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  1. Slow people walking in front due to having their eyes glued to their cellphones, stop dead when they have to rub another pair of brain cells together to text, then give you a dirty look when you have to go around them as if you were reading their texts from behind.
  2. 'But my butthole is part of the 10% that's covered, though....'.... Typical Tammie logic.
  3. Chbaakal

    Name That Flick!

    Red Dwarf. For clarification: The person who answers the guess has to give another for others? Like; Theme song - '......but we break loose, and then vamoose, and now you know the plot.'
  4. Chbaakal

    "What are you playing" thread

    7 Days 2 Die. Wondering if I should mod in an optional sleep system in SP (you 'wake' upon certain conditions, can build proximity sensors with a personal alarm, etc.).
  5. Of course, since the supposed DLC update listed has been around since the first update of that file in 2014, and another 'Update' in 2015, AND the same ID number to that file is the same ID for the Soundtrack at the bottom of the list for FO3, then there's no remaster coming.
  6. Damn. One of my rare mornings free from the normal headaches upon waking, and I'll have to waste it by going to work for 10 hours.......
  7. Chbaakal

    "What are you playing" thread

    Oh, c'mon, its only a game! Just get into it and you'll OHMYGAWDWHATTHEHELLISTHATBEHINDYOU!?!??!
  8. Chbaakal

    HMM 1/72 Red Blade Liger build. (Complete)

    Ah, the days of kit modeling. Built sooo many cars, tanks, and other crap. Last one I built took me 5 months to complete (about 33 years ago). The Cutty Sark: Real cloth sails to furl and tie, a lot of pulleys and lanyards to string. Even 'weathered' the entire thing, including a waterline and made tiny groups of barnacles with model putty. I wish I had pictures of it, to show off how.....extensive the project became. Good luck with your Liger, and remember; Patience.....
  9. Chbaakal

    funny pic

    Damn...rather have a new, moddable apocalyptic franchise than let Bugthesda near it....
  10. Chbaakal

    What's on your mind?

    This....just wondering..... http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/
  11. Been waiting for this forever! Great news, and TY for the heads up.....
  12. Chbaakal

    funny pic

    Better come with easy instructions and no missing parts......
  13. A lot of CTD's in SOS are usually from skeleton issues. Try reinstalling the SOS skeleton, or try the XPMSE one. The first errors listed in Papyrus are from SL Defeat, the second ones are being handled by USLEEP. Ignore the Open Cities one; It's just checking for the ESP. Edit: Realistic Ragdolls and Force skeleton will override SOS/XPMSE ones. Just overwrite the loose RRAF skeleton file in Meshes with a compatible XPMSE one for both skeletons (should be a version designed for this issue).
  14. Chbaakal

    "What are you playing" thread

    Damn. Think modding has ruined me. Finished Saints Row 3 and 4, then bought SR2. I'm converting the Texmod Nude Female Mod DDS files to replace the original textures, sorting through files that I might need to extract and alter later, and choosing which mods I want to install from the SRMod site. Yet I haven't even started the bloody game up once! Fuck it, I'll just play it first. Finally... Edit: Ooops, now I know why I mod first, play later....
  15. Chbaakal

    What's your current mood?