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  1. ToJKa

    What are you currently listening to?

    Came across this on GRIP's soundtrack. I like this guy's style.
  2. ToJKa

    "What are you playing" thread

    Ah fuck it, i give up with this editor Rollcage inspired GRIP was released. Playing that. Can't link relevant videos. Find them yourself if you're interested.
  3. ToJKa

    What inspired your chosen nickname?

    I am imagination challenged, so it's just my extended initials. As a bonus it almost looks like word and is impossible to pronounce in all languages
  4. ToJKa

    funny pic

  5. ToJKa

    What do you think about Vortex?

    Yeah, i too still rely on WB. It just workstm WB is for Bethesda games i play seriously. NMM is for Bethesda games that i play ironically ironically (F4 and SSE), but i might as well give that new one a shot if i ever do that again. Must have been a year since i last touched a Bethesda game, though. I've become spoiled. I want a game that works out of the box
  6. ToJKa


    Came across this on another forum: Mrs Vanderbilt came home one night, somewhat tipsy, and found her Butler, Beach in the Hall. She said to him: "Beach! take off my coat." So he did. Then she sat down and said: "Beach! take off my shoes." So he did. Then she stood up and said: "Beach! take off my twinset." So he did. Then she lifted her chin and said: "Beach! now take off my pearls." So he did. Then she looked at him again and said: "Beach! Now take off my blouse." He was a bit dismayed, but did. Then she said: "Now Beach! take off my skirt." And he said: "Really Milady... And she said: "NOW, Beach." So he did. And then it was turn of the bra, the suspender belt, the stockings and finally the panties. And then Mrs Vanderbilt said: "Now, Beach, if you are to remain in my employ, you are never to wear my things again!"
  7. ToJKa

    what the hell is going on !!!!!!!

    I use avast, and some external video links rarely give me that warning. Nothing on the site itself. But yes, probably false positives from a security program. Check if you have an addon integrated into your browser or something.
  8. ToJKa

    Steam Sale Dates Leaked!

    Nice. I've had C64, NES, SNES, Gamecube and all playstations (except PS4 and protables), but even them all together it's probably under 500. As far as i know, there's been no official statement of that.
  9. ToJKa

    Steam Sale Dates Leaked!

    Well, i must be a picky player then, i only have 271 games in total And i don't want to know how many of those i have not finished.
  10. ToJKa

    Steam Sale Dates Leaked!

    Right, the sales haven't been the same since the refund option was added. If you stop being screwed from on direction, you start to get screwed from another one Too bad there's no game i want that i already own, and i don't pre-order. Well, maybe there's some DLC to game i already have, or some nice, quirky indie game for pocket change. Last one of those i got was Bridge Constructor Portal. Real hamfisted Portal association, but i was fun enough for a while. Despite GlaDOS. Not "because" like in the real Portal games
  11. Who says Denuvo doesn't offer any added value to the consumer? The endless drama is of guaranteed quality Yes, it is a pointless software, but also completely invisible. After the SecuNONE, StarFarce and limited activations bullshit, i find it quite acceptable.
  12. ToJKa


    WTF YouTube! As a code monkey i take offense to that! Technical problems apparently, all fixed now.
  13. ToJKa

    What do you find most overrated in life? Why?

    Many people do seem to make a big deal out of it, as if it was something mythical or mystical. Keep in mind, life was born as an accident out of processes that efficiently advance entropy. How's that for irony? Purpose of life? Cause the heat death of the universe
  14. Not much, unfortunately. But they are good (if flawed) games on their own, even if i bitch about DOS2's mechanics Which is why i don't play Bethesda's games anymore. It's nice to play games that i can just start instead of spending hours making them worthwhile. Related, I've gotten so lazy lately. That one's for the topic. Also another birthday yesterday. I got so old and didn't even notice. Good thing i haven't planned on accomplishing anything in my life
  15. ToJKa

    funny pic