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Site Update: Things have changed, but nothing is final.


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1 minute ago, tuxagent7 said:

I tried light mode but now i cant find the dark mode in the light mode


I would really want to go back to the darkside :P


I've noticed that problem as well. You can change back by going to the bottom left of the site and clicking "Theme V"  and selecting "Carbon" to go back to the default.

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2 minutes ago, qq303021473 said:

Can't we see the reply number of the post any more?


I'm aware it's missing. The plugin that added it no longer works. I'll have to look for alternatives.

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6 minutes ago, Ashal said:

I've noticed that problem as well. You can change back by going to the bottom left of the site and clicking "Theme V"  and selecting "Carbon" to go back to the default.


Thanks Boss ! :) Back to normal, i think i won't touch anything else for the moment lol !

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  • Ashal changed the title to Site Update: Things have changed, but nothing is final.

Very tiny issue; I now have to login to see the Download section. Not troubling, just letting you know.


PS Im still a newbie on this site, but heck, what you people have build here is sooo impressive, realising how outdated Bethesda's engine is.

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Small thing. Really liked the red color when You receive new messages. The new light green color is a no no for me. I am certain other things takes presidence over this though.


Also the fluid mode is really WIDE now. Maybe do it like it was before.



Other than that the site seems to run at 300 % speed compared to around New Years. Kudos for that!!!

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If there's a way to keep pages from automatically scrolling to the bottom, that would be awesome to use. I have a hard time with the fact that it skips to the place below the most recent comment, only to have to manually return to the tops of pages. If I haven't examined the content in the pages, I don't want to read any comments until after I do so. Thanks for the update, Ashal and team.


Edit: I'm enjoying the softer look.


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3 minutes ago, beerman778 said:

Just a small bug report. The font-color of the currently select page number seems to be off:




Cannot really read the 240 here.

I can confirm that this is a problem across threads. Some other shade of gray (rather than white) or an actual color will be needed for the background because otherwise it's white on white.

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49 minutes ago, Ashal said:

Я тоже заметил эту проблему. Вы можете вернуться назад, перейдя в нижний левый угол сайта, нажав «Тема V» и выбрав «Углерод», чтобы вернуться к значениям по умолчанию.

это не ошибка,кнопка тема ниже в светлом режиме.

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Hello... I saw the site change and I want to complain because it looks different.


Just kidding.. it looks great and I am sure kinks will be worked out. 


I also just noticed the Code option is missing in the visual editor.


Happy New Year and great job on keeping this site afloat!

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I don't know if this change was intentional so ...


Previously when I checked lists (Content I posted In, Unread Content, etc.) there would only be the last post in a given thread even if there had been multiple posts in the last 5 minutes. Now, all the posts show up. So, for instance, in the "Contents I Posted In" list all there is currently are posts from this thread.

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5 minutes ago, Uncle64 said:

What? The site goes faster and new colours?

I am fine whit that :)


But I would love that the fonts would come back to the same size as it was before if possibly

Top bar of the page (where your avatar is). Find the icon that looks like a button that you can slide over (Customizer). Click on it. You will then have choices about themes (previously found only at the bottom of the page) and fonts.

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1 minute ago, TwilightStorm said:

When you go to light mode there is no way back?


Read my first reply in this thread.



I'm probably going to remove that icon in the future, just to avoid this confusion.

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As you know, on another thread related to LL support it was suggested by @firepunch1 that a button for the Patreon link be placed at the top of the page. Since you're changing the format anyway why not add it next to the "Light Mode" button on the top bar. Just asking.


P.S. I like the way the new "@" function looks. With the curved edges it is easier to see that you have the person you intended to notify.

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