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  1. "Get Woke, Get Broke" Yes, those are always fun. Don't get why corporations think that is a good idea, having an opinion on anything (remotely) political means you will piss off half the people, which means lost customers In Gillettes case much more than half
  2. Eh, getting mad at this point is just wasted energy. Strap in an enjoy the ride! Wheee!
  3. Come to Finland, where you can pay ever increasing amount of taxes while enjoying ever deteriorating public services while being stabbed and raped by our vibrant international community! To no-one's surprise, turns out the single grooming gang case was not a single case, and one of the victimis of the original case has since died, rumors say killed herself. Oh, if only there was a way to predict and prevent this completely predictable and preventable incident! And since elections are coming politicians can't even breathe without lying, much less can you trust anything they'll promise to do about this.
  4. ToJKa

    "What are you playing" thread

    Well, that's it for Resident Evil 2 "one-shot" demo. You can play it 30 minutes, after which you can't play it on your Steam (or Xbox or Playstation) account any more. Interesting choice. The game however seems great. Saw some performance hiccups and FPS still console limited. I didn't mess around with the settings much due to the time limit (don't understand that wrong, the timer does NOT run on the menus) so it may be just that. Seems the scenario has been completely redone, and some of the police station's interior too, so it seems quite like what RE1 remake was. Which was awesome. Still not going to preorder, though. Can't be too careful with The Games Industry these days. Also it seems they included the bonus scenarios: Hunk and Tofu. I wonder if Claire can unlock the cowgirl outfit with the Colt SAA?
  5. ToJKa

    Sexy female sniper

    In XCOM and XCOM 2 you can customize soldiers and train them as snipers.
  6. Eh, that loser kills less demons in the entire game than the original does in a single map
  7. ToJKa

    Game you can recruit a female squad/army

    In Battletech you can recruit female pilots. Though in combat you control mechs, and not the sexy anime kind
  8. ToJKa

    My opinion of Rule34 (long post)

    I know what you mean, and once upon a time felt similarly myself. Quite uncomfortable some of that stuff used to make me. Good thing life and internet has turned me dead on the inside, and now i don't feel anything. Sad, i suppose. I can't tell anymore Thing that mostly annoys me about it is that most of it is ridiculously low quality or poorly made with some 3d modelling program. But there are many gems in there too that i am happy to have found.
  9. ToJKa

    "What are you playing" thread

    Subnautica looked pretty damn awesome in VR. Should really try to play it sometime, but i'm not really into the open world survival games.
  10. ToJKa

    Are you good or evil? (rpg question)

    "Lawful Evil" occasionally. Or in another words, a Pragmatic Psychopath. Takes the most practical solution regardless of damage or who or how many gets hurt in the process. "Chaotic Evil" or evil because evil though is incomprehensible to me. Hurting people just for the desire of hurting people? That i can not understand, and thus not play. I retract my previous statement
  11. ToJKa

    What's on your mind?

    How was anything ever accomplished with imperial units anyway?
  12. ToJKa

    "What are you playing" thread

    I decided to try something not of my usual Mass Murder Ape style games, and tried Oxygen Not Included. A colony management/building game. Basically what happened is that the colony grew too quickly, consumed all the resources, and basically drowned and suffocated in their own shit. Just like real life Damn addicting though, would genocide again
  13. ToJKa

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Should I buy it?

    It isn't as bad as it's reputation, it is just a quite mediocre sandbox game. And to be honest, it does few things better than the original trilogy, but alas many things worse. It needed to be amazing after ME3, and it was below bar for Bioware, that's it in a nutshell. And it didn't help it was released with some pretty ridiculous bugs and oversights. Worth a buy from a 50%+ sale. Main gameplay things to consider is that you are limited to three active skills, though limitless passives, and you have four "profiles" that can each have three different skill, but they all go trough cooldown period after switching profiles. Also, you can not control squadmates at all (IIRC, at least not when and what skills to use). That got resolved in a novel, Annihilation; main plot points were discussed somewhere in this thread: http://bsn.boards.net/thread/16056/mass-effect-annihilation-discussion-thread. Oh yeah, and Nomad is damn fun to drive in the frozen lakes with the drive assists off, and in the low gravity asteroid
  14. ToJKa

    The AAA Game Market Crash of 2019

    Let us all hope so.