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  1. Reinstalled 7 Days toDie recently, just to check out the newest Alpha 19 updates. Quite a difference in graphics and gameplay from my last install (think it was A-16 or so), but much of my time in this version has been modding many aspects I found to be either lacking, missing or just plain irritating (the zombie bird's concussion chance is idiotic when wearing a football or military helmet!). And, although decent changes to the zombie's appearances were made as well, I'd expected the same for the character avatars. Dudes look better for the most part, but the women look like they'
  2. It's BL3. One area has a rollercoaster you can ride. The screenshot was with the new Photo Mode ingame, which can make for some interesting views.
  3. Well, THAT was predictable, seeing how the Muso Sony Shell LLC mucked up the first wave of 'complaints'......wish YouBoobTube and Twatter could pull their heads out of their arses for once and actually police the targetted content. Most of what is being flagged or redone is within Fair Use or all the memes that have cropped up lately. Now I have a slight urge to take up golf (or at least a simulation of......), and my targets wouldn't be Dunlop or Titleist.....
  4. There are several other Youtube channels, like HeelvsBabyface, Nerdrotic, Geeks and Gamers, and others that are going through the same shit. The fact that Sony now has dropped the strikes on many of these channels may not mean that the shitshow is over. Sony might try to restrike channels before the game is released for more 'damage control', which is hilarious.....the damage has already been catastrophic enough to ruin Pre-Order sales figures, and their idiocy in handling the situation is now widespread news. Of course very few of the mainstream gaming sites have enough spine to report the c
  5. I've donated mine for years to an organization that makes wigs for children with cancer and other ailments. Too bad I can't do it anymore since my hair's thinning, but I used to wait until my hair was down to my lower back before donating.
  6. It is fun, sure. But I agree that the humour and storyline falls a little flat. Even predictable most times. And I also like the Moze character (starting on a 3rd playthrough with her again). I just can't get into the Amara one, and FL4K takes a little time to get used to. Oddest thing though is I actually had quite a few Legendaries drop in offline mode, much more than any of the other games. Think the use of Guardian points into Luck and Artifacts that also increase Luck helped in that accord. As for secrets in the game, one pissed me off towards the end of my second playthrough
  7. I'm about halfway through Borderlands 3, and I can't seem to get as 'into it' as BL1 and 2. I did get the full package deal at about 75% off, so I guess I'll just keep ignoring the storyline and plow through to the end. Really very happy that I can skip cutscenes, and finally can climb atop and over scenery (usually for more advantageous sniping and cover), but the game seems.....off somehow. Might be the fact that I'm more annoyed than amused at the dialogs and banter from the main NPCs and the Twins.
  8. Well, crap....I WAS thinking about this game as a possible purchase (as soon as it became un-EPIC....🙄), but now.....fuck.....another one dropped from an extremely short list of single-player games I had some hopes for. And yeah.....such a year of craptastic copy and paste, shovelware multiplayers, Dank Souls wannabees, and Indie asset-store originality. And will probably have to wait another 3-8 months for anything that MIGHT be somewhat entertaining without attempting to drain Customers (not consumers) dry.
  9. Since I've been gaming for many years, I can definitely see modding as a necessity for a much larger selection of games than in my earlier years. Much of this relies on the fact that many games have been either published with missing features and/or buggy coding/controls, or craptastic attempts to 'upgrade' certain playstyles with flashy but useless mechanics, idiotic bullet-sponge concepts instead of strategic placement and better leveling/attribute systems, or just plain, boring and barebones exploration/survival/looting/rewards for overly-extended grind sessions that frustrate more than enc
  10. Fallout 76 was a disaster waiting to happen from concept to launch. Bugthesda's secondary studio chosen for the title, the blatantly obvious failure of using the same Gamebryo engine for an online multiplayer without properly testing and addressing issues before selling the product (I say blatantly obvious; 76 being an asset flip from FO4 and all), the marketing was so over-hyped and sugar-coated at E3 I could feel the bile at the back of my throat, and the thoughts I had at the time of what online anticheat (you know, the coding that a usual MMO would employ) they'd use turned out to be ....N
  11. EA and BioWare?!?! A....reimagining? Well, this is going to be fucked up, fucked with, and a fanbase fuckover.... EA should let Respawn handle this project!
  12. Chbaakal

    Code Vein

    I too have had many issues with the keyboard/mouse setup. But there are many other irritating factors that have dampened any enthusiasm I had for playing. Much of this will seem to be just personal tastes, but I am reluctant to try other playthroughs since I haven't been able to mod it effectively. What I hate; The combat system is buggy, and frustrating at times with certain weapon builds. I can find myself travel past the target a lot, as the animation vs hit-box contact timing is off. I can only tell if I've struck the enemy by their health bar, and have stuck with Halberd-type
  13. Yesterday, found a leak in the roof around a vent pipe, dripping through to the kitchen flourescent light fixture. Lucky enough to catch it before the ceiling drywall was compromised, but I had to get on the roof (about a 26 degree pitch) during a downpour to set up a temporary covering until I could buy the patching materials. The main anger issue was the fact that the roof was redone only a year and a half ago, and hadn't noticed the crappy job the roofers did when placing the vent pipe boot without nailing and sealing the damn thing to the fucking roof!!! It might be under the o
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