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  1. That would be the climax of the Belkan war, when a nation nuked it's own borders to prevent enemies from conquering them. Probably not the first, but the one that sticks with me despite not having played the game in years. Also the last straw for your wingman Pixy, who then later serves as the final boss. War is Hell: The Game. Though that applies to pretty much every game in the series.
  2. Full patch notes have been released, patch itself still Soon(TM) https://forums.cdprojektred.com/index.php?threads/patch-1-2-list-of-changes.11083819/ Well, that's more like it.
  3. How to spot a blind man in a nudist beach? It's not hard.
  4. Anyway, next patch is imminent, though if these are the thing they highlight, i wouldn't be expecting a miracle. https://forums.cdprojektred.com/index.php?threads/whats-new-in-night-city-patch-1-2-development-insight.11083291/
  5. Well, that's it for Doom Eternal. The DLC was shorter and easier than i expected. At least the "new" enemies were not full of bullshit mechanics, and the hammer is actually fun and useful. Cool levels, and good arenas. Some useful HUD additions too. Dark Lord was just a super Marauder though, that's disappointing on so many levels 😛
  6. ...Okay then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7XVOMIyvjQ Remember when Doom was about a common soldier facing hell (literally)?
  7. Looks like i've moved completely into early access mode. 30XX (Megaman X inspired roguelite), EverSpace 2 (less roguelite, more RPG than the first), and Baldur's Gate 3. Not playing enough of the last. While i do appreciate elf tits, i'm more into Sci-FI. Elf tits are temporary but space is eternal. And also Doom 😛
  8. Also, all of this tickles my eardrums in a quite pleasant matter. Especially Hollows, Skybound and Fath0m
  9. Finished Super Gore Nest Master Level in Doom Eternal on Ultra-Violence. Not bad for a fat 40-year old who's given up on life 😛 Must have taken nearly two hours to get trough that one level. If the Ancient Gods 2 is going to be that level of difficulty, it's going to take some doing. But i'll do it anyway Here's someone who makes it looks easy on Ultra-Nightmare
  10. Figures, the hack delays the next patch: https://forums.cdprojektred.com/index.php?threads/patch-1-2-development-update.11081719/
  11. And Anthem is officially dead. As a surprise to no one. How many more failures is EA willing to fund? I'd think success of this and DA4 is what decides Bloware's future.
  12. And now for something creepy yet awesome. Love listening this on the scene with people standing on rooftops looking at the tower and jumping off one by one.
  13. Oh, Not Megaman X has a sequel in the works, and it's not all roguelite: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1029210/30XX/ That makes my week
  14. Sheesh. How the hell did all this even happen? Well, maybe they'll finish it strong and get bought by EA or something 😛
  15. Apparently Gwent's source code is up for sale on some underground forum. So if they faked this attack, they sure are going all out with it
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