think it's the speed, honestly.  With XX, they increased the pace of the game, but in original, it's about perfect, you have time to enjoy watching the ladies pummel each other senseless ^^  That and I don't like what they did to the faces in XX.

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