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  1. They did, it just was decided earlier that it will be retired. Looks like gravity got to demolishing first.
  2. Came across something called Project Wingman, an Ace Combat style unrealistic flight shooter, that should be releasing in a couple of weeks. Lower budget production than AC, as evidenced by the rampant AKA-47, but seems to actually play somewhat better. Also VR and ultra-wide support, that AC7 PC does not have. It does have VR on PS4, but it's just a mini-campaign. Metric fuckton of missiles, giant flying things called "cruisers", more kills on a single mission than in the real world's all air battles put together, all the good stuff. Try the (very old) demo: https://rb-d2.itch.io/wingman
  3. Seems to be two texture pak files that together take up over 60 GB 9GB for voice acting. Seems legit.
  4. Yes, it is quite easy to reach, and there are enemies higher level than 4. I'm guessing they'll add more levels once they are ready to test higher level spells and abilities, but no such thing has been promised yet. And install size on my drive is about 80 GB. Download was 67GB or something that size, had to reinstall it after both patches since they are having some issues with the patching process. A standard 2020 AAA size, in other words.
  5. Well, i suppose it was only a matter of time, a MLP dating sim on Steam 🤣 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1299370/Friendship_with_Benefits/ More in the "funny" than "happy" section, but close enough.
  6. I have it too. From what i've played seems an improvement over DoS2 in most aspects, though it is obviously a beta. Many unfinished assets and missing content. What bothers me most is that it only goes to level 4 currently. Can't comment on adherence to DnD (5th edition) rules or if it deserves the name 😛
  7. Around here there is a holy war between friction and spiked winter tire users Those who drive around with summer on winter, which is illegal BTW, do so very carefully. Or very drunk. Which is also illegal. Anyway, here's also a holiday for remembering the dead, so all day i've been hearing "slept away". Annoying. When i die i want people to say i kicked the bucket and am pursuing career opportunities in the field of pushing up daisies!
  8. I'd like to have Metal Gear Solid ringing (and the "Enemy noticed you" sound as alert), but haven't found a good soundfile for that.
  9. Perhaps, but what's one more 21 day delay going to do to their reputation at this point? And what would getting caught on faking death threats do to their reputation? I still have faith in the greater internet fuckwit theory
  10. I just stopped playing Monster Hunter somewhere in the... death pit, whatever it was called, and never continued 🤷‍♂️ Didn't really manage to capture me. Meanwhile, bouncing between Wasteland 3, Baldur's Gate 3 and Outer Worlds, making little progress in any of them. Also have a nice colony going in Oxygen Not Included, actually dug my way all the way to space for the first time, but the germ and temperature situation is getting bad again, so ABANDON SHIP 😛 Well, should be salvageable, if those lazy bastards would build the fucking water lock i've ordered them to, and if i had the patience to wait for the hot steam geyser water to cool down in the ice biome. Also need more insulation between me and the nearest steam geyser. I have access to two steam AND natural gas geysers, which means infinite water and power, so i'd hate to abandon it.
  11. Life is full of disappointments. It better be damn near perfect on release with that many delays, though.
  12. Well, in short term our intelligence has proven to be very good at improving survival rates. Long term... results are still pending. But considering it took the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine to stop world wars (for now), i'm not so hopeful. However, in my way of figuring out the universe, this is what is supposed ot happen. Universe seeks balance, which ultimately means the "heat death". Therefore it has many mechnism to increase it's entropy. Life is one of them. And what better way to spend incredible amount of energy than to build up an elaborate ecosystem, bring to a disastrous halt, and have it recover over millions of years. Like i said, this is the sixth time. After all, how much energy has it taken for single-cell organism to evolve into humans? Can't even begin to imagine. And yes, i am aware i'm full of shit Speaking of the universe, this years Nobel winner of physics said that they have found "dead" black holes that may be remnants of the previous universe. Would make sense the universe too is an eternal cycle of birth, life and death. Perhaps as a part of some far larger system we have no hope of ever understanding. This is me sober, BTW 😛
  13. That's actually kind of impressive, so much junk that even the pacific ocean can't take it Does anyone seriously think we can save ourselves yet? The planet will be fine, this is the sixth mass extinction event it's experiencing, after all.
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