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  1. Gold Tooth (you pyrite, you 🏴‍☠️)
  2. You know I kind of liked that rug - let's try another (from another country) for 15311:
  3. Ship (of) Fools (One seagull in a flock comments to another: "below us is the Ship of Fools". The second seagull replies, "how do you know?" The first responds, "because they're looking straight up at us."
  4. Not to stick my nose in when there has been nothing but good advice given but I want to point out that the OP seems to have loaded the LE version of Nibbles Animations. In the short haul he might want to remove that mod and rerun FNIS (and check the appropriate boxes as previously indicated) and see what improvement he gets.
  5. American College (of Surgeons)
  6. A green carpet for 15309 (I wonder if it flies?):
  7. A different sort of helicopter for 15307:
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